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Configure GrabPress feeds to deliver fresh videos for your blog.

Getting Started...

How do I set up an account with Grab Media?

After installing the plug-in, select Settings > GrabPress from the WordPress Admin menu. This will give users the option to create a new account with Grab Media, or to link an existing Grab Media publisher account.

I already have an account with Grab Media, how do I tie my existing account to Grab Press?

Same as above--after installing the plug-in, navigate to the Settings > GrabPress page in your WordPress Admin. This will bring up the option to create a new account with Grab Media, or to link an existing account with us.

How do I check my statistics?

Go to Grab-Media.com and click the Login button in the header. Login with the same email (username) and password credentials you generated when you registered for a Grab Media account to access the Publisher Reporting Portal.

I would like to get more data than the report portal provides. How can I get that?

Grab can provide you automated, daily data exports that enable you to perform your own performance analyses. Contact us and we can provide your specific reporting or data request.

Creating Video Posting Feeds

I have installed the plug-in and set up my Grab Media account. Now what?

Once GrabPress is installed you should be prompted to set up your first video feed, by supplying search criteria relevant to your audience or site (or section of your site). When these steps are completed you can add additional feeds or begin browsing your feeds to select videos for your blog posts.

Why don't I see any videos in the preview?

If you don't see any videos populating in your video feed preview, we most likely don't have any videos that match the criteria you specified in your search. We recommend that you broaden your search criteria, and test various search settings until the feed preview displays enough assets to meet the needs of your editorial workflow. Note that when you enter keywords for your feed, you can select to require all keyword terms using keywords AND, or you can select keywords OR, which will deliver videos that have any of the keywords you enter.

Why are my video feeds not updating every day, or every week?

If you notice a video feed has not been updated with a new video in an extended period of time, you should select the feed from the Video Feeds > Manage Feeds screen, and click the edit icon to broaden your search criteria and re-save the feed.

Some video feeds update every hour, some update every day, and others update less frequently. The frequency at which a feed gets updated depends on the specificity of a feed's search criteria, as well as the rate at which our Content Providers (who provide videos specific to your feed's search settings) add new content to our video inventory. Some of our Content Providers add new videos to our catalog multiple times a day, and others add content to the video catalog less frequently.

Can I edit or delete feeds I have created?

Once a feed is created it is displayed in the Video Feeds > Manage Feeds screen. To delete a feed, click delete "x" icon next to the feed criteria. To edit, click the edit icon in that feed listing. This will repopulate the corresponding fields in the Video Feeds > Create Feed screen, where you can modify and save your feed.

Why do I need an account with Grab Media?

Creating or linking an account allows us to keep track of your players, so we can make sure you get paid. When you link your account to GrabPress, we associate the embed IDs from your video posts to your Grab Media publisher account. Once your embed IDs are linked to your publisher account, each impression it creates can generate revenue for your site.

General Questions

Why is there a tabbed index for GrabPress in my site dashboard?

GrabPress is built to scale. That means we have many more features and ways of delivering monetized video intended for the future. This includes, but is not limited to, post promotion, template layout editing, video widgets, email notifications, and custom ad units. As features such as these become available through future GrabPress updates, they will appear as additional tabs within GrabPress.

How do I uninstall GrabPress?

Go to the plugins section of your site and select uninstall under the GrabPress plugin. Uninstalling will delete your API key as well the data associated with your GrabPress instance. All feeds, feed settings, and account info will need to be recreated if GrabPress is subsequently installed again.

Can I adjust the format posts are sent in?

Currently there is no way for the user to adjust the post layout via the GrabPress plug-in. We plan to enable users to edit the layout / posting template in future updates of the plugin.

What is the difference between auto-play and click-to-play?

Selecting auto-play means videos will automatically start playing when a user opens the page the video is on. Selecting click-to-play means a user will have to click the video to start it. This can be ideal for manually edited posts, when you want users to engage with the video at some point after engaging with the article content.

Why should I use GrabPress to deliver video to my blog?

GrabPress automates delivery of topical content to your site cutting down on the effort needed to search for video content for your site, as well as the need to optimize your site for revenue potential. GrabPress also allows editors to keep their sites up to date with trending and hot news topics by delivering monetized video posts that are relevant to the your site's topics. It enables editorial teams of all sizes to keep their audiences informed with ongoing news, gossip, and highlights in the media.


Do all users see the same information in my GrabPress installation?

No. GrabPress leverages the user roles already in place within WordPress. In order to make sure you have all necessary functions available to you through GrabPress please set your user roles in your dashboard as needed.

What does each user role enable me to do through GrabPress?

All user roles are able to search our catalog for a video and create a video post. Additionally, editors have the ability to create, manage and select videos from the Video Feeds page. They also have the ability to edit the template options for the size of the embed. Editors have access to all functions and tabs, excluding the Grab Media account Settings (WordPress Settings > GrabPress). Finally, as an Administrator, all functions and tabs, including the GrabPress settings, are available at all times. Once GrabPress is installed, the Administrator should link the instance to their Grab Media account through the account tab, as no other user is able to link accounts.

Can I set authors to be able to edit feeds or edit my account information?

To adjust what a user is able to do in GrabPress you must change their WordPress user role to enable the required functions.

As an editor, am I safe to link on a website with multiple editors?

Yes. Leveraging user role permissions will keep your install brand safe, allowing you to link your account and manage feeds without concern that these settings will be changed by someone with a less powerful user role, such as author, accidentally.

Can all users still view and post articles delivered through GrabPress?

Yes. All users can view the GrabPress dashboard to stay aware of editorial changes, and edit any post they have access to through the WordPress dashboard.

Can authors see my account information?

No. All users are provided pertinent information for debugging and support purposes, such as user email and API key. However, these users are not given access to personal the information associated with your account.

Requires: 3.7.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.5
Last Updated: 2015-4-16
Active Installs: 400+


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