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Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall

This Anti-Malware scanner searches for Malware, Viruses, and other security threats and vulnerabilities on your server and it helps you fix them.


  • Added more firewall options.
  • Moved Scan Log from the Quarantine page to the main Setings page.
  • Fixed PHP Warning about an invalid argument in foreach and some other bugs too.


  • Fixed "What to look for" Options so that changes are saved.
  • Changed get_currentuserinfo to wp_get_current_user because the get_currentuserinfo function was deprecated in WP 4.5


  • Removed Menu Item Placement Options because the add_object_page function was deprecated in WP 4.5.
  • Added firewall options for better compatibility with WP Firewall 2.
  • Fixed an XSS vulnerability in the debug output of the nonce token.


  • Moved the Firewall Options to it's own page linked to from the admin menu.
  • Moved the Quick Scan from the admin menu to the top of the Scan Settings page.


  • Fixed PHP Warning about in_array function expecting parameter 2 to be an array, found by Georgey B.
  • Made a few minor cosmetic changes and fixed a few other small bugs in the interface.


  • Fixed the Nonce Token error caused by W3 Total Cache breaking the set_transient function in WordPress.
  • Added the Brazilian Portuguese language files, thanks to Marcelo Guernieri for the translation.


  • Fixed the admin menu and also some links that did not work on Windows server.


  • Added Core Files to the Quick Scan list on the admin menu.
  • Added a nonce token to prevent Cross-Site Request Forgery by admins who are logged-in from another site.
  • Hardened against XSS vulnerability triggered by the file names being scanned (thanks to Mahadev Subedi).
  • Improved brute-force patch compatibility with alternate wp-config.php location.


  • Had to remove the encoding of the Default Definitions to meet the WordPress Plugin Guidelines.


  • Improved the JavaScript in the new Brute-Force login patch so that it works with caching enabled on the login page.


  • Improved the Brute-Force login patch with custom fields and JavaScript.
  • Added a Save button to that Scan Settings page.
  • Fixed a bug in the XMLRPC Patch "Unblock" feature.


  • Added a link to purge the deleted Quarantine items from the database.
  • Added firewall option to Block all XMLRPC calls.
  • Fixed a few cosmetic bugs in the quarantine and firewall options.


  • Fixed a bugs in the Quarantine that was memory_limit errors if there number of files in the was too high.
  • Added the highlight malicious code feature back to the Quarantine file viewer.
  • Added the ability to change the admin username if the current username is "admin".
  • Improved the code in the Brute-Force Protection patch.


  • Fixed a few bugs in the Core Files Check that was preventing it from fixing some unusual file modifications.


  • Fixed a major bug that made multisite scan extremely slow and sometimes error out.
  • Moved all ajax call out of the init function and into their own functions for better handling time.


  • Moved the quarantine files into the database and deleted the old directory in uploads.
  • Fixed some minor formatting issues in the HTML output on the settings page.
  • Added a warning message if base64_decode has been disabled.


  • Hardened against injected HTML content by encoding the tags with variables.
  • Fixed debug option to exclude individual definitions.


  • Hardened admin_init with current_user_can and realpath on the quarantine file deletion (thanks to J.D. Grimes).
  • Fixed another XSS vulnerabilities in the admin (thanks to James H.)


  • Hardened against XSS vulnerabilities in the admin (thanks to Tim Coen).
  • Added feature to restore default settings for Exclude Extensions.
  • Changed the encoding on the index.php file in the Quarantine to make it more human-readable.
  • Fixed a few small bugs that were throwing PHP Notices in some configurations and added more info to some error messages.


  • Extended execution_time during the Fix process to increase the number of files that could be fixed at a time.
  • Added a Quarantine log to the database.
  • Fixed a couple of minor bugs that would throw PHP notices.


  • Created an automatic update feature that downloads any new definition updates before starting the scan.
  • Added WordPress Core files to the new definitions update process and included a scan option to check the integrity of the Core files.
  • Automatically whitelisted the unmodified WordPress Core files.
  • Made more improvements to the Brute-Force protection patch and other minor cosmetic changes to the interface.
  • Protected the HTML in my plugin from filter injections and fixed a few other minor bugs.


  • Fixed a problem with deleting files from the Quarantine folder.
  • Added a descriptive reason to the error displayed if the fix was unsuccessful.
  • Added link to restore the default location of the Examine Results window.


  • Improved the encoding of definition updates so that they would not be blocked by poorly written firewall rules.
  • Suppressed the "Please make a donation" nag if the fix was unsuccessful, to avoid confusion over premium services.


  • Removed debug alert from initial session check.


  • Improved rewrite compatibility of session check for the Brute-Force Protection Installation.


  • Improved session check for the option to Install Brute-Force Protection and added an error message on failure.
  • Improved support for Multisite by only allowing Network Admins access to the Anti-Malware menu.


  • Added link to view a simple scan history on the Quarantine page.
  • Updated firewall to better protect agains new variations of the RevSlider Exploit.
  • Improved check for session support before giving the option to Install Brute-Force patch.


  • Added option to skip scanning the Quarantined files.
  • Updated Brute-Force patch to fix the problem of being included more that once.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs (better window positioning and css, cleaner results page, updated new help tab, etc.).
  • Made sure that the plugin does not check my servers for updates unless you have registered (this opt-in requirement is part of the WordPress Repository Guidelines).


