Google Photos WordPress Plugin


Display your Google Photo/Picasa Web Albums in your WordPress installation simply with Google Photos & Picasa Viewer .

  • Use Shortcodes to display your albums and album image gallery.
  • The album images are displayed using a lightbox.
  • Admin settings to control size of thumbnail images and visibility settings etc
  • Just authenicate with your Google Account and you are ready to go!
  • Access your Private and Albums and Photos (Pro Version Only)
  • Watch Basic Setup Video

** NEW **
* Touch Sensitive lightbox (Pro Version Only)
* (Got more ideas? Tell me!)

Upgrade to Google Photos & Picasa Pro
If you need support or want to remove the ‘Powered by’ link as well as better layout options upgrade to Google Photos & Picasa Pro today!
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  1. PHP5
  2. cURL running on your web host


  • [cws_gpp_albums] Will display your albums.

  • [cws_gpp_images_in_album] This is a place holder to display the results of an album that has been clicked on, on a separate page.

  • [cws_gpp_images_by_albumid] Will display images in the album specified via the ‘id’ attribute

Shortcode Usage

  • Display Albums Covers in a Carousel
    [cws_gpp_albums theme=carousel dots=1 slidestoshow=3 slidestoscroll=1 autoplay=1 arrows=1 results_page=results-carousel show_details=1 show_title=1 num_results=6 hide_albums=’Profile Photos,Auto Backup’]

  • Display Album Covers in a Grid View
    [cws_gpp_albums theme=grid results_page=results-grid show_title=1 show_details=1 num_results=6 hide_albums=’Auto Backup,Profile Photos’]

  • Display Album Covers in a List View
    [cws_gpp_albums theme=list results_page=results-list show_title=1 show_details=1 thumb_size=185 num_results=3]

  • Display Images from Clicked Album Cover in a Carousel View
    [cws_gpp_images_in_album theme=carousel show_title=0 thumbsize=150]

  • Display Images from Clicked Album Cover in a Grid View
    [cws_gpp_images_in_album theme=grid show_title=1 show_details=1]

  • Display Images from Clicked Album Cover in a List View
    [cws_gpp_images_in_album theme=list show_title=1 show_details=1 num_results=13 thumb_size=250]

  • Display Images in a Specific Album, see ‘Album Shortcodes’ page for shortcodes complete with your Album IDs. Only one album per page.(PRO VERSION ONLY)
    [cws_gpp_images_by_albumid id=5218507736478682657 theme=grid show_title=0 show_details=0]

There are 2 main shortcodes:

  • [cws_gpp_albums]
  • [cws_gpp_images_album]

Each shortcode will work as is by using the default values saved on the plugin settings page.

The defaults can be overridden by placing attribites on the shortcode below are some examples.


Attributes descriptions and examples

hide_albums=’Auto Backup|name of album here’

For example
[cws_gpp_albums theme=’grid’ results_page=’results-list’ show_title=1 show_details=1 thumb_size=’50’ num_results=’9′ visibility=’all’]



For example
[cws_gpp_images_in_album theme=’grid’ album_title=1 show_title=1 show_details=1]


  • Google Picasa Viewer – Ian Kennerley,
  • Google PHP Client Library (
  • Slick Carouel (
  • Slick Carousel Lightbox (
  • Lightbox2 (
  • Masonry (
  • Polaroid Stack Grid –
  • Photo Booth strip –
  • Cache –
  • Justified Image Grid – Miro Mannino


  • This is where you enter the authorization code from Google.
  • This is where you click Allow to authorize access to your Google Web Picasa data.
  • This is the default settings page.
  • This is an eaxmple of the Albums shortcode [cws_gpp_albums].
  • This is an example of the lightbox displaying photo you clicked on.


  1. Unzip into your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Make your settings, Admin->Settings->Google Picasa
  4. Use the ‘Display Album’ shortcode [cws_gpp_albums] on a page of your choice.
  5. To display the album’s images place the shortcode, [cws_gpp_images_in_album] on a page
  6. Update the shortcode used in step 4 to include the result_page option. [cws_gpp_albums results_page=’page-slug-here’]


What if I don’t want to display private (unlisted) albums?

Simple select “Public” option from the ‘Show which albums’ dropdown menu.

Does this work with Google Photos?

Yes this plugin works with images and albums stored and created in Google Photos too.

