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Gravity Forms + Stripe

Build your own completely custom credit card payment forms with Stripe & Gravity Forms! (March 2016)

DO NOT UPDATE if you also use More Stripe and don't have version 1.9 or greater (email support for latest version).

  • Miscellaneous

    • Fix issue with upgrader check preventing other plugins from installing. Credit: Mahbubur. (March 2016)

DO NOT UPDATE if you also use More Stripe and don't have version 1.9 or greater (email support for latest version).

  • Currency

    • Clear currency cache
  • Miscellaneous

    • Fix fatal error when an incompatible version of More Stripe is installed (March 2016)

  • Currency

    • Clear currency cache
    • Update currency retriever with latest Stripe API changes (March 2016)

  • Processing

    • Add latest Stripe API changes (March 2015)

  • Processing

    • Add latest Stripe API changes
  • Developers

    • Update to latest Stripe PHP library (February 2015)

  • Miscellaneous

    • Bump version number to indicate support for Gravity Forms 1.9 (December 16, 2014)

  • Stripe Rules

    • Give Stripe rule a custom name
  • Miscellaneous

    • Bump version number to indicate support for Gravity Forms 1.8.20
    • Update readme
  • Developers

    • Add gfp_stripe_edit_feed_js_data filter
    • Add additional parameter to stripeFormSelected JS event (November 6, 2014)

  • Data

    • Add meta column to Stripe transaction table
    • Save old Stripe rule ID before migration to new format
  • Processing

    • Only enqueue JS if there's a credit card field on the form
    • Don't look for credit card info if Stripe rule allows credit card to be omitted
    • Make sure Stripe validation runs last
  • Miscellaneous

    • Bump version number to indicate support for Gravity Forms 1.8.19
    • Update readme
  • Developers

    • Add gfp_stripe_is_ready_for_capture filter
    • Update Stripe PHP API (October 28, 2014)

  • Form Editing

    • Choose the Stripe card funding types you'd like to accept. Generously sponsored by Two Paper Dolls http://twopaperdolls.com/
  • Processing

    • Perform card validation on the front-end
  • Miscellaneous

    • Add latest version of FontAwesome because the Gravity Forms version is behind and the newer icons are needed
    • Update POT
    • Bump version number to indicate support for Gravity Forms 1.8.17
  • Developers

    • Move inline JS to a separate JS file
    • Add $form parameter to gfp_stripe_gform_get_form_filter
    • Change gfp_stripe_gform_get_form_filter to gfp_stripe_rule_field_info
    • Add option to retrieve transactions by user ID
    • Add GF payment hooks (September 8, 2014)

  • Languages

    • Link to project on Transifex
  • Miscellaneous

    • Bump version number to indicate support for Gravity Forms 1.8.13 (September 1, 2014) (August 6, 2014) (July 3, 2014) (June 11, 2014) (May 30, 2014) (May 9, 2014) (May 2, 2014) (April 23, 2014)

  • Data

    • Change Stripe transaction table structure
  • API

    • Update Stripe PHP library to 1.17.2
  • Currency

    • Fix incorrect path to Gravity Forms currency functions
    • Add all Stripe currencies
    • Handle zero-decimal currencies properly
  • Stripe Rules

    • Allow extension functions to run before showing the Stripe customer fields
    • Pass the Stripe rule type to extension functions
  • Default Stripe Settings

    • Fix fatal error with checking account currencies with invalid API key
    • Check for all possible query variables when determining current Gravity Forms settings page
    • Use new Stripe dashboard link
    • Display invalid key error message for live keys
    • Add useful gravity+ links
  • Form Editing

    • Add Stripe form settings page
    • Add in-dashboard help
  • Form Display

    • Only add scripts if there is a feed for the form
  • Processing

    • Only save credit card field value if this was a Stripe form submission
    • Convert old sack functions to jQuery ajax functions
    • Use wp_send_json functions instead of manually dying
    • Use new Gravity Forms API functions in place of deprecated ones
    • Use stripe.js v2 and use new token response variables
  • Entry Details

    • Use new Stripe dashboard link
    • Save Stripe card ID instead of fingerprint
    • Add Stripe Payment Details box since Gravity Forms doesn't allow editing theirs
    • Style entry notes for Stripe
  • Languages

    • Update textdomain to support WordPress language packs. Textdomain is now gravity-forms-stripe instead of gfp-stripe
    • Update POT
  • Miscellaneous

    • Remove images and files that are available in Gravity Forms and use the Gravity Forms versions
    • Remove unnecessary libraries
    • Remove text version numbers
    • Fix fatal error when upgrading Gravity Forms
    • Move back to original version structure, using Gravity Forms version number
    • Update for WP 4.0
    • Minify JS
    • Remove screenshots from plugin files and move to WordPress.org assets folder
    • Bump version number
  • Developers

