GreenPay(tm) by Green Payment Processing


This is a plugin that extends WooCommerce with a GreenPay(tm) payment gateway option that can be used to process payment. When enabled
a GreenPay(tm) payment option is displayed on checkout giving users the ability to pay via a GreenPay(tm) eCheck that will be processed by the GreenPay(tm) system.
Installation documents:

API Credentials

Email with a subject of “API Credentials” and give a brief explanation of your needs and a representative will get back to you with API URL and password.


  • Added support for merchants that are setup to require Verde(tm) on checkout
  • Corrected a bug that was duplicating adminstrative notifications on the Orders screen


  • Performed a full system compatibility test with WooCommerce 5.0.0 and WordPress 5.6.1


  • Another update the the CSS to bring our Bank Login section back to intended styling


  • Updated CSS to fix a styling bug affecting shipping and payment methods on checkout


  • Switching back to the intended improvements from 2.1.4
  • Improved the user experience when using our Bank Login Widget that addresses confusion some users were having
  • Fixed unforseen issues with user experience upgrade and made further improvements


  • Reverting back to 2.1.3 effectively as there were unforseen issues with 2.1.4


  • Updated user experience when using our Bank Login Widget to address confusion that some users were having


  • Corrected a typo in our bank login widget


  • Added support for Live and Test API keys that can emulate a testing environment without needing access to our Sandbox system. Contact Green customer service with subject of “Test API Credentials” with any questions!
  • Did a full support test for WC 4.5.2 and WP 5.5.1


  • Increased security!
  • Fixed a few bugs affecting refunds, overrides, and status updates
  • Did a full compatibility testing with WC 4.3.0 and WP 5.4.2


  • Added a new API URL field into the settings menu to specify the URL to use for REST API calls
  • GreenPay(tm) now automatically attempts to cancel the transaction in Green if the customer cancelled the order on their end
  • Updated the emails that get sent out to use get_order_number to conform with order manager plugins
  • Added a priority ranking to order statuses that is checked before GreenPay(tm) will automatically update the order status, which was requested by many of our users
  • Did a full compatibility testing with WC 4.1.0 and WP 5.4.1


  • Updated the order note that gets created from specific status update results to avoid confusion


  • Fixed the Order Status Update feature to return the correct order status


  • Added new features to our debug log and error catching to help troubleshoot in the future


  • Fixed the double new order notification so now only 1 new order email should be sent and updated the order note that is created


  • Tested with WooCommerce 3.9.1 and updating to show compatibility


  • Stopped the plugin from reducing order stock as this was conflicting with WooCommerce order stock controls


  • Tested compatibility with WooCommerce version 3.8.1


  • Corrected a log message


  • Removed the enable/disable checkbox from the settings to further conform to WordPress standards. If you wish to disable the plugin, do so from the Plugins menu in WordPress dashboard


  • Squashing a tiny php bug


  • Fixed bug that was validating routing numbers incorrectly


  • Overhauled the plugin to follow WooCommerce order status standard
  • Added support for WooCommerce REST API that allows live order updates
  • Added support for Verde tokenization service
  • Installation docs:


  • Changed how the order amount is pulled from the order to stop a very rare bug from creating orders with incorrect amounts


  • Added support for multi-site installations


  • Added a more descriptive order note when the check is accepted and created in Green Payment Processing


*Fixed an error related to the settings page URL


*Updated “Tested up to” and “WC tested up to” values


*Tiny order status change and testing for new WordPress version


*Rebranded the plugin to GreenPay(tm) by Green Payment Processing


*Fixed issue that wasnt allowing some users to activate the plugin


*Fixed an issue with testing Client_ID and API Password was always returning false for some users.


*Added another error message on check creation failure that can help with debugging some network issues


*Fixed order refunds incorrectly showing a full refund when only a partial refund was done


*Fixed php notice affecting some users


*Fixed bug where order stock was reduced incorrectly


*Fixed description error having an extra period when it shouldnt


*Added better error reporting


*Small bug fix


*Fixed issue where saved title was not showing correctly on checkout


  • Split the settings code away from everything else to make development easier.
  • Reduced the total number of files the plugin is using and eliminated redundant code.
  • Added the option to choose between two verification modes.
    • Legacy mode: everything functions as it always has. If Risky/Bad checks are entered, they will fail and be deleted from the Green Payment Processing system.
    • Permissive mode: If Risky/Bad checks are entered, and permissive mode has been activated via the options menu, they will be marked ‘On-Hold’ and can be manually overridden using the order actions dropdown.


