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Gravity Forms Directory

Add directory capabilities and other functionality to the great Gravity Forms plugin.

3.8.1 on August 17, 2016

  • Fixed: Compatibility with Gravity Forms 2.0 Entries screen
    • The "Directory Columns" menu returns to the toolbar
    • Show the "Directory Columns" link when displaying the default form in the admin
    • The "Approved" checkbox now does not break entries layout
  • Fixed: PHP warnings shown when configuring directory columns

3.8 on December 10, 2015

  • Fixed: Gravity Forms 1.9.15 Entries screen conflict
  • Fixed: Post Category display included category ID
  • Fixed: Display of full Name, full Address, Checkbox, and Radio fields
  • Tested with WordPress 4.4

3.7.2 and 3.7.3 on May 29

  • Fixed: Security issue with add_query_arg() function. Please update! Learn about the issue
  • Fixed: Conflict with the Directory tab in the Form Editor when using Gravity Forms 1.9+
  • Updated: Colorbox and Tablesorter scripts

3.7 and 3.7.1 on December 17

  • Fixed: Add load_plugin_textdomain() for translations
  • Fixed: Restored single entry links
  • Fixed: Displaying IP address, other default entry values
  • Fixed: HTML links are no longer displayed as text
  • Fixed: Restored respecting settings for image upload formatting
  • Fixed: Lightboxes no longer work for non-image files
    • Added kws_gf_directory_image_extensions filter to modify what image formats to support
  • Added: Improved support for multiple file uploads
  • Modified: Added support for future Business Hours field
  • Modified: Refactored code; created render_image_link() method to render images

3.6.3 (on October 3, 2014)

  • Modified: Values now using Gravity Forms formatting by default. Most field types won't change, but some will look different, including pricing fields
  • Modified: Removed wpautop and fulltext parameters - full text, styled using paragraphs is always used
  • Fixed: "Too Few Arguments" PHP warning reported here
  • Fixed: Error on activating the plugin, reported here

3.6.2 (on September 25, 2014)

  • Added: Translation files - the plugin's now fully translation-ready. Go here to contribute a translation
  • Fixed: Solved PHP warnings (see here)
  • Fixed: Made IDs lightbox fit inside Gravity Forms' defined height/width settings on Forms page
  • Fixed: Sanitize usernames in Change Entry Creator
  • Fixed: Don't load lead approval scripts on single entry screen
  • Modified: Improved security for editing entries by improving nonce generation
  • Modified: Rewrote Change Entry Creator as class
  • Modified: Include the Change Entry Creator in core plugin
  • Tweak: Switched to dashicon for insert button icon & (April 10th, 2014)

  • Fixed: Post Image wasn't showing on the single entry view.
  • Fixed: When updating an entry on the frontend, allow the update of conditional hidden fields with cascade conditions

3.6.1 (March 31, 2014)

  • Fixed: When updating an entry on the frontend, allow the update of conditional hidden fields (if visible)
  • Fixed: Add Directory button (to introduce directory shortcode)
  • Fixed: Colorbox examples' paths
  • Fixed: Approve toggle icons for entries shown by default (no form selected)

3.6 (March 27, 2014)

  • Updated Colorbox js plugin (v 1.5.5)
    • Fixed: jquery.colorbox-min.js path
  • Updated Tablesorter plugin
    • Now Tablesorter supports more themes using the kws_gf_tablesorter_theme filter:
      • black-ice, blue, bootstrap, bootstrap_2, dark, default, dropbox, green, grey, ice, jui
      • See themes here
  • Fixed: When displaying the post link allow nofollow and target configuration
  • Fixed: Added support for non-standard locations of plugin directories
  • Modified: Removed the default fixed table class, this was conflicting with several WordPress themes' CSS (March 21, 2014)

  • Fixed: View entry issue when website has too many users caused by entry creator change select box. If more than 300 users, show only administrators.
  • Fixed: Undefined variable notice (line 2606)
  • Added filter to convert the post_title field in a link to the post itself (March 10, 2014)

  • IMPORTANT SECURITY UPDATE - security hole patched. Update as soon as possible. (Thanks, BMoskovits)
  • Fixed: Lightbox entry view now allows wp-content to be a different name
  • Fixed: Static PHP messages on settings page
  • Fixed: Back to Directory link now works with Javascript disabled
  • Fixed: Back to Directory link now displays properly on lightbox entry view. Note: it will link to the originating entry, not a blog archive page if the directory is embedded in a blog post. (March 10, 2014)

  • Fix broken path to Change Lead Creator plugin (March 10, 2014)

  • Small fix on showing the edit entry link for own user entries
  • Renamed filename from change-lead-creator.php to gravity-forms-lead-creator.php as WordPress activates the first file with plugin info encountered in the directory (ordered by name) - this way, the main file gravity-forms-addons.php will appear first.