  • Added exception for the social.png files to the skip files by extension list.
  • Fixed removal of Known Threats from files in the Quarantine directory.


  • Block SoakSoak and other malware from exploiting the Slider Revolution Vulnerability (THIS IS A WIDESPREAD THREAT RIGHT NOW).


  • Enabled the Brute-Force protection option directly from the Settings page.
  • Fixed window position to auto-adjust on small screens.


  • Major upgrade to the protection for wp-login.php Brute-Force attempts.
  • Fixes a bug in setting the permissions for read-only files so that they could still be cleaned.


  • Fixes a minor bug with pass-by-reference which raises a fatal error in PHP v5.4.


  • Enhanced the Examine File window with better styles and more info.
  • Changed form submission of encrypted file lists to array values instead of keys.
  • Fixes other minor bugs.


  • Made the Examine File window sizable.
  • Fixed a few small bugs and removed some old code.
  • Added a link to my new twitter account.


  • Re-purposed Quick Scan to just scan the most affected areas.
  • Set the registration form to display by defaulted in the definition update section.
  • Fixed a few small bugs in advanced features and directory depth determination.


  • Fixed a session bug to display the last directory scanned.
  • Fixed a few small cosmetic bugs for WP 3.8.


  • Added Spanish translation, thanks to Jelena Kovacevic and Andrew Kurtis at webhostinghub.com.


  • Updated string in the code and added a .pot file to be ready for translation into other languages.
  • Added "Select All" checkbox to Quarantine and a new button to delete items from the Quarantine.
  • Added a trace.php file for advanced session tracking.


  • Fixed undefined index bug with menu_group item in settings array.


  • Added support for multisite network admin menu and the ability to restrict admin access.


  • Fixed a session bug in the progress bar related to the last release.


  • Fixed a session bug that conflicted with jigoshop. (Thanks dragonflyfla)


  • Fixed a few bug in the Whitelist definition feature.


  • Added SSL support for definition updates and registration form.
  • Upgraded the Whitelist feature so the it could not contain duplicates.

  • Downgraded the WP-Login threat and changed it to an opt-in fix.

  • Fixed a bug in the Add to Whitelist feature so the you do not need to update the definitions after whitelisting a file.

  • Added ability to whitelist files.

  • Fixed a major bug in yesterdays release broke the login page on some sites.

  • Added a patch for the wp-login.php brute force attack that has been going around.
  • Created a process to restore files from the Quarantine.
  • Fixed a few other small bugs including path issues on Winblows server.

  • Improved security on the Quarantine directory to fix the 500 error on some servers.

  • Fixed count of Quarantined items.
  • Added htaccess security to the Uploads directory.

  • Fixed progress bar bug in the last release.
  • Linked the Quarantined items to the File Examiner.

  • Brought back the TimThumb and htaccess scan categories.
  • Added a scan category for Backdoor Scripts.

  • Fixed bugs in the last release.

  • Consolidated the Definition Types and added a Whitelist category.
  • Completely redesigned the Definition Updates to handle incremental updates.
  • Added "View Quarantine" to the menu.

  • Enhanced Output Buffer to work with compression enabled (like ob_gzhandler).
  • Moved the quarantine to the uploads directory to protect against blanket inclusion.

  • Fixed Output Buffer issue for when ob_start has already been called.

  • Enhanced the Automatic Fix process to handle bad directory permissions.
  • Added more detailed error messages for different types of file errors.
  • Fixed calculation for Time Remaining on the Progress Bar.

  • Re-calibrated the Progress Bar on the Quick Scan.
  • Improved overall error handling.
  • Minor UI enhancements and a few bug fixes.

  • Completely revamped the scan engine to handle large file systems with better error handling.
  • Enhanced the results for the Automatic Fix process.
  • Fixed a few other small bugs.

  • Enhanced the iFrame for the File Viewer and Automatic Fix process.
  • Improved error handling during the scan.
  • Fixed update checker script.

  • Fixed major bug in unregistered scan definition interpretation that causes many false positives.
  • Moved the File Viewer and Automatic Fix process into an iFrame to decrease scan time and memory usage.
  • Enhanced the Automatic Fix process for better success with read-only files.
  • Improved code cleanup process and general efficiency of the scan.

  • Encoded definition update for better compatibility with some servers that have post limitation.
  • Improved the code cleanup expression that is applied after removal of known threats.

  • Fixed return URL on Donate form.

  • Fixed XSS vulnerability.

  • Changed registration to allow for multiple sites/keys to be registered under one user/email.

  • Fixed "Invalid Threat level" Error on default values for pre-registration scans.
  • Changed auto-update path to update threat level array for all new definition updates.

  • Fixed auto-update script to update scan level even if there is no new definitions.

  • Added more info about registration to the readme file.
  • Updated timthumb replacement patch to version 2.8.10 per WordPress.org plugins requirement.
  • Fixed menu option placement to work just as well as a sub-menu under tools.

  • Fixed option to exclude directories so that the scan would not get stuck if omitted.
  • Added support for winblows servers using BACKSLASH directory structures.
  • Added option to exclude directories.
  • Changed definition updates to write to the DB instead of a file.
  • Added better messages about available updates.

  • Fixed registration form and some of the links on the settings page.

  • First BETA versions available for WordPress.

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.1
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 100,000+


4.9 out of 5 stars


6 of 11 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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