    • Remove gfp_stripe_entry_created_subscriber_id. Use gfp_stripe_entry_post_save_insert_transaction $id.
    • Remove gfp_stripe_entry_created_insert_transaction_type. Use gfp_stripe_entry_post_save_insert_transaction
    • Remove gfp_stripe_entry_created. Use gfp_stripe_entry_post_save
    • Fix WP PHP coding style issues
    • Change gfp_stripe_feed_transaction_type from action to filter and reverse arguments order
    • Allow access to is_last_page, has_creditcard_field, has_visible_products
    • Allow transaction to be filtered before inserted into database
    • Add the Stripe form data to the gfp_stripe_get_order_info_shipping hook
    • Replace autoloader
    • Add & update PHPDoc comments
    • Add helper function is_stripe_entry
    • Add gfp_stripe_feed_after_transaction_type action
    • Add filter gfp_stripe_entry_post_save_update_lead
    • Add filter gfp_stripe_entry_detail_payment_status
    • Add filter gfp_stripe_entry_detail_transaction_id
    • Add action gfp_stripe_payment_details
    • Add JS event gfp_stripe_rule_select_type
    • Add JS event gfp_stripe_rule_invalid_creditcard_error
    • Add action gfp_stripe_form_settings
    • Add filter gfp_stripe_pre_form_settings_save (April 9, 2014)

  • Stripe Feeds

    • Change feed terminology to rule due to constant confusion
  • Form Display

    • Fix issue where conditional logic JS wasn't added for forms with only one feed
  • Miscellaneous

    • Remove unused code
    • Make sure admin scripts and styles work in Gravity Forms no conflict mode
    • Automatically deactivate if parent plugins deactivated
    • Allow for multiple types of admin notices
    • Check for necessary server requirements on activation (April 6, 2014)

  • Data

    • Fix upgrade functions running on new install
  • Stripe Feeds

    • Fix Stripe feed CSS
    • Fix PHP notice when adding a new feed
  • Default Stripe Settings

    • Remove old messages
  • Miscellaneous

    • Remove unused code
    • Remove PressTrends
    • Fix admin notices showing even though version numbers are correct
    • Fix PHP notices
    • Add new usage stats
  • Developers

    • Remove Stripe Connect references
    • Allow default mode override when creating error messages
    • Add current settings to gfp_stripe_feed_options action
    • Add gfp_stripe_gform_entry_created (March 21, 2014)

  • Data

    • Change Stripe table structure to store all Stripe form data, including new global form settings
  • Stripe Feeds

    • Delete Stripe feeds when a form is deleted
  • Default Stripe Settings

    • Group settings
  • Form Display

    • Improve performance on form load — reduce calls to DB and implement caching
    • Make sure only active feeds are retrieved
  • Miscellaneous

    • Bump version number
  • Developers

    • Add gfp_stripe_after_save_feed hook
    • Add gfp_stripe_get_publishable_key hook
    • Add the form and temporary lead data to gfp_stripe_form_data filter (March 3, 2014)

  • Stripe Feeds

    • Fix Stripe Form Settings menu not showing on Entries page
  • Miscellaneous

    • Remove images no longer needed
    • Bump version number
  • Developers

    • Make get_form_fields public (March 2, 2014)

  • Stripe Feeds

    • Remove Stripe subnav menu
    • Add Stripe Form settings menu
    • Move Stripe feeds to Stripe form settings page
  • Miscellaneous

    • Fix WP coding style
    • Use new WP and Gravity Forms admin styles
    • Add new roles: gfp_stripe_settings, gfp_stripe_form_settings
    • Bump version number
  • Developers

    • Remove gfp_stripe_save_feed — use gfp_stripe_before_save_feed
    • Remove symlink workaround due to symlink support added in WP core (January 23, 2014)

  • API

    • Update Stripe PHP library
  • Default Stripe Settings

    • Fix broken license key image icons
  • Processing

    • Fix proper currency not displaying in line item's product price
    • Update credit card field validation to account for multiple payment methods
    • Save transaction details for all transactions
    • Save currency used in transaction instead of default Gravity Forms currency
    • Make sure credit card field is not empty when saving entry
    • Allow More Stripe to process payments if it is available
  • Miscellaneous

    • Use new WP and Gravity Forms admin styles
    • Bump version number
  • Developers

    • Make helper functions public
    • Allow the mode to be specified when retrieving API keys
    • Add gfp_stripe_gform_field_validation hook