3.5.4 (January 23, 2014)

  • Separated Change Entry Creator functionality into a separate, packaged plugin. This will allow you to enable or disable the functionality as you would a plugin.
  • Added a new filter (kws_gf_entry_creator_users) for the Change Entry Creator plugin. This allows you to define what users appear in the dropdown (as an array of WP_User objects). If no users are specified, all users are shown.

3.5.3 (January 13, 2014)

The fixes in this update were submitted by Dylan Bartlett. Thanks, Dylan!

  • Check for 'page' request var instead of suppressing error when not set.
  • Add filters & actions to gf_edit_forms only when editing a specific form
  • Fixed: Use correct path to enqueue Colorbox JS
  • Fixed: JS syntax in Search function

3.5.2 (December 30, 2013)

  • Fixed: Fatal error for users using < Gravity Forms 1.8

3.5 & 3.5.1 (December 29, 2013)

  • Added: Advanced search filters! Filter results based on fields of the form. For more information, read the item in the FAQ tab: "How do Directory Search filters work?"
  • Added: Make fields visibile based on whether an user is logged-in and has certain capabilities ("Only visible to logged in users with [Any] role." setting in the Directory tab)
  • Added: Supports Single Entry links when Previewing posts and pages that have an embedded directory
  • Fixed: Use sort_field_number instead of sort_field for the get_leads() method
  • Fixed: Replaced WP_PLUGIN_URL with plugins_url() to prevent mixed content warnings when editing forms over HTTPS (thanks, dbarlett)
  • Fixed: Now respects shortcode entryback link setting (previously, only the global setting was respected)
  • Updated: Better icon on Edit Form view for Gravity Forms 1.8
  • Updated: Removed remove_admin_only() method and replaced with remove_hidden_fields()

3.4.4 (December 9, 2013)

  • Fixed: Entry approval error ticket
  • Fixed: Images in the directory now open using lightbox again
  • Fixed: Show Form IDs functionality
  • Fixed: Broken link to SimpleModal script on Forms page (ticket)
  • Fixed: Compatibility with Gravity Forms 1.8's new icon set
  • Updated: Now uses latest Colorbox script

3.4.3 (October 31, 2013)

  • Fixed: PHP 5.4 warnings
  • Fixed: Editing Lists field type
  • Fixed: Directory Columns window now displays properly
  • Fixed: File Upload display in single entry
  • Fixed: Notice: Trying to get property of non-object[...]on line 4051 error
  • Known issue: Compatibility with editing entries in forms with Quiz and Poll types

3.4.2 (October 11, 2013)

  • Fixed compatibility with WordPress 3.6+
    • Directory tab restored to form editor
    • Converted jQuery live() to on()
  • Updated Colorbox library

3.4.1 (February 26, 2013)

  • Fixed: Issue where entries would be hidden if both "Show only entries that have been Approved" and "Smart Approval" aren't checked
  • Fixed: Insert Directory button image path fixed
  • Fixed: PHP warning
  • Modified: Single Entry view now uses <th> instead of <td> for headings
  • Removed: The removed checkbox for Yoast Widget in settings

3.4 (February 21, 2013)

  • Added: Finally: A Directory Columns interface! Read the FAQ "How do I select what columns I want to display?" to set up.
    • Includes field summary option: instead of each individual checkbox or field value, you can choose to diplay the whole shebang. You can now have a column for "Address" and "Name" instead of "First Name" and "Last Name"!
  • Added: When leads are approved or disapproved, a note is added to the lead with who took the action and when.
  • Added: new setting entrydetailtitle, which allows you to easily overwrite the Entry View table heading
  • Added: Support for "List" input types
  • Added: Ability to change who created an Entry.
  • Added kws_gf_directory_lead_being_edited and kws_gf_directory_form_being_edited filters to allow users to modify what fields should be shown for editing.
  • Added: kws_gf_date_format filter for Directory date format
  • Added: kws_gf_directory_tick filter for changing the check mark in the directory
  • Modified: Improved "Add Directory" button to match WordPress 3.5.
  • Modified: Removed a few options to simplify the plugin (icon, showrowids)
  • Modified: "Un-approve" is now proper English: Disapprove
  • Modified: "Entry Links" Lightbox view now has back links
  • Modified: Updated Colorbox to latest version
  • Fixed: Approve checkbox works again.
  • Fixed: Added support for the User Registration Add-on's password field.
  • Fixed: Entry Date field displays properly
  • Fixed: Expand All Menus works properly again
  • Fixed: Issue in Entries view where approval "tick" images would be too agressive and take over a couple of columns
  • Fixed: Many admin issues where things were broken.
  • Removed: Redundant widget file
  • Removed: No longer uses Gravity Forms CSS file on directory view


  • Fixed: Fixed issue where datepicker functionality may not exist.
  • Improved: Plugin now uses WordPress jQueryUI datepicker script, instead of Gravity Forms'.


