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Gmedia Gallery - Photo Gallery, Image Slider, Music Player, Video Player, Media Library

Gmedia Gallery - powerfull media library plugin for creating beautiful galleries and managing files (from creator of Flagallery plugin)

Modules Updated

  • Go to Gmedia Modules page and update installed premium modules to latest versions


  • Fixed: error "jQuery is not defined" on some themes


  • Fixed: ajax requests required login
  • Fixed: error in class.processor.php file
  • Fixed: CSS conflict for forms


  • Fixed: Import from WP Media Library
  • Fixed: Image Editor
  • Fixed: Create Album in Edit mode


  • Fixed: Custom Filter in Gmedia Library
  • Fixed: Limit field in Custom Filter now works properly (require re-save Custom Filter)
  • Fixed: Filter with "No Album" and Uncategorised items


  • Fixed: View/Like counter in flash modules


  • Fixed: JS error in Library if user have no Terms capability
  • Fixed: Views and Likes not count on some themes (400 error)
  • Fixed: Error when file have no metadata (exif info)
  • Other small fixes, new bugs and improvements


  • Added: Grid View in Gmedia Library
  • Fixed: Sorting by Title and by Date in Gmedia Library
  • Added: Download link for modules


  • Fixed: Compatibility with PHP 5.2
  • Updated: Music Player


  • Fixed: Import function
  • Fixed: Error when image have no orientation in EXIF


  • Added: Autorotate images based on Exif information
  • Added: MP3 Title and Album from ID3Tag
  • Added: Using PEL library save EXIF to Web image files
  • Improved: Image Editor
  • Improved: List header is now fixed while scrolling
  • Other small fixes and improvements


  • Added: Filter icons on Albums page and other terms pages
  • Added: Open GmediaCloud page icon from Galleries page
  • Added: Search geocode by address on map
  • Improved: GmediaCloud meta tags
  • Improved: Functions for iOS app
  • Changed: GPS location field now editable


  • Fixed: GmediaCloud page not worked
  • Fixed: Compatibility with Jetpack plugin


  • Fixed: Update error on some servers


  • Added: Geolocation for photos and videos
  • Added: url query params for shortcode in page
  • Fixed: Image edit on multisite
  • Updated: Photomania module
  • Improved: Exif information
  • Small fixes and improvements


  • Added: New option called Limit in Custom Filter
  • Added: Custom Filter collections in Add Media window
  • Added: Feature to load any term to page gallery with url parameters
  • Added: Twitter widget with latest news in admin
  • Updated: Afflux module, Music Player module, Minima module, PhotoMania module, Video Player module
  • Fixed: Gallery preview in admin not worked with https
  • Fixed: GmediaCloud page for single item
  • Changed: Plugin text domain to 'grand-media'
  • Small fixes and improvements


  • Added: German translate
  • Added: Dutch translate
  • Updated: Phantom module


  • Fixed: Update error on some websites
  • Fixed: Check if imported gallery title only numbers
  • Updated: Phantom module
  • Small fixes and improvements


  • Fixed: Image Editor not worked on websites with hyphens


  • Added: settings to enable/disable debug mode
  • Added: Ukrainian translation
  • Updated: jPlayer library
  • Updated: Music Player module
  • Updated: Phantom module
  • Changed: disabled music cover from mp3 metainfo (required a lot of memory)
  • Small fixes and improvements


  • Fixed: compatibility with WPMobile App plugin
  • Fixed: Music Player
  • Fixed: Video Player
  • Added: Help tab for Settings page
  • Added: Support us block


  • Fixed: Album custom sorting


  • New: PhotoMania Module - free cool gallery module
  • Changed: All Albums on Add Files page
  • Fixed GmediaCloud page for Filters (if 404 page go to WP Settings -> Permalinks -> re-Save settings)
  • Other improvements


  • Added Cover for Albums
  • Updated Music Player and Video Player modules to support Album Covers
  • Fixed small bugs


  • Fixed compatibility with iOS application


  • Fixed vulnerabilities
  • Added Custom fields to Albums
  • Added option to hide social buttons for GmediaCloud page


  • Fixed links for delete, upload and others


  • Added Custom Fields for Gmedia Items
  • Added Batch File Rename
  • Fixed bug for HTTPS websites
  • Small fixes and improvements