  • Fix menu not showing with Gravity Forms 1.8
  • Fix fatal error when Gravity Forms is deactivated
  • Fix validation result hook
  • Fix duplicate admin notices
  • Automatically set currency
  • Bump version number

  • Fix critical issue resulting from undocumented Stripe API change
  • Bump version number

  • Add new conditional logic options and fields for Stripe feed
  • Add notice for incorrect version of Gravity Forms
  • Update Stripe PHP library to 1.8.3 since 1.9.0 has issues
  • Update for GF1.7.11
  • Update for WordPress 3.7
  • Bump version number

  • Ensure GF1.7.10 compatibility
  • Bump version number

  • Add hook for customer description: gfp_stripe_customer_description
  • Add hook for charge description: gfp_stripe_customer_charge_description
  • Add hook for live mode error messages: gfp_stripe_error_message
  • Add charge creation override
  • Add check for curl when plugin activated
  • Add filter 'gfp_stripe_display_billing_info'
  • Add action 'gfp_stripe_set_validation_result'
  • Add PSR-0 autoloader
  • Add UI improvements
  • Add PHPDoc to all the things!
  • Add PressTrends
  • Add check for Gravity Forms when plugin activated
  • Add Gravity Forms deactivation prevention if Stripe Add-On is still activated
  • Add support for Stripe accounts with multiple currencies
  • Add Gravity Forms Logging Tool integration
  • Update Stripe PHP API library to 1.8.4
  • Update 'gfp_stripe_customer_description' hook to pass all of the submitted form data, and not just the name
  • Update 'gfp_stripe_create_error_message' to show actual card error in live mode, since they are safe to show per Stripe API
  • Update 'gfp_stripe_customer_description' hook parameters to replace $form_data with $form
  • Refactor & reorganize code
  • Rename hook 'gform_stripe_action_fields' to 'gfp_stripe_feed_options'
  • Rename hook 'gform_stripe_add_option_group' to 'gfp_stripe_feed_setting'
  • Rename hook 'gfp_stripe_after_submission_update_lead' to 'gfp_stripe_entry_created_update_lead'
  • Rename hook 'gfp_stripe_gform_after_submission' to 'gfp_stripe_entry_created_subscriber_id'
  • Rename hook 'gfp_stripe_after_submission_insert_transaction_type' to 'gfp_stripe_entry_created_insert_transaction_type'
  • Fix hook 'gfp_stripe_gform_after_submission' to include correct return value
  • Fix undefined variable notice on stats page
  • Fix PHP warnings
  • Fix Stripe JS to get correct address fields from feed
  • Fix Stripe condition not properly handling checkboxes and dropdowns
  • Fix double form submissions if AJAX and 2+ forms on a page
  • Move after submission processing from gform_after_submission to gform_entry_created
  • Remove KLogger
  • Remove currency disable
  • Remove Stripe JS check for address_field_required

  • Fix IE9 JS issue preventing card number submission
  • Prevent Stripe API key whitespace error by stripping whitespace from API keys
  • Fix annoying PHP warnings
  • Clean up duplicate and unneeded code

  • Fix issue with billing address not being sent to Stripe
  • Add new billing address city field to Stripe token creation
  • Remove hidden condition for sending billing address state and country to Stripe

  • Update JS for credit card field change
  • Fix currency detection performance issue
  • Use original Stripe error in test mode, pretty errors in live mode
  • Allow multiple Stripe feeds for multiple address fields on one form
  • Fix annoying PHP warnings
  • Update Stripe PHP library to 1.8.0
  • Bump version number to latest version of Gravity Forms

  • Add support for Canadian Stripe accounts
  • Fix annoying PHP warnings
  • Update Stripe PHP library
  • Bump version number to latest version of Gravity Forms

  • Switch to new version scheme that follows Gravity Forms
  • Create a customer in Stripe for all transactions
  • Fix Stripe JS to work without AJAX
  • Fix issue with plugin not deactivating on uninstall
  • Update to work with new Gravity Forms 1.6 fields
  • Remove deprecated Stripe token parameter
  • Allow unactivated Stripe test accounts to use in Test mode only


  • Fix credit card field conflict with other GF payment add-ons
  • Load Stripe JS only when form with a credit card field and Stripe feed is loaded
  • Fix removal of credit card expiration date from information sent to server
  • Add validation check for cardholder name and address
  • Don't process payment if total is less than $0.50


  • Fix error handling


  • Fix "Class 'Stripe' Not Found" error


  • Initial release. Process charges (one-time payments) only.

Requires: 3.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.2
Last Updated: 4 weeks ago
Active Installs: 2,000+


4.3 out of 5 stars


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