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Comments Evolved for WordPress

Comments Evolved ( formerly Google+ Comments for WordPress ) makes the comment section tabbed seamlessly adding tabs for Comments & More

Google+ Comments for WordPress doesn't work ?

A.K.A. the tabs are in list form instead, or do not show up at all

Keep Calm and lets step through this, the plugin does indeed work though, It's used by thousands of websites already every day so if it doesn't work for your website that because there is some problem with how it interacts with the theme or other plugins and the info below will help you track what one it is exactly.

The most common cause for it not working is a jQuery conflict caused by a theme or a plugin that either does not properly instantiate jQuery causing an old version and new version to both try and load themselfs unknown to each other, or instantiates a very old version of jQuery that is not compatable with the jQuery this plugin requests to be loaded ( e.g. we tell WordPress to load the jQuery.js + jQuery-UI-Core.js + jQuery-UI-Tabs.js that are both included with WordPress 3.3+ ) ... below may be of some help.

Here are things to try in order to see what the problem is.

  1. Check jQuery version and make sure you are using the lastest included in WordPress If it's an older version or not enqueued correctly it will cause problems. It may be in your theme or another plugin

  2. You may be lacking wp_footer() function in your footer.php of your WordPress theme. Look at the default theme to see how it is implemented and add it into your theme.

  3. Try deactivating all plugins one at a time besides Google+ Comments for WordPress and see if if it starts working Make sure and to clear both WordPress and your Browsers Cache after any plugin changes to make sure you see the correct pages and not a cached version of the same (broken) one. If it does work after deactivating on then there's a plugin conflict.

  4. If deactivating plugins doesn't work then there might be a conflict with your theme To isolate you can try an different theme and see if it works.

  5. Be sure to clear ALL cache's that may be in effect, both in WP like WP-SuperCache or W3TC and also locally on your machine like the browser and you can even reboot your Internet router as a precaution ( and a bit of overkill but hey, why not check everything ) as it could be running a squid transparent cache proxy for you when running DD-WRT or similar as well and you may not have noticed / known before something like this.

  6. There may be a style conflict of some sort, check the Developer console for your browser ( any of them anymore have a debug console / js console , even IE7+ native and others via extensions too ) when the page is loading to check for error messaged that may help narrow it down.

  7. Try deleting the plugin and reinstalling - it may have not completely updated correctly. You'll have to reset your settings so you might want to write them down.

Do you need any other plugins to use the other commenting systems like Disqus ?

No. All needed code for any of the available commenting systems is included with this plugin.

I'd like support for X commenting system, will you add it ?

Sure, most likely. If there is not a technical reason not to then I'd be glad to add other commenting systems. Just file a support request asking for it and we'll go from there.

Will loading Comments with Javascript hurt my SEO ?

No, that information is based on the way things used to be. Now not only does it not hurt your SEO it can actually help it with more +1's for your content, as well as JS comments from G+, Facebook, Twitter, and others is now fully indexed by google. Plus more engagement and thus content as well. For more info see this link and also this one for more details.

Does the normal commenting stay active ?

Yes, both systems can be active at the same time.

Can I choose what Tab to make Default?

Yes, as of 1.4.0 you can.

Can I enable or disable commenting systems I'm not using ?

Yes, only choose to show the tabs you wish to use via the G+ Comments Options Page inside the Admin area of your WordPress install.

Can I disable WordPress Native comments so all new comments are made via Google+ but still show the historic WordPress Comments ?

Yes, just disable WP comments like you normally would and then leave the Show WordPress Comments option checked in the Google+ Comments Options.

What if I ...

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Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.6
Last Updated: 6 months ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.5 out of 5 stars


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