  • Added Status Update All button to WooCommerce Orders page that will get a status update for all orders using GreenPay(tm) by Green Payment Processing.
  • Added GreenPay(tm) Status Update custom order action when viewing an individual order which will return a status update on any order using the GreenPay(tm) by Green Payment Processing.
  • Created a proper options/settings page for this plugin accessible via the WordPress dashboard left panel.
  • Random bug fixes


  • Launch version that creates a GreenPay(tm) by Green Payment Processing for use upon checkout.


  1. Download plugin documentation at

  2. Download and unzip the latest release zip file.

  3. If you use the WordPress plugin uploader to install this plugin skip to step 5.

  4. Upload the entire plugin directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

  5. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Administration.

  6. Go to –> GreenPay(tm) in the dashboard left panel and configure your GreenPay(tm) settings.


October 20, 2021
For the past year, I've used Green Payment Processing and paid extra for verification services. For over a week and a half, Green.Money has been verifying and processing fraudulent checks that came into our bank. After a few days, money was taken from my account and checks bounced. Due to Green Payment Processing's terrible e-check service and checking our bank statements, we were able to supply the product to our customers. Not even a name or a phone number had been confirmed by them, and we had no idea that they did. They say they'll take responsibility if a verified check bounces, but I have email confirmation that the checks were verified, and they don't. In fact, they charged us a return fee, a purchasing fee, on orders that were never cleared. They claimed to take responsibility. Our third-party merchant sent us fraudulent checks, but Green Payment Processing still paid them over $4,000 in fees. Because they had the audacity to charge us processing and sales fees on a fictitious order, Green.Money was the only one who benefited from the fraudulent transaction. In other words, Green.Money clearly exploits its users. They immediately closed and deleted the account after we showed them the bounced fraudulent checks that came from them.
October 19, 2021
A rock solid plugin! It works as advertised and all of our web development clients absolutely love it. I own an eCommerce web development consultancy in Denver, Colorado USA. KJ Proweb is the name my company. I'm posting this honest 3rd party review because we have close to 80or 90 very happy eCommerce sellers using Green.Money. We build websites for merchants selling CBD, kratom, delta-8/9, hemp flower and pre-rolls (with high THC content). Green.Money's plugin and pay acceptance solution was a life saver. One Last Thing I carefully read three negative reviews below. They're trying to blame a software plug-in and payment processors for financial losses when it's actually the result of fraudulent purchase attempts on the part of the buyer! It happens everyday all day. In other words, a buyer may enter their banking details into the system to complete a purchase. You notice a "new sale" on the books for the day and get excited. But wait a minute. If the buyer doesn't have money in the bank account the transaction will fail! Then, you have NSF fees to deal with (and that's the buyer's fault not the processor). Don't blame the processor when it's actually shady customers trying to buy your products or services without money in bank. That's unfair and crazy. And you don't experience "charge-backs" with this service. Not ever. It's impossible. Happy selling and enjoy the Green.Money plugin.
October 18, 2021
If you like being charged for a service that you don't use then choose this fraudulent company. Don't trust this company with your banking information. They charge hidden fees and even have the audacity to charge a canceling fee. Also, the owner is an arrogant condescending scam artist that's compensating for his shortcomings of being unable to run an ethically sound operation.
October 8, 2021
As a small business owner, I can only preach from experience, they don't confirm any names, addresses, or phone numbers, so you may want to do the verification yourself. I lost about $5k in business to them, on top of the chargebacks, they also charge a $20 return fee, they charged me %2.95 on transactions that did not go through! once questioned- they SHUT DOWN my account, and stated : "We have received a request to close your Green account and subsequently, your account is scheduled to be closed on 10/06/2021. Once the account is closed, ALL pending payment entries will be deleted from the system. This includes ALL payment entries in your Checks Awaiting Next Batch, Future Checks, and Recurring Checks. Before your account is officially closed on 10/06/2021, please provide us with the reason you are closing your Green merchant" I have an open case opened and they were so eager to clean their tracks. To top it all off, you can't even disable the payment option at checkout, you can only disable the plug in. STAY AWAY- CROOKS - DON'T OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH THESE FOOLS, THEY WILL JUST BLAME YOU FOR ANY WRONG DOING.
October 4, 2021
We were using this service, we paid extra for verification services. Funds cleared out account and after a week past these checks bounced, we’re a small businesses and supplied the product to our customers because we got the okay from our echeck service. Little did we know they didn’t even verify anything, from a name, to a phone number. They claim they will take responsibility if a verified check bounces and I have the email confirmation of the checks being verified and they take no responsibility, they charged us a return fee, a purchasing fee, on orders that were never even cleared. We lost close to 4,000$ our bank even thought the checks they received from our 3rd party merchant were fraudulent
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