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Graceful Pull-Quotes

Allows you to make pull-quotes without duplicating content. If the plugin is disabled the pull-quotes disappear seamlessly.

2.6.1 (15 April 2015)

  • Switched links default back to "head"

2.6 (15 April 2015)

  • Added Setting to put the Style and Script links in the page footer, and set "footer" to default
  • Updated hook for Settings link on Plugins page
  • Updated PHP4-style constructor function
  • Moved a bit of JavaScript into linked file
  • Minor code cleanup

2.5 (17 February 2015)

  • Added "aside" to options for HTML container, and set that to default for new installs
  • Reworked how the Default Style backup works if Styles folder is not found
  • Improved compatibility with upcoming translation features of WordPress
  • Now using some built-in WP abstractions: trailingslashit(), selected(), and checked()
  • Code cleanup

2.4.2 (27 November 2012)

  • Pull-quote text in an HTML comment is now trimmed of spaces
  • Improved testing for empty pull-quotes before rendering
  • Bugfix: Was not saving container setting correctly -- error in HTML rendering on Settings page

2.4.1 (3 September 2011)

  • A jspullquotes.css file in a theme is now properly detected in both Parent and Child themes

2.4 (5 May 2011)

  • Updated filenames to reflect new plugin name.
  • Updated .po localization files to reflect current code (calling all translators!)
  • A few more tweaks in preparation for adding plugin to the Official WP Extend repository

2.3 (28 March 2010)

  • Renamed to "Graceful Pull-Quotes" (formerly "JavaScript Pull-Quotes")
  • New Persian translation
  • Added Style headers to Pull-Quote style files (prep for upcoming feature)
  • Fixed bug in Settings page for selecting default side (Thanks Sébastien!)
  • Fixed array bug in internal get_plugin_data
  • In core CSS, fixed background colors and text colors to inherit from parent
  • Updated Settings page CSS for WP 2.6/2.7 -- Save Changes button is "primary" color
  • JavaScript variable in wp-head now has less stompable name
  • Admin head now uses wp_enqueue_script() for preview script
  • Fixed path constant in add_ozh_adminmenu_icon function
  • Translations folder renamed to "lang"

2.2 (25 September 2008)

  • Changed how Default style works -- "Default.css" is again in the styles folder. If for any reason the program can't find any styles, it falls back to a copy of Default.css in the resources folder. This way people aren't forced to have Default on the list.
  • New German translation (Dank Mattias!)
  • Updated .po files
  • Added Ozh Drop Down Menu icon
  • code changes: plugin_path => plugin_dir | pq__() => p__() | pq_e() => p_e()

2.1.2 (23 July 2008)

  • Fixed design flaw introduced in 2.1.1. Style option now stores file basename relative to styles directory -- should not store full URL if we're going to let user change the directory.
  • BUGFIX: Localizations not working. (Incorrect path)
  • Localizations (.mo files) will work directly from languages/ folder
  • Changed init() to class constructor -- no more hooking "init" action
  • Moved activation hook call to constructor
  • Minor code cleanup to comply with WP Coding Standards: http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Coding_Standards

2.1.1 (18 July 2008)

  • Increased efficiency of options version checking
  • Update_options() renamed to get_options()
  • Significant code cleanup and reorganization with options/defaults functions
  • Changed admin footer priority to 9
  • Significant cleanup of Style selection code
    • replaced style_name setting with style_url setting -- holds full URL
    • if only one style available, choose that and disable control
    • if selected style is missing, select Default
    • moved Default to "resources" so it's harder to misplace
  • Updated preview.js for compatibility with new full-url settings
  • Moved Default style to resources folder so it can't be misplaced.
  • Significant error checking RE missing or changed stylesheets
    • if chosen style is missing, falls back to default

2.1 (13 July 2008)

  • WordPress 2.6 compatible
    • JSPQPATH now $jspullquotes->plugin_path
  • add_actions() renamed init(). Now runs on "init" hook instead of running blind on plugin inclusion.
  • Moved textdomain load and $plugin_path define into init()
  • Unchecked boolean options are now explicitly set to false
  • set_defaults() will now merge defaults with existing settings -- i.e. fill in new or missing options in a newly upgraded install
  • Added compare_versions() -- Auto-run set_defaults on update without reactivate
  • Changed option_name in wp_options table. Now "plugin_jspullquotes_settings"
    • Will automatically transfer from old to new
  • Uses "Ozh method" to attach footer to Settings page (Call is in settings_page() instead of init() )
  • Added static to get_plugin_data() -- no need to read the file twice
  • BUGFIX: Moved register_activation_hook outside of class. In init() it was never being called

2.0 (8 June 2008)