  • Next up: improved management of directory column order and visibility!
  • Fixed: Pagination doesn't work when embedding forms in a page and using permalinks
  • Fixed: Back links would always link to the homepage when permalinks are turned off
  • Fixed: Issue with removing certain fields in the edit screen
  • Fixed: Searches on pages without permalinks enabled now won't go to the home page
  • Fixed: Messed up datepicker fields when working with other plugins using date pickers (support topic)
  • Fixed: Messed up menu links when navigating from a single entry view
  • Fixed & Improved: Added support for order details in entry view
  • Fixed: Incorrect instructions in the Add Directory form. "Allow administrators to edit entries they created." should have been "Allow administrators to edit all entries."
  • Fixed: Issue with full text not showing up in the Directory, even when fulltext was enabled
  • Fixed: compact now properly implemented. This is to better inform content filters.
  • Fixed: Editing an entry in a lightbox now works properly
  • Improved: Added ids to the directory <th>, as requested
  • Improved: Cleaned up some code
  • Improved: Lead detail editing


  • For sites that have "pretty permalinks" turned off
    • Fixed issue with "Back to Directory" links not working
    • Fixed search
  • Fixed bug where "Hide This Field in Directory View" wasn't working properly
  • Added a check so that both Thickbox and Colorbox don't open entry if both scripts are loaded


  • Fixed Colorbox not loading properly in certain cases (Issue #656033)
  • Fixed issue where entries appeared not to be approving properly in the admin.


  • Added limituser option - a new option to show only entries users have created. You can also hide entries from not-logged-in users (see FAQ).
  • Updated lightbox to use Colorbox, vastly superior lightbox to Thickbox.
    • Now uses lightboxsettings shortcode attribute (but is backward compatible with entrylightbox and lightbox settings)
    • Added kws_gf_directory_colorbox_settings filter to allow you to modify the settings
    • Groups images, websites, and entries separately by default. Use kws_gf_directory_lightbox_settings_rel filter to modify (see FAQ)
    • Choose from multiple styles
  • Added list input type support
  • Fixed bugs/issues
    • Fixed 404 errors in Single Entry View after de-activating then re-activating plugin. Now properly generates rewrite rules.
    • Fixed header code 404 when viewing entries in lightbox mode
    • Front-end editing of certain types of input types failed because GFFormDisplay class wasn't defined.
    • Fixed issue where scripts were not always printing in the <head>
    • Fixed fatal error when outputting date_created field (issue #649652)


  • Fixes issue where entries not showing on sort


  • Added much-requested option for front-end User editing of entries. Must be enabled (off by default).
  • Added option for front-end Administrator editing of entries (except for approval status). Must be enabled (off by default).
  • Fixed issue where multiple-word searches were being converted into one word.
  • Removed ?row=# for the back-link to the directory. There was no need for it to get the lead ID.
  • Added actions and filters for the new editing capabilities. Check out the code if you a) know what this means, and b) want to see. Search for apply_filters and do_action.


Sorry for the many updates in one day, but I can only fix many bugs as they get reported.

  • Fixed "close thickbox" button image path for IIS (Windows) servers by using site_url() instead of get_bloginfo()
  • Fixed potential incorrect form ID in the link generation to single entries
  • Improved start_date and end_date shortcode generation
  • Fixed Warning: require_once(directory.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory warning when using lightbox to view single entries.
  • Fixed non-javascript links to sort by column


  • Fixed "This form does not have any entries yet." issue - the filtering code was not compatible with Gravity Forms 1.5, only 1.6 beta. This has been resolved.


This release should fix some major issues users were having with 3.0. Sorry for the problems.

  • Fixed issue where Directory Fields buttons weren't being rendered (the JavaScript hadn't been loaded)
  • Fixed issue with support for Members plugin
  • Added improved support for filter by date
    • Added start_date and end_date settings to Insert Directory form with datepicker
    • Now allows for sorting using the query string (for example, adding ?start_date=YYYY-MM-DD to the directory URL)
  • Removed bulk update Approve and Disapprove options when form not approval-enabled
  • Fixed display of Directory & Addons menu - now showing on all admin pages.


