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Gallery - Gmedia Photo Gallery. Music Player, Video Gallery, Media Library

Gallery Gmedia - media gallery, comments for images, social sharing, show EXIF & Metadata, map geolocation (GPS)

Modules Updated

  • Go to Gmedia Gallery Modules page and update installed premium modules to latest versions

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.80

  • Added: edit items in popup
  • Added: tags dropdown list in Edit Mode
  • Added: tooltips for admin elements
  • Added: "Duplicate Gmedia Item" action
  • Changed: grid mode view
  • Fixed: waveplayer in admin
  • Fixed: Add Album in Edit Mode
  • Updated: Phantom gallery module new version

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.71

  • Fixed: Compatibility with some plugins, which manipulate posts meta
  • Fixed: Saving custom presets on Edit Gallery pages.
  • Improvements for future iOS app version.

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.70

  • Added: New Action to re-create selected images in Library
  • Fixed: Author filter in Gmedia Library
  • Fixed: Fatal error for some images without EXIF
  • Updated: New compact look for comments in Phantom image gallery module
  • Other fixes and improvements

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.63

  • Fixed: admin background
  • Fixed: Notice on Build Gallery Query popup
  • Fixed: database error if photos have unknown characters in EXIF
  • Fixed: Hide Gmedia Gallery button if it is not active for current post type
  • Small fixes and improvements

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.62

  • Added: Ability to change gallery preview background color
  • Added: Global preset for modules (admin only)
  • Fixed: Upload for sites with Punycode url
  • Small fixes and improvements

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.61

  • Fixed: Internal Server Error on some servers
  • Fixed: Increased upload chunk size
  • Fixed: Notice in Build Gallery Query popup, when MimeType chosen
  • Added: Class for manipulating hex colors with PHP

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.60

  • Fixed: Preset Preview
  • Soon: New music module with waveform

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.59

  • Fixed: Modules install not worked
  • Fixed: Google Maps not worked on some servers
  • Changed: Hide Presets for not installed modules
  • Improved: wavesurfer.js script

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.58

  • Added: Waveform for music files
  • Added: Waveform music player in admin
  • Added: Spinner on item edit
  • Added: Clean cache of all major cache plugins when do some actions in Gmedia Gallery plugin
  • Fixed: Database creation on some servers

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.57

  • Updated: Compatibility with latest Gmedia Gallery iOS application version
  • Fixed: Notice in Music Player playlist module

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.56

  • Fixed: Apply preset for gallery
  • Updated Music Player audio playlist module

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.55

  • Added: Show Duplicates in Gmedia Library
  • Added: Prevent duplicates been import
  • Added: Open in Gmedia Library button to Edit Album/Category page
  • Added: Login by email in Gmedia Gallery iOS app
  • Fixes and Improvements

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.51

  • New: PhotoTravlr image gallery module on Modules page
  • Fixed: delete presets on Modules page

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.50

  • Added: Page for creating Presets
  • New: Modules page now shows also available presets for each module
  • New: You can set global Module/Preset for terms
  • New: You can set Module/Preset individual for each album or category
  • Added: Tips for creating gallery's Query Args.
  • Added: Shortcode preview for each term
  • Bug Fixes & Improvements

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.27

  • Added Open Graph Meta Image for Gmedia Posts
  • Added more info about item on Gmedia Post page (exif, map, terms)
  • Added 'style' parameter to shortcode, so user can add inline styles for gallery container
  • Added 'class' parameter for shortcode, so user can add own classes to gallery container
  • Fixes & improvements

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.26

  • Enable/disable archive page option in Settings for gmedia library, albums, galleries.
  • Fixes for iOS app

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.25

  • Fixed: Compatibility with Ajax themes

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.24

  • Fixed: Screen Settings on pages
  • Fixed: Preview of changed module
  • Fixed: Google Maps JS error in admin on some installations

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.23

  • Fixed: If gallery source is album, then set order from album (with ability to overwrite by query parameter)

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.22

  • Fixed: Quick Galleries items order

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.21

  • Fixed: Fatal Error on album sort

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.20

  • Compatibility with WP 4.5
  • Changed: Removed Custom Filters
  • Changed: Taxonomies are now separate pages (Albums, Categories, Tags)
  • Changed: Galleries are now have query builder (like in custom filters) to make custom queries
  • Improved: Gallery Preview now resizable
  • Improved: Isolation Mode
  • Added: Custom Fields to Galleries
  • Added: Settings for default albums 'status', 'order', 'orderby'
  • Added: Setting for Default Module
  • Added: 'category__and' query parameter
  • Fixed: bugfixes
  • Code refactoring and other improvements

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.14

  • Fixed: Multiple categories in Edit Mode

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.12

  • New: Ability to create own categories
  • New: Ability to assign few categories to one item
  • New: Ability to assign categories to non images
  • Added: New capability for managing categories

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.10

  • Added: Stack for Gmedia Items
  • New: Selected items now cleared automatically after Action
  • Changed: Numeric title from EXIF will be saved to DB

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.08

  • Improved Phantom gallery module
  • Improved installations of modules
  • Fixed Install module ZIP
  • Fixed loading comments on some themes
  • Removed Font-Awesome from GmediaCloud page to improve loading speed

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.07

  • Fixed: Modules update
  • Updated: Phantom photo gallery module (fixed few settings)

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.06

  • Fixed: Notice on first install
  • Fixed: Ignored uninstall settings and gallery plugin doesn't delete database records and delete all files

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.05

  • Improved: update process
  • Fixed: access point for Gmedia Gallery iOS app
  • Fixed: comments in Phantom photo gallery module not worked on some themes

Gmedia Gallery v1.8.0

  • Added: Comments for Gmedia Items
  • Added: WP search integration for gmedia items, albums, galleries, filters
  • New: Phantom gallery module with comments support
  • Fixed: gallery search in admin and a lot of other bugs that I don't remember

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.1
Last Updated: 4 days ago
Active Installs: 20,000+


4.2 out of 5 stars


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