  • Fixed: Edit Mode loose items album


  • Added Custom Filters - Custom Query Builder for Gmedia Library!!!
  • Small fixes and improvements


  • Fixed compatibility with PHP v5.2
  • Small fixes and improvements


  • Fixed Batch Edit -> Custom Link
  • Added sitemap integration with WP SEO by Yoast plugin
  • Small fixes and improvements


  • Fixed Upload and Import now works with .htaccess which deny *.php direct access in wp-content folder
  • Improved Album Sorting
  • Added settings for default gmedia sorting in tags and categories (in modules)
  • Added Screen Options for Galleries, Albums, Tags. Now you can sort terms in way you need on admin pages
  • Added option to sort gmedia by filename
  • Added "Views / Likes" (and ratings for audio) meta information to Gmedia Library
  • Added setting to add own CSS to GmediaCloud page
  • Small fixes and improvements


  • New Mosaic Gallery Module
  • Fixed javascript error on Gmedia Edit Gallery page
  • Fixed generating json settings for some modules
  • Fixed GmediaCloud json module settings
  • Fixed: iOS application loads images without status
  • Added Home and Back menu buttons to GmediaCloud pages
  • Small fixes and improvements


  • Added Settings option to change module for GmediaCloud Page
  • Added Settings option to add analytics code for GmediaCloud Page
  • Added Social Share buttons to GmediaCloud Page
  • Fixed: iOS application loads images without status
  • Small fixes and improvements


  • Added Import IPTC Keywords to image tags
  • Fixed deleting tags from selected items in Gmedia Library
  • Fixed tags search while typing in combobox
  • Modals with forms inside now not closing on keyboard Esc
  • Small fixes and improvements


  • Fixed RealSlider not playing selfhosted video (Update RealSlider to latest version too)
  • Small fixes and improvements


  • Fixed PhotoBox module not working
  • Fixed VideoPlayer module not working
  • Improved flush_rewrite_rules when plugin update
  • Improved GmediaCloud Template Page


  • Fixed css not loading for modules


  • Changed permalinks for Gmedia pages
  • Added Templates for Full Page Galleries and Single Template Page
  • Added "Share GmediaCloud Page" option for items in Library, terms and galleries
  • Added options for changing gmedia permalink base and salt for creating unique urls
  • Added actions icons for albums, tags and galleries
  • Added Meta Info popup for Library items
  • Added Terms search by term ID (enter # before numbers separated by comma)
  • Fixed Albums with deleted authors
  • Admin CSS improvemens


  • Fixed music and video Custom Cover when image url is set instead of ID
  • Fixed View Original link on Gmedia Library page
  • Added option to add Gmedia button on custom posts
  • Added option to add image Exif data to image description via Batch Edit
  • If mp3 have ID3Tag image cover in it, this image shows automatically. (You need update metadata for music files)
  • Small changes on Gmedia Library page
  • Small CSS changes on admin pages
  • Music player module updated to new version


  • New: Gmedia iOS application for managing Library with your iPhone
  • Fixed Gmedia Mobile Application admin page.


  • New: Gmedia iOS application for managing Library with your iPhone
  • Fixed error getting xml on Modules page
  • Small fixes and improvements


  • Fixed css on Modules page


  • Fixed galleries to work in force SSL mode
  • Added new option to Settings: Isolate Gmedia admin pages from other plugins to avoid conflicts
  • Updated Bootstrap to version 3.3.1


  • Added ability to generate gallery shortcode from collections. Just choose term, then choose module with preset and click Insert.
  • Now you can show album, tag or category on fronted without creating gallery.


  • Added Module Presets
  • Added Module Default Preset
  • Fixed compatibility with WordPress MU


  • Added French language
  • Added option to Batch Edit for Description: 'replace', 'append', 'prepend'
  • Added auth_redirect() function to avoid error when login session expire


  • Added Serbian language
  • Fix for roles and save album
  • Fix for import files


  • Add Set Post Featured Image
  • Add Upload from Edit Post
  • Change/Improve process of Gallery's Shortcode Insert
  • Improve multiuser experience (Roles and Capabilities)
  • Improve upload security


  • Disable PHP error reporting on update.php file


  • Improved "edit status" for albums and gmedia items
  • New options on upload form
  • Different colors depended on item status
  • Fixed preview template
  • Check PHP Memory Limit on update images


