Greenshift – animation and page builder blocks


Do you want to build high quality animations and pages but you struggle with low performance on google tests with popular page builder? Greenshift will take care of this.

Plugin doesn’t use predefined styles, frameworks, icon fonts and script libraries. Every asset is generated on fly and loaded only when you use it. In the same time, plugin has very unique blocks and animation possibilities to surprise your visitors with high-end animations and transitions. You can build styles like on top awarded sites without any code knowledge.

Some exclusive benefits:

✅ SVG shape libraries. Add extended formating to each block or animated dividers
✅ Advanced containers and Rows. Control every aspect of align, spacing, position, flexible position, responsive up to 4 breakpoints, flexbox and css grid options.
✅ Advanced position control. You can set css position via CSS transform, position or margins.
✅ Mobile smart scroll for sections. Turn your regular columns and blocks to scrollable items on mobiles or carousels.
✅ Advanced sliders and tabs. Make any kind of content as carousel/slider/tabs. Convert regular gallery to advanced 3d slider
✅ Extended background options (color/gradient/videos) and overlays with hover transitions.
✅ CSS scroll animations and hover transitions without libraries.
✅ AR/VR 3d viewer block, based on google model viewer.
✅ Dynamic blocks: animated headlines, countdown, counters, videos, tabs, togglers, Table of content, progress bars etc.
✅ Easily control all options for separate resolutions
✅ Parent Hover transitions and background animations
✅ Up to 3 shadows for making 3d design effects
✅ Custom side and dropdown slide panels

Highest web vitals score

We believe that Greenshift is most optimized plugin for web vitals. It’s because plugin uses unique conditional asset loading. All blocks are divided on style chunks which are loaded only when you use them on page. All dynamic libraries have no jquery dependencies. All styles are loaded inline in head section of page to prevent CLS and incompatibilities with cache plugins. Reusable blocks, Widget and Template environments are supported.


Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.


May 7, 2022
This is a great, easy-to-use free page builder plugin. What is more important is that it is very very light but still has all the necessary features.
May 4, 2022
Not bloatware, but has lost of features and block, with amazin page loading speed! I'm only missing 2 blocks. - Icon / image block: you can put into an svg icon or image, title, subtitle, content and button. - Classic banner (or call to action?) block: Background image with hover effect, Title, sub title, content and button, with aligment options. So with it we could make profession product banners and campaign ads to our webshop. 🙂
April 29, 2022
If you know of WPSoul & ReHub you can be assured that this is on a level on it's own. It's been a pleasure working and experimenting with what this plugin can do. For the first time as a front-end developer I feel like I am free of all limitations on Wordpress and can create the sites I've always wanted to. I get excited with every new update. Will be using this on all my clients sites going forward, workflow has drastically improved. Thank you so much :)!
April 15, 2022
Just one word: Amazing! Try it and you will understand.
March 8, 2022
One of the lightweight plugins I have ever used, with many simple yet useful blocks which will definitely increase user experience. Hope to see many more features on this plugin in the future for sure. I can say this plugin developer is very neat & clean with his codes, as I have already used his Rehub them and still using one of the smoothest themes on the market with the cleanest coding level. Thank you WPSOUL.
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Contributors & Developers

“Greenshift – animation and page builder blocks” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Sliding panel block can be used also for popup builder now


  • Sliding panel block uses click trigger for mobiles by default


  • Added 3d Flipbox container block
  • Added CTA banner pattern
  • Added Sliding panel block to make any kind of hover/click sliding blocks (side panels, dropdown mega menus, etc)


  • Added Social share block and updated 3d model library
  • Added Query Controller option to Container block. Now, if you place core Query block inside Container and enable this option, you can control borders, background, shadows, css transform of query items, scroll and you can turn Query block to carousel


  • Added Heading with circle number variation


  • Possibility to convert Core gallery to slider and slider to core gallery. This is big time saver when you need just image slider
  • Option to set default Row Content width. You can find it in Settings – Breakpoints


