Sortable List Fields for Gravity Forms


This plugin is an add-on for the Gravity Forms plugin. If you don’t yet own a license for Gravity Forms – buy one now! (affiliate link)

What does this plugin do?

Make Gravity Form list field rows and columns sortable by

  • drag and drop rows to order as you choose
  • clickable column labels to order by column value

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  • Shows a list field that is sortable. An icon appears to the left to signify to the users that it can be re-ordered.
  • Shows the 'Sortable' options in the form editor.


  1. Install plugin from WordPress administration or upload folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in the WordPress administration
  3. Open the Gravity Forms ‘Forms’ menu
  4. Open the forms editor for the form you want to change
  5. Add or open an existing list field
  6. Open the ‘Appearance’ tab
  7. Enable the ‘Sortable’ option to make the list field sortable on the front end.


How do I apply sorting to a custom post type?

If you have modified the list field type, for example ‘list’ is now ‘my_list’ you can use the itsg_gf_sortable_field_type filter to help apply sorting to the custom field type.

The example below shows how to use the filter.

add_filter( ‘itsg_gf_sortable_field_type’, ‘my_itsg_gf_sortable_field_type’, 10, 3 );
function my_itsg_gf_sortable_field_type( $default, $form_id, $field_id ) {
if ( 1 == $form_id && 4 == $field_id ) {
return ‘my_list’;
return $default;

Contributors & Developers

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  • Fix: last sortable column wasn’t displaying icon in form editor
  • Maintenance: general code tidy up and testing


  • Feature: Add support for custom post list field type.


  • Feature: Add support for GravityWiz – Copy Cat plugin – when the source list field is sorted or reordered the destination list field will automatically update with the new order.



  • Maintenance: Improve highlight affect as rows are being reordered (set fixed height and width)


  • Fix: Resolve error message when this plugin is active but Gravity Forms is disabled or not installed.


  • Maintenance: Upgrade tablesorter plugin to version 2.28.1.
  • Maintenance: Improve support for ‘List Field Number Format for Gravity Forms’ plugin.
  • Maintenance: Improve how the add and remove rows column is excluded from sorting.


  • Fix: Resolve issue with not being able to select input fields in sortable rows.


  • Maintenance: Improve support for ‘Drop Down List Field for Gravity Forms’ plugin.
  • Maintenance: Add ‘axis: y’ setting to make sorting rows more usable. This makes the drag focus stay in the table.


  • Change plugin name from ‘Sortable List Field Rows for Gravity Forms’ to ‘Sortable List Fields for Gravity Forms’.


  • Fix: Improve support for ‘List Field Number Format for Gravity Forms’ plugin.
  • Feature: Display sortable icons in the form editor to indicate field list fields are configured as sortable.
  • Maintenance: Add ‘Sortable List Field’ heading for options in the form editor.
  • Maintenance: Update tablesorter plugin to version 2.19.1.


  • Feature: Add ‘itsg_gf_sortable_field_type’ to override field type from default ‘list’. See FAQ for example usage.


  • Fix: Patch to allow scripts to enqueue when loading Gravity Form through wp-admin. Gravity Forms currently has a limitation that stops the required scripts from loading through the addon framework.
  • Maintenance: Add minified JavaScript and CSS
  • Maintenance: Confirm working with WordPress 4.6.0 RC1
  • Maintenance: Update to improve support for Gravity Flow plugin
  • Maintenance: Update to improve support for Entry Editor
  • Maintenance: Re-write of JavaScript


  • Fix: Resolve bug with JavaScript not loading as required.


  • Feature: Add the ability to reorder a column, in addition to being able to sort a row by drop and dragging.
  • Feature: Change to default settings – all list fields will be row and column sortable by default, this can be changed on each field ‘appearance’ setting tab in the form editor.
  • Maintenance: Tested against Gravity Forms 2.0 RC1
  • Maintenance: Tested against Gravity PDF 4.0 RC4


  • Maintenance: Improve multi-site WordPress installation support.
  • Maintenance: Switch to using rgar function.
  • Maintenance: Move JavaScript to it’s own file instead of inline in the footer.


  • Feature: Extend sortable feature to backend entry editor interface.
  • Maintenance: Change JavaScript and CSS to load using Gravity Forms addon framework.
  • Maintenance: Improve support translation support.


  • Maintenance: change constructor so plugin load is delayed using the ‘plugins_loaded’ action – this ensures the plugin loads after Gravity Forms has loaded and functions correctly.
  • Maintenance: resolve various PHP errors that were appearing in debug mode, but did not affect functionality.


  • Fix: Resolve CSS issue with icon not loading.
  • Improvement: Add CSS to display ‘move’ mouse cursor over sortable rows.
  • Maintenance: change plugin name from ‘Gravity Forms – List Field Sortable Rows’ to ‘Sortable List Fields Rows for Gravity Forms’.


  • First public release.