This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Google Friend Connect Integration


Using the Google Friend Connect integration plugin for WordPress you can add more social interaction to your blog. Currently you can add a member, login, review, comment and playlist gadget as well as a social bar right away.
Note There are many options for expanding the use of Google Friend Connect by using the custom gadget – which defaults to a music playlist.


  • Never have to copy and paste those pesky code snippets.
  • Enter your Google Friend Connect site ID number once in the GFC Integration settings page and forget!
  • Add a member gadget allowing users to join your site using their current Google, Yahoo, AIM, or OpenID account.
  • Add multiple wall gadgets for your members to post comments and YouTube videos.
  • Add a login gadget – allows login and signup using a smaller widget.
  • Completely customize the colors and text of the gadgets.
  • Define the width and height of all gadgets.
  • Easily place gadgets in your sidebars with a few clicks.
  • Add multiple review gadgets
  • Specify the location of your canvas.html and rpc_relay.html files in the GFC Integration settings page if need be.
  • Add multiple custom gadgets. Defaults to a music playlist.
  • Easily setup the social bar and change options from the GFCI settings page.
  • Add a comment, review or custom(music playlist by default) gadget inside your posts by simply typing [gfc] / [gfc gadget=”custom”] or [gfc gadget=”review”] while writing.

What’s New?

Version – Custom gadget options added to shortcode. Code fixes and addition of canvas option for custom widget.

Version 0.9.7 – Shortcodes are now available to put comments and ratings gadgets within your posts.

Version 0.9.6 – Addition of the Friend Connect Social Bar. All options are easily setup through the GFCI settings page. Many minor bug fixes and code cleanup as well.

Version 0.9.5 – Mainly a security and bug fix release. WordPress nonce admin page protection has been added, as well as output filtering.

Version 0.9.0 – This release adds the custom gadget. This means you can now use any independently developed gadget on your blog using a widget. Some major cleanup has been made to the code structure.

Version 0.8.6 brings with it some pretty nice upgrades. You can now add as many Wall gadgets to your sidebars as you wish determined by “Entire Site”, “Page”, or “Item”. The Review and Ratings Gadget is now available as a multi-instance widget as well. You can add as many of them as you want determined by the same 3 features as the comment gadget.

Some code cleanup has been made and default values set for a few gadgets.

You may now enter the location of rpc_relay.html and canvas.html in the GFC Integration settings page as well. This should eliminate the widget problem of referencing the wrong directory when installing Friend Connect in a location other than the public root directory of your site.


Please visit the Friend Connect Integration plugin page at the Social Arrow for any available FAQs.


When writing a post you can now add a comment or a review gadget by entering [gfc]. IMPORTANT: Make sure you place the code on a new line by itself.

Here’s a list of the options you can use to customize things:

  • gadget: comment, review Defaults to comment
  • scope: SITE, PAGE, ID case sensitive. Defaults to SITE
  • video: true, false. Defaults to true
  • anon: true, false. Defaults to true
  • id: whatever you want.
  • width: Defaults to 230px.
  • posts: # of posts to show 5 by default.
  • align: left, center, right. Defaults to center
  • ebackc: Defaults to e0ecff.
  • etextc: Defaults to 333333.
  • elinkc: Defaults to 0000cc.
  • altbackc: Defaults to e0ecff.
  • cbackc: Defaults to ffffff.
  • clinkc: Defaults to 0000cc.
  • ctextc: Defaults to 333333.
  • cslinkc: Defaults to 7777cc.
  • cstextc: Defaults to 666666.
  • cheadc: Defaults to 333333.
  • oborderc: Defaults to cccccc.
  • iborderc: Defaults to cccccc.
  • dtext: Defaults to ‘- enter text here -‘.
  • dheader: Defaults to ‘Comments:’.
  • maxim: true, false For review gadget – Start maximized? Defaults to true
  • present: canvas for custom gadget
  • gadgeturl: Defaults to iLike playlist gadget

Contributors & Developers

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