  • Rewrote Settings page to WP 2.5 standard
  • New Setting: strip internal links "href='#id'" from pull-quote
  • Added "Settings" link to Actions on Plugins screen
  • Strips "a" tags that lack "href" attribute from pull-quote
  • Strips "id" and "name" attributes from tags in pull-quote
  • Moved home page link on Settings page to page footer
  • Improved error correction if Style files go missing (not finished though)
  • BUGFIX: Files starting with "." should not appear in styles list in Admin
  • Misc. code clean & polish

1.7.0 (6 June 2008)

  • BUGFIX: "preview" script is now only added to Pull-Quotes page -- used to add to ever admin page (was causing problems when editing posts)
  • Improved security via nonces. See: http://markjaquith.wordpress.com/2006/06/02/wordpress-203-nonces/
  • Changed name of preview script in Admin to avoid potential conflicts
  • Removed "edit CSS" link from Admin. Doesn't work in WP 2.5
  • Simplified HTML comments on page headers. Blog pages no longer have plugin URL and Admin page no longer has version.
  • Extensive code cleanup and abstraction -- e.g. function calls now use "$this->" when possible. Also, new class functions:
    • __()
    • _e()
    • get_plugin_data()
  • Eliminated separate "class" file
  • Consolidated set/reset_defaults() functions
  • Some documentation cleanup

1.6.7 (15 January 2008)

  • NEW French localization — Merci Ben!
  • BUGFIX - version display in page header was broken
  • Small fix to options page localization
  • minor code changes

1.6.6 (26 November 2007)

  • Added User Option to not link CSS — this way admin can put CSS in site’s main CSS file and save some HTTP requests
  • Plugin path now uses plugin_basename() (stability improvement)
  • BUGFIX - version display on Options screen was broken

1.6.5 (31 August 2007)

  • added function to set defaults if no options are set
  • reorganized files in jspullquotes directory
  • added JSPQPATH constant to make paths less brittle
  • changed User Capability requirement to "switch_themes"
  • test for both "switch_themes" and "edit_themes" capabilities before writing "edit stylesheet" box to admin screen
  • changed name of class, for filename consistency

1.6 (25 July 2007)

  • Italian localization added
  • Changed user requirement for Options Screen. Was Access Level “7″, now requires Capability "edit_themes"
  • Minor experimental change that may or may not kick in in a future update of WordPress (yes, I like keeping you in suspense! :) ) [Update: Won't happen. It was the "settings" link in the header, which I thought I could get implemented in WP. Removed in plugin v1.7]

1.5.4 (16 June 2007)

  • The preparations for localizations are complete. A POT file is now included with the download. Please send me translations and I will include them with the download! :)
  • Cleaned up the identification comments included in the page additions
  • Some code cleanup and rearrangement. The main PHP file is now much simplified, with the main code class in a separate file.

1.5.3 (10 May 2007)

  • Styles can now be in folders, which allows for organizing styles that include graphic elements or other additional files
  • Bug fix: There was a minor error with the side alternation if the first pull-quote had a side specified
  • More under-the-hood code fixes and optimizations.

1.5.2 (6 April 2007)

  • Added “Style Preview” button in options panel

1.5.1 (29 March 2007)

  • Added ability to embed pull-quote design into a WordPress theme
  • Now uses _e() function on Options screen to allow for translations
  • Minor cosmetic changes to Options screen

1.5 (19 March 2007)

  • Added drop down menu so user can select a style for the pull-quotes
  • New "Modern" style
  • Fixed "pull-quote" button in HTML post editor (not sure when this broke!)
  • Bug fixes and code improvements

1.4 (20 February 2007)

  • Added user-specified sides for particular pull-quotes.
  • Laid groundwork for planned text-modification options
  • Removed


p> option for containing object — conflicted with formatting * Disabled button in rich-text post editor, as it is broken in WP 2.1. Hopefully fixed with changes scheduled for WP 2.2 * A large number of under-the-hood improvements and optimizations

1.3 (20 November 2006)

  • Added "Advanced" options that allow user to specify HTML and CSS for pull-quotes
  • Rolled Beta WYSIWYG button into main plugin as an option
  • Fixed bug in "skip empty pull-quotes" code
  • Many under-the-hood code changes, including stability improvements and code reorganization that will make further updates easier

1.3b1 (11 November 2006)

  • Added button to rich-text edit page.
  • Reduced risk of function name conflicts with other plugins.

1.2.2 (1 hour later)

  • Added a link to edit the CSS file that controls the appearance of the pull-quotes
  • Cleaned up the Options panel a bit.

1.2.1 (November 3, 2006)

  • Bug Fix: Switched to a CSS selector that is far less likely to be already in use by a user's stylesheet.
  • Bug Fix: Empty spans do nothing rather than creating an empty pull-quote. This allows for Safari bug work-around (and when Apple fixes the bug, no changes should be needed for Safari to work fully).

1.2 (October 26, 2006)

  • Added option to choose default side on which to display pull-quote

1.1 (October 20, 2006)

  • Initial public release

Requires: 2.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.14
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 2,000+


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