  • Completely revamped the admin approval process! Now approving an entry is as easy as checking a box in the Entries view.
    • Supports bulk approve and disapprove
  • Added "Directory Fields" in the Form Editor
    • "Approved" field: Add this to your form to have a pre-configured admin-only checkbox.
    • "Entry Link" field: Use this text as a link to the single entry view
  • Added "Directory" tab to fields in the Form Editor
    • Use Field As Link to Single Entry
    • Text for Link to Single Entry
      • Use field values from entry
      • Use the Field Label as link text
      • Use custom link text.
    • Hide Field in Directory View
    • Hide Field in Single Entry View
  • Added a how-to video and improved instructions on settings page
  • Improved how settings work & some new settings
    • Added "Smart Approval" - Automatically convert directory into Approved-only mode when an Approved field is detected
    • Added configuration for default directory settings on the Directory & Addons settings page
    • Added jstable setting to enable javascript sorting using the Tablesorter script. Includes kws_gf_directory_tablesorter_options filter to modify Tablesorter settings.
    • Updated page_size setting: setting a page size of 0 now shows all entries.
    • Added credit link setting for directories
  • Fixed bugs & issues
    • Fixed search and entry counts for Approved-only directories
    • Improved internationalization support
  • Structural & display improvements
    • Added proper enqueuing of scripts and styles with enqueue_files function.
    • Hides search and page count when there are no results
    • Restructured plugin to use the GFDirectory class.
    • Added a host of new actions and filters to allow for inserting custom content throughout the directory
    • Added support for custom endpoints (instead of entries...see FAQ for more information)
  • And much, much more!

Note: This update has only been tested with WordPress 3.2 and Gravity Forms and Gravity Forms 1.6 beta.


  • Fixed broken image for lightbox close button (issue #570042)
  • Fixed definition list (DL) display mode: each entry in directory view is now wrapped with a dl; single-entry view entries are now wrapped with single dl
  • HTML generation fix: <liclass now <li class (thanks @lolawson)
  • Improved JavaScript table sorting function (thanks to feedback from heavymark)
  • Added option to use links to sort tables instead of JavaScript (jssearch, under Formatting Options)


  • Added alternating class of even and odd for rows


  • Improved directory shortcode insertion by checking values against defaults; now inserts into code only non-default items (the default shortcode is now 20 characters instead of 815!)
  • Added formatting options for directory & entries: display as table (default), list (<ul>), or definition list (<dl>)
  • Added kws_gf_directory_defaults filter to update plugin defaults.
  • Added address formatting using appendaddress setting. This will add a column to the output with a combined, formatted address. Use new hideaddresspieces setting to turn off the individual address pieces. Instead of having Street, City, State, ZIP, now there's one column "Address"
  • Added truncatelink option (explained below)
  • Added URL formatting filters to modify how links are truncated so you can choose to display the anchor text exactly as you want (the URL itself won't change). The link text http://example.example.choicehotels.com/hotel/tx173 becomes choicehotels.com, but will still link to the full URL.
    • Don't show http(s): kws_gf_directory_anchor_text_striphttp
    • Strip www: kws_gf_directory_anchor_text_stripwww
    • Show root only, not the linked to page (example.com/inner-page/ becomes example.com): kws_gf_directory_anchor_text_rootonly
    • Strip all subdomains, including www: kws_gf_directory_anchor_text_nosubdomain
    • Hide "query strings" (example.com?search=example&action=search becomes example.com): kws_gf_directory_anchor_text_noquerystring
  • Submit a form using the keyboard, not just clicking the button
  • Added filter to change directory pagination settings (results page links): kws_gf_results_pagination
  • Fixed issue with malformed pagination link URLs
  • Improved "Expand All Menus" checkbox layout
  • Discovered an issue: pagination on approved-only entries doesn't work well. To compensate, you could set your page size to a large number that contains all the entries. This likely will not be fixed soon.


  • Added administration menu for Gravity Forms Addons, allowing you to turn off un-used or un-desired functionality. Access settings either using Forms > Addons link or Forms > Settings > Addons.
    • Choose to turn off referrer information, directory functionality, the Addons widget, and Gravity Forms backend modifications


  • Should fix issue with Approved checkbox not working in some cases where Admin-Only is enabled. Please report if still having issues.


  • Fixed display of textarea entry data for short content (thanks, Tina)


  • Included entry-details.php file, required for lightbox viewing
  • Fixed issue with single-entry lightbox view - no longer shows admin-only columns if admin-only setting is turned off.
  • Fixed Multi-blog single entry view, canonical link and chortling generation


  • Added single-entry viewing capability
  • Fixed footer column filters

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.1
Last Updated: 4 months ago
Active Installs: 6,000+


3.7 out of 5 stars


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