  • Compatibility with WP 4.0
  • Added status for gmedia files (public, private)
  • Added status for albums (public, private, draft)
  • Fixed compatibility with Lazy load (unveil.js) plugin and alternative gallery
  • Added icon to assets


  • Added Batch Edit in Gmedia Library
  • Fixed bugs with multiauthor usage
  • Fixed update from old versions
  • Fixed compatibility with Visual Composer plugin


  • Fixed Music Player in Chrome > v35
  • Updated jPlayer script
  • Updated Plupload script
  • Forbid upload dangerous files via uploader
  • Allowed to choose albums without author for Galleries


  • Fixed galleries meta box on Posts and Pages
  • Fixed check capabilities on some admin pages
  • Fixed after plugin install not administrators can't access WP Dashboard


  • Major update: Added User Role Manager
  • Added Filter by Author
  • Added Screen Option on Edit Mode to enable/disable quicktags panel for image description
  • Improvements for touch screens
  • Added quick actions for single media
  • Added pager to gmedia list footer
  • Added option to leave data when uninstall plugin
  • Fixed PHP notices and warnings on some operations


  • Fixed Music Player module


  • Added search media by ID (just type # bedore digit in search field)
  • Added search in Edit Mode
  • Improved Preview gallery template for latest module
  • Updated Phantom Module


  • Fixed Gallery Preview


  • Fixed Gmedia permalinks
  • Gallery reset button now not showing if there is no changes
  • Added option to update media metadata in database
  • Removed Edit Image link from non images
  • Improved Gmedia Preview Template
  • Improved code for gallery settings
  • Improved code for shortcodes
  • Updated modules
  • Small fixes and improvements


  • Clean plugin code
  • Improve image sorting in Albums
  • Added permalinks for galleries
  • Fixed Import errors and warnings
  • Fixed compatibility with iTheme Security (Better Security) plugin
  • Fix Music Player - force download button if link ends with .mp3 or .ogg
  • Added Video Player with playlist


  • Add setting to "no format" shortcode's content
  • Update all modules
  • Added manual height option to gallery modules


  • Update jPlayer library to latest version
  • Fix multiple Music Player instances on one page


  • Fix Minima module


  • Fix search in Gmedia Library
  • Fix settings update with empty license key
  • Added photoswipe js library
  • Fix config for servers with renamed 'wp-content' folder
  • Fix gallery preview theme warnings
  • SEO optimisations for modules
  • Fix modules for ajax themes
  • Update all modules


  • Added Image Editor (Rotate, Flip, Greyscale, Invert and 9 Filters + Restore Original Uploaded Image)
  • If selected media and go to Edit Mode, then load only selected items
  • Fixed error if no Exif module installed in PHP
  • Update Modified date when Edit Gmedia
  • Thickbox replaced with bootstrap modal
  • Fixed Create and assign new Album in Gmedia Library
  • Fixed Module settings checkbox not saved


  • Fixed Import from NextGen plugin


  • Added "Create Quick Gallery"
  • Added gallery source - Gmedia IDs
  • Improved assign albums
  • Improved assign tags
  • Improved delete tags
  • Fixed assign no album
  • Fixed assign no category


  • Fix for Gallery source order not saved
  • Add drag and drop to sort gallery source
  • Add color picker for gallery colors settings
  • Delete tags in selected items action now show only tags from selected items
  • Fix gmedia item description not save multiline
  • Small fixes and improvements


  • Fix Import from Flagallery plugin
  • Fix update settings with empty key
  • Fix PHP Notices
  • Fix uninstall function


  • Improved plugin Update and Import functions
  • Updated Minima, Afflux, Optima, Slider modules


  • Fixed Phantom Module


  • Fixed styles for FireFox and IE
  • In Library Edit Mode images and music now opens in thickbox


  • Fixed Gallery Delete action


  • Added ability to edit broken galleries


  • Whole new design
  • Plugin was rewrited from scratch
  • More intuitive interface
  • Backup before updating. After update plugin go to Manage Modules page and update modules to latest versions. Then check your galleries.

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.2
Last Updated: 4 weeks ago
Active Installs: 20,000+


4.3 out of 5 stars


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