Can Users Download the Original Image File

Yes this is an option on the Pro version

The Cache Doesn’t Seem to be Working

Log in to you web host and check the cache/ folder is writable by the web server.


Very nice plugin

This plugin is one of the few that work to display Google Photos albums and pictures. It is also well thought-out in terms of options and simplicity. Readme.txt file is clear, and there’s a video for visual learners.

My problem with this plugin is that the image size max out at 450px. It seemed like something easy to edit until I notice that in order to change it, the Pro version is required. I understand when Pro versions bring additional functionality, but restricting existing functionality intentionally to force people to pay is a big no-no in my book (even worse when I know that it takes the same amount of time to make it 450px than it would to make it 800px).

Edit: Developers increased image size to 800px. Thank you.

Currently best option to display GOOGLE PHOTOS in WP

I used the free version and I was kinda disappointed, mainly because the plugin had some usability issues, BUT it worked great and currently it is loads photos faster than any other premium or free plugin.

I emailed the author, he is responsive to requests, so I bought the premium. It is well worth the money, do not forget developers need to eat too.

Simple and efficient

I was looking for this plugin for ages !

Setting simple, everything is working properly even link to my private google+ photo albums.
Support is great, I had couple of questions and everything was solve in some hours

Minutes are enough to install and test it, no need to be a computer Engineer to make it run !

Many thanks

Does the job

A solid plugin that solves a tricky problem. We have a club website, including photo galleries, that I’d like to turn over to other members of the club. Using this plugin, I am creating an infrastructure where club members only have to maintain Google Photos albums; the plugin displays the galleries on our web site.

About the 1-star reviews that complain the plugin doesn’t work: It definitely works, and it does a good job, but you have to configure it. Download a copy of the plugin to your local computer. The download package contains a ‘Read Me’ file that provides quick-start documentation that will help get the plug-in up and running.

One tip: If you upgrade to the paid version (very reasonably priced and IMO well worth the cost), remember to link the upgraded version to your Google Photos account–the linkage won’t carry over from the free version to the paid version.

All in all, a nice plugin that is pretty easy to use, once you find the Read Me file.

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Contributors & Developers

“Google Photos WordPress Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Changed lightbox image width to be 800px, thanks to @rhormazar for the feedback


Fixed bug where options saved are lost if plugin is deactivated then reactivated
Added urleencode / stripslashes to Album Title
Improve Widget Display
Add Title and Caption options to lightbox


Fixed bug conflict with other plugins using Google Library
Fixed bug with Album Title disppearing if pagination was clicked
Fixed album thumbnail size bug not repsecting value in plugin settings page
Added option to show/hide pagination in Widget
Various other little bits and bobs


Added ‘Getting Started’ sub menu page to admin
Fixed call for style_fx to be Pro only


Fixed bug where if no theme option was provided in certain shortcodes in could result in feed error notice
Added ‘theme=grid’ option to shortcode examples in Pro page


Fixed pagination bug on home page


Fixed grid link bug with permalinks disabled
Fixed download original link bug where image could open in lightbox


Fixed grid results layout bug


Various layout improvements
Carousel options added, arrows, infinite, slidestoshow, slidestoscroll, autoplay, autoplayinterval, speed, dots
Image thumbnail settings bug fixed
Album thumbnail settings bug fixed
Various other little bits


Added speed variable to init_slick.js
Added empty array check for cache files


Readme.txt updates and description


Fixed: Warning: Missing argument notice when using theme pro_pbs (PRO ONLY)
Added isFitWidth to Masonry init to allow for centering of grid via CSS


Added Show Albums [Public, Private, All, Visible] (PRO ONLY)


Added Justified Image Grid option (PRO ONLY)


Fixed bug effecting the sidebar appearance


Tidy up of error warning notices
Tested with WordPress 4.6.1


Many small bugfixes.
Rewrote XML from Google Feed
Added 50% Off code
Added Top level menu to admin


Bug fix: Carousel


Bux fix: Album Images


Paginaton added to Show Albums Widget
Added default settings when first installed
Bug fix – pagination under certain circumstance
Among other things


Changes Title and description.


Added screenshots


Complete rewrite. Brought about by Google turning off OAuth1
Now supports OAuth2
All shortcodes have changed


Fixed: Lost settings when updated Settings -> Reading