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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Google AJAX Translation

Add Google AJAX Translation to your blog. This plugin allows your readers to translate your blog posts, pages, or comments into 52 languages.

0.6.0 (Nick Marshall)

  • Added a method to be used in custom themes google_ajax_translate_button() which allows the "Translate" button to be placed anywhere within the WordPress loop. (See the FAQ)
  • The "Translate" button position can now be set to "top", "bottom", or "none".
  • The "Exclude pages" field is now "Exclude posts and pages".
  • Added an option to exclude the home page (with the is_home() function).
  • Added an option to exclude a section of a page with a jQuery selector. (See the FAQ)
  • Added rel="nofollow" to the "powered by Google" link.
  • Added an Upgrade Notice section to the readme file.

0.5.1 (Nick Marshall)

  • Portuguese translation works now. The Google AJAX Language API only accepts the language code "pt-PT", Portuguese from Portugal, rather than just "pt". (Thanks to kurteye for the bug report.)

0.5.0 (Nick Marshall)

  • Nine new languages are supported by Google translate: Afrikaans, Belarusian, Icelandic, Irish, Macedonian, Malay, Swahili, Welsh, and Yiddish, bringing the total to 52.
  • Added an option to specify the CSS background-color in the format #5AF or #55AAFF.
  • Added an option to copy the CSS background-color from the body of the page. (Inherit for background-color doesn't work in IE6 and IE7.)
  • Added an option to display or hide the horizontal line above or below the [Translate] button. This line was always displayed before.
  • All the options are saved in the options database table as one row. Because of this settings will be have to be reset when you upgrade to this version.
  • If your theme doesn't have a unique id for each post the plugin will fall back to translating just the content of the post but not the title, date, author, tags, etc. Try the plugin with the default theme (Kubrick) to see how it should work.
  • If the popup goes off the right edge of the browser window it's moved to the left.
  • Updated the jquery-translate plugin to version 1.4.1

0.4.9 (Nick Marshall)

  • Fixed bug where leaving the "Exclude pages" field blank would exclude all pages. Sorry again!

0.4.8 (Nick Marshall)

  • Refixed the bug where the [Translate] button appears in the_excerpt if it's already 55 words or less. Sorry for the regression!

0.4.7 (Nick Marshall)

  • Added an option to exclude certain pages from displaying the [Translate] button.
  • If the browser's preferred language isn't English a Translate button is shown on the Administration Panel that translates the panel.
  • Many tweaks to the Administration Panel
  • The list of languages should be left aligned for all themes. Some theme's footers are center aligned which caused the problem.
  • Fixed the Czech flag image (Thanks, maoric)

0.4.6 (Nick Marshall)

  • The popup is now generated just once at the bottom of the html page and it gets moved around as needed with jQuery and JavaScript. This requires your theme to have the wp_footer() function. This speeds up page loading and improves keyword indexing by search engines. It seems like the popup works properly in Firefox 2 now.
  • Added an option to put the [Translate] button at the top or bottom of posts and pages.
  • Clicking the "powered by Google" link will take you to a full-page Google translation in your browser's preferred language. (This service will refuse to translate a page into the same language though, e.g. English to English.)
  • The future has arrived! The popup window has a simple CSS 3 shadow in browsers such as Firefox 3.5+ and Safari 3+.
  • The JavaScript loads in the footer instead of the head to speed up page loading. This requires your theme to have the wp_footer() function and WordPress 2.8+

0.4.5 (Nick Marshall)

  • Updated the jquery-translate plugin to version 1.3.9 which fixes an issue with alignment of right-to-left languages.
  • Fixed a bug where the [Translate] button and languages appear in the_excerpt if it's already 55 words or less. The function get_the_excerpt uses the filter wp_trim_excerpt which uses the filter the_content. (Thanks to Eiland for pointing out this problem.)

0.4.4 (Nick Marshall)

  • The Google language API added alpha support for Persian (Farsi) so Persian was added.

0.4.3 (Nick Marshall)

  • Added "All" and "None" buttons to Administration Panel to check and uncheck all language boxes. (Suggested by Jørn Eichner.)
  • Added option to display flag icons with text.
  • The popup window formats the languages into a table so CSS3 isn't used any more. The columns should work in all popular browsers. (Firefox 2 doesn't work.)
  • Added sanitization callback functions for all register_setting options.
  • Deleting the plugin from the Administration Panel (Plugins > Installed) also deletes the options from the wp_options table.

0.4.2 (Nick Marshall)

  • Corrected the Swedish flag image (Thanks, Jørn Eichner)
  • Added option to enable and disable page translation
  • Fixed bug with loading default settings
  • Changed options page to use register_setting function. The plugin requires WordPress version 2.7+

0.4.1 (Nick Marshall)

  • Fixed php warning when plugin is first activated and default settings are ignored. (Thanks, Jørn Eichner)

0.4.0 (Nick Marshall)

  • Added an option to enable and disable comment translation.
  • The "Translate" buttons appear only after the document is ready and if JavaScript is enabled.
  • Fixed the comment translation so that it's XHTML valid. (The problem was with the order of the default filter wpautop.)
  • Added all 42 languages currently available from http://code.google.com/apis/ajaxlanguage/
  • The list of languages appear in a popup window so they take up less space (42 languages is a lot!)
  • The languages are displayed in their own language.
  • If you hover over a language name the tooltip shows the language name in English.
  • The popup window is styled with its own external CSS from google-ajax-translation.css.
  • In Firefox the popup window is in three columns using CSS3. Safari doesn't quite format the columns correctly so I left that out.
  • Added the jQuery-translate plugin to access Google translate. This plugin allows you to get around the character limit of Google translate by breaking up the object into 1000 character strings.
  • The plugin detects the browser's preferred language. (See this page for instructions.)
  • The "Translate" buttons show up in the browser's preferred language if available.
  • The browser's preferred language is put first in the list of languages in the popup.
  • The first time the user clicks on a "Translate" button the tooltip language names are sent off to jQuery-translate and then inserted back into the tooltips so they can be displayed in all 42 languages also. So to the user the plugin is completely self-localized.
  • Added the rest of the flags so there are flag icons for all 42 languages. (These are from http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/flags/. )
  • All the flag icons are assembled into one PNG file and displayed as CSS background images sprites, which reduces the number of HTTP requests.
  • Added an AJAX loading throbber image. Make your own at http://www.ajaxload.info/.
  • JavaScript has been minified and moved to the end of jquery.translate-1.3.2.min.js. The non-minified source code is google-ajax-translation.js


  • fixed some html-bugs (missing alt-Tags, etc.) (Michael Klein)


  • encapsulate the plugin in a class. No global vars needed anymore, faster code (Michael Klein)
  • Better support of capabilities-model (WP 2.6)

0.2.0 Thanks Michael Klein from alquanto.de for:

  • Add Flag ICONs link style
  • Add Flag ICONs

Others changes:

  • Add Admin Configuration Page
  • Link Style: Text and Image
  • Enable/Disable Post Translation
  • Choose languages from the whole list

0.1.1 Small updates:

  • Working on Admin/Comments pages too
  • Fixed the comment format problem found by Sean


  • Initial Release

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 2.9.2
Last Updated: 7 years ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


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