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Gravity Forms eWAY

Integrate Gravity Forms with the eWAY credit card payment gateway

1.8.0, 2015-06-20

  • fixed: prevent conditional recurring payment fields from losing their default values
  • fixed: register recurring field's "type" to avoid PHP notice "Deprecated button for the Recurring field"
  • added: some precautionary XSS prevention
  • changed: recurring start/end date can be hidden independently
  • changed: trim credit card posted values before submitting to gateway
  • changed: use Settings API for plugin settings
  • changed: some code refactoring for easier maintenance

1.7.0, 2014-11-08

  • fixed: Gravity Forms 1.9 compatibility
  • added: custom entry meta authcode and payment_gateway which can be added to listings
  • changed: cache result of isEwayForm() (may affect some hookers intercepting filter gfeway_form_is_eway)
  • changed: some code cleanup
  • changed: minimum requirements now WordPress 3.7, Gravity Forms 1.7

1.6.3, 2014-08-25

  • added: filter gfeway_form_is_eway for telling Gravity Forms eWAY to ignore a form

1.6.2, 2014-08-15

  • added: basic support for Gravity Forms Logging Add-On, to assist support requests; credit card numbers are obfuscated

1.6.1, 2014-06-25

  • fixed: Gravity Forms 1.8.9 Payment Details box on entry details

1.6.0, 2014-06-07

  • fixed: hidden products are now correctly handled
  • fixed: shipping is now correctly handled
  • fixed: RGFormsModel::update_lead() is deprecated in Gravity Forms v1.8.8
  • changed: move authcode, beagle score into Gravity Forms 1.8.8 Payment Details box on entry details
  • changed: merge template for payment amount is now formatted as currency
  • changed: some code refactoring

1.5.12, 2014-05-14

  • fixed: products with separate quantity fields fail

1.5.11, 2014-04-01

  • fixed: load datepicker styling for Gravity Forms 1.8.6 when no other datepicker fields are present

1.5.10, 2014-01-18

  • fixed: recurring payments failed on Windows hosting, no function strptime()
  • fixed: should not be able to duplicate recurring payments field in form editor
  • added: custom merge field for payment status

1.5.9, 2014-01-03

  • fixed: a datepicker was being added to the bottom of the page since WordPress 3.8 (jQuery-UI bug on set datepicker options late)
  • fixed: clean up JSHint warnings

1.5.8, 2013-11-10

  • fixed: settings wouldn't save in WordPress multisite installations
  • fixed: doco / settings page didn't explain that Beagle requires an Address field
  • fixed: Beagle IP address for form submitted on server (substitutes with an Australian IP address)
  • changed: eWAY settings page is now a Gravity Forms settings subpage, like other addons

1.5.7, 2013-08-23

  • fixed: a datepicker was being added to the bottom of the page when initial and start/end dates were hidden on recurring payments

1.5.6, 2013-08-19

  • fixed: Gravity Forms 1.7.7 changed their datepicker script handle and broke recurring fields (not all change is good!)
  • fixed: can now set Show Start/End Dates without Show Initial Amount

1.5.5, 2013-07-21

  • fixed: can select currency for Gravity Forms for forms not using credit card field, but still enforces AUD for forms with credit card field
  • fixed: nonce (number once) handling in settings admin
  • added: load unminified script if SCRIPT_DEBUG is defined / true

1.5.4, 2013-04-21

  • fixed: recurring payments fields marked "required" were generating error "This field is required"
  • added: quarterly recurring time period

1.5.3, 2013-04-07

  • fixed: don't squabble with other plugins (e.g. DPS PxPay) for custom merge tags of same name
  • added: recurring payments can set customer reference and invoice reference independently, through the filters gfeway_invoice_ref and gfeway_invoice_trans_number respectively

1.5.2, 2013-03-19

  • added: filter gfeway_invoice_trans_number for setting the invoice transaction reference (NB: 16 character limit)

1.5.1, 2013-02-14

  • fixed: merge tags work on new notification emails, not just on resends!
  • added: filter gfeway_recurring_periods for removing recurring payment periods, from array('weekly', 'fortnightly', 'monthly', 'yearly')

1.5.0, 2013-01-26

  • added: support for Beagle (free) anti-fraud using geo-IP (Direct Payments only)
  • added: record authcode for transactions, and show on entry details screen
  • added: merge tags for authcode and beagle_score, for notification emails
  • changed: use WordPress function wp_remote_post() instead of directly calling curl functions

1.4.1, 2013-01-17

  • added: when entry is stored as 'Pending' for Stored Payment, can edit and change to 'Approved'
  • added: record payment gateway in lead properties
  • changed: Stored Payments use the Direct Payments sandbox when sandbox is selected

1.4.0, 2013-01-17

  • added: can now use eWAY Stored Payments, e.g. for merchants who do drop-shipping
  • added: merge tags for transaction_id and payment_amount, for notification emails

1.3.0, 2012-10-22

  • fixed: can't submit form multiple times and get multiple payments
  • added: can now customise the eWAY credit card error messages

1.2.2, 2012-10-03

  • fixed: error when recurring field is present on form, but hidden (thanks, Simon Watson!)
  • fixed: some undefined index PHP errors

1.2.1, 2012-10-02

  • fixed: address on one-off eWAY invoice was getting "0, " prepended when PHP < 5.3
  • fixed: address line 2 combined with line 1 when provided

1.2.0, 2012-09-21

  • added: option to disable whether remote SSL certificate must be verified (only disable if your website can't be correctly configured!)
  • added: prevent XML injection attacks when loading eWAY response (security hardening)
  • added: recurring payments (sponsored by Castle Design -- thanks!)
  • added: if a name field is added to the form, it will be used for the eWAY customer name (NB: not cardholder name)
  • added: filter hooks for invoice description and reference

1.1.0, 2012-06-17

  • added: options for extending use of eWAY sandbox (testing) environment capabilities
  • added: more documentation (thanks, gymbaroo.net.au and samwoods!)

1.0.3, 2012-05-24

  • fixed: don't show settings link if Gravity Forms is not installed and activated
  • added: readme file makes it clear that this plugin requires Gravity Forms to be installed and activated

1.0.2, 2012-05-13

  • fixed: correctly handle quantity for singleproduct fields
  • fixed: don't validate or process credit card if credit card field is hidden (e.g. other payment option selected)
  • fixed: form ID recorded in eWAY invoice reference field
  • added: cardholder's name recorded in eWAY last name field (for reference on eWAY email notification)
  • added: remove spaces/dashes from credit card numbers so that "valid" numbers can be passed to eWAY with spaces removed

1.0.1, 2012-05-05

  • fixed: optional fields for address, email are no longer required for eWAY payment

1.0.0, 2012-04-16

  • final cleanup and refactor for public release

Requires: 3.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 4 months ago
Active Installs: 700+


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