  • Shape Cover divider can be animated in both sides now


  • Reusable template’s ajax loader supports also animations now
  • Plugin blocks support usage with core containers of Gutenberg (Cover, Group)
  • Icon box has option for link
  • Refactoring in conditional style saving. Now, it’s saving only on Post saving click, this should improve perfomance in editor


  • Refactoring default attributes to simplify generated code in editor
  • Added option to exclude some headings from TOC
  • Some UI improvements for global parts


  • Css grid container block
  • Better UI to control css grid options
  • More patterns


  • Flexible content option in Containers have possibility to use CSS grid


  • Custom svg shape supports gradients


  • Shadow options for Advanced List


  • 3d options for Css transform


  • Custom control option for Slider block


  • Swiper slide updated to latest version


  • Highlight option and Image mask for Advanced Heading Block


  • Hover trigger class option for Infinite CSS animations


  • SVG Shape block has possibility to add custom SVG code now


  • Added options for infinite CSS transitions
  • Added In-view transition for Overlay background for animation addon


  • Fix for Reusable Template perfomance in some scenarios


  • TOC block fix for 5.9.3 wordpress version


  • Container width fix for Editor and new videos for documentation


  • Added Custom Svg border options for Icon pickers and UI improvements


  • Added Get started videos


  • Added Slider Link for carousel/slider module


  • Backdrop filters for Overlay to make glass effects


  • Text wrap option for typography


  • Full height option for Row


  • Duplicate latest item possibility for Advanced lists. Now, it’s more easy to make long lists with custom icons, like Pros and Cons


  • Minified JS for better perfomance on frontend


  • Smart loader option for Slider block


  • Better Advanced heading Elements (vertical align, Fill color for heading circles)


  • Css dynamic transition class option for Css transform (for building custom animations based on dynamically added classes)


  • Fixed heading circle
  • Slider module has Linear transition. If you enable freemode, autoplay, loop and this transition, set autoplay delay as 1, you can get infinite scroll effect

  • Column order for separate resolution
  • Typography hover option and custom hover class for background

  • Added Vertical align option to Advanced list

  • Added selector for heading tag in TOC module, fix for empty shadow and inline lists

  • Added link hover transitions to Typography library and some fixes

  • Align option to header toolbar
  • Support for Presets inside FSE editor
  • Advanced lists have option for right icon and inline style

  • Link option to advanced lists

  • Added option to set different position type values per resolution

  • Added option for rounded box icon in Advanced lists

  • Critical update. Improvements in post style loading. Better to resave posts with blocks (not required)

  • Added custom hover class option for typography and icons

  • Small fix in animations

  • Added carousel option to smart scroll for Container and Row

  • Css transform has hover option for hover class trigger (to use parent block hover effects)
  • Added Text shadow effect up to 3 shadows, this allows to make 3d shadow effect. Added 3d shadow preset
  • Completely overwriten Overlay options and added Focal point chooser for Background images
  • Added Hover effects for Overlay options

  • Scrolling option for Row (turn regular columns to scrollable carousels)
  • Improved Advanced Lists (Option to set List item spacing, more margin for trash icon to prevent accidentally removing item)
  • Option to save styles in block (General settings of plugin – Save CSS)

  • Added Fluid Typography support for Global Presets

  • Added Gradient presets to backgrounds and typography panels
  • Added Fluid Typography options
  • Added Numbered circle options to Headings


  • Added Advanced Button Block


  • Added Option to add Links and Hover links Colors in Typography library
  • Added Option to use unlimited nested Rows
  • Added Reusable Template section and convertation of reusable blocks to shortcode
  • Support for header links in TOC


  • Added Rotation option to all Icon elements


  • Added custom anchor option to Advanced Heading, Container, Row and support for Advanced Headings in TOC


  • Added better inline SVG code loader for icons


  • Added Variable width option for Column and Containers, Column styles are improved
  • Added padding option to toolbar


  • Added Presets for Global Options area


  • Better selection borders in editor, improvements in Shape divider


  • Safari browser compatibility, better Icon list color management


  • Added Shift X and 3d Rotate to Css transforms
  • Margin control to Toolbar of blocks


  • Added Separator to Advanced Heading