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WooCommerce - Gift Cards

Gift Cards for WooCommerce allows you to create gift cards that your customers purchase on your site.


  • FIX: Bug where verification of email address not showing when requiring email address


  • FIX: Cards being created on failed order


  • FIX: Prevent duplicate emails from being sent on a resend
  • FIX: Default option on when sending a gift card when option is not selected


  • FIX: Order detail errors


  • ADD: Ability to use multiple cards on one order
  • ADD: Language directories to save translated files
  • FIX: Issue with indicating that the email has been sent


  • ADD: Additional changes for the physical cards
  • FIX: Change the link to Google Script to account for secure sites
  • FIX: Email validation on physical cards


  • FIX: Changed test function name to avoid possibility of duplicate function
  • FIX: Issue with card not calculating on the site
  • ADD: Updated variation labels to match with what is selected in the admin
  • ADD: Additional gift card product options
  • ADD: Reload already existing gift cards
  • ADD: Disable coupons when gift card is in use
  • ADD: One time use gift cards


  • FIX: Rounding issue with half cent values


  • FIX: Issue with adding giftcards using AJAX
  • FIX: Gift card panel height


  • FIX: Removing Gift card option on product
  • FIX: Discount calculations
  • ADD: Internationalize some additional lines of text


  • FIX: Page title changing when adding items to menu


  • FIX: Some functionality with emails sending
  • FIX: Shortcode value return
  • FIX: Custom price not showing when no price is set


  • ADD: Ability to customize email message text
  • ADD: Ability to edit the text for redeeming the gift card
  • ADD: Show options link on the plugin page
  • FIX: Email send issues
  • FIX: Tax calculation


  • FIX: Product validation allowing products through when required


  • UPDATE: Enabled multiple quanties to be sold of a single gift card.
  • UPDATE: Made discounting of gift cards to work
  • FIX: Update notice on newly installed plugin


  • FIX: Product not saving as a gift card
  • FIX: Missed translation field on Checkout page


  • FIX: Calles for classes


  • UPDATE: Optimized code for better database management
  • ADD: Database updater
  • ADD: Ability to manually set Gift card number on creation
  • ADD: Short code to decrease card value Manually

  • FIX: Email Error


  • FIX: Text field options


  • FIX: Duplicate card numbers being created


  • FIX: Fixed plugin localization
  • FIX: Email templates


  • FIX: Test email removed


  • FIX: Optimized Email functions
  • UPDATE: Save Functions
  • FIX: Text domains


  • FIX: Positioning of gift card field for cart
  • FIX: Gift Card Metabox Creation
  • UPDATE: File Structure of plugin
  • ADD: Gift card usage display on gift card page


  • UPDATE: Updating how options page functions for premium plugins
  • UPDATE: Optimized gift card calculation
  • UPDATE: Checking for WooCommerce as an active Plugins
  • FIX: Gift Card reporting on all purchase
  • FIX: Prevent Gift Cards from being used on Gift Card Purchase
  • FIX: Made text domain name actual value rather than constant
  • ADD: Refunded amount notice back to the gift card
  • ADD: Area to show all orders gift card was used on
  • ADD: Gift Card Details to cart Display
  • ADD: Ability to select what can be used on Gift card (Shipping, Tax, Fees)


  • FIX: Updating gift card post type for more security
  • UPDATE: Changed Text Domain from contact to actual text domain


  • FIX: Card number creation function, limit to one number generation


  • ADD: Sales price added
  • ADD: Ability to add multiple settings pages
  • ADD: Function look for Gift Card Values
  • FIX: On cart update gift card recalculated
  • FIX: Fixed quantity display
  • FIX: Number generation for site not using english
  • FIX: Expiration reporting on emails

= 1.6.2 * FIX: Gift Card Number Creation for translated sites * FIX: Updated localization scripts * FIX: Adding gift card to cart procedure * FIX: Paypal process * ADD: Ability to require customers to enter gift card data * ADD: Line for Gift card on the order totals


  • FIX: Virtual Product issue


  • FIX: Created Premium plugin page
  • FIX: Updated file stucture
  • ADD: New License Page


  • FIX: Removing a function that forces purchasable status


  • FIX: Removing array index on gift card variable
  • FIX: Variable refrences
  • ADD: Ability to choose if the gift card is a virtual product or physical product.
  • ADD: Check to ensure that WooCommerce is installed
  • ADD: Filter and Action hooks to numerous locations
  • ADD: Link to Gift card product from the order page
  • UPDATE: Changed $woocommerce variable to WC()


  • FIX: Change to a sigleton file format
  • FIX: Paypal calculation
  • ADD: Additional check to see if a gift card has already been applied
  • ADD: Ability to enter gift card on cart page
  • ADD: Additional settings to admin panel


  • FIX: Display of Gift Card Payment on receipt


  • ADD: Ability to change placeholder information on products page
  • ADD: Ability to add multiple gift cards to the cart
  • ADD: Edit a gift cards already in the cart
  • ADD: Customization of button to buy gift card
  • ADD: Created more Q&A information on WordPress.org


  • FIX: Creation of Zerobalance orders created
  • ADD: Ability to resend Gift Card Email
  • ADD: Ability to regenerate the card number
  • UPDATE: Style change of gift card section on order page

  • FIX: Fixed issue with gift cards being changed to zero balance no matter the balance.
  • FIX: Display of giftcard information on all products has been limited to just products that are gift cardss


  • ADD: Experation date is checked when using the card
  • ADD: Ability to regenerate the card number if needed
  • ADD: Ability to send out gift card after initial creation
  • ADD: Translations to Spanish, German, and Norwegian
  • ADD: Ability to filter out gift cards with a zero balnce
  • ADD: Information on where you can get additional plugins
  • FIX: Preven customers from selecting a quantity on the gift card


  • FIX: Gift card fields on all the products
  • FIX: More issues with spelling


  • FIX: Updated place holder to display the information correctly.
  • FIX: Corrected path on a script to call correct location.


  • CHANGE: Changed file stucture of plugin
  • ADD: Gift Card panel in WooCommerce Settings
  • ADD: Ability to determine if your customers can pay for shipping with their giftcard
  • ADD: Setting to determine a default experation date for gift cards purchased online
  • ADD: Documentation for plugin.


  • FIX: Display of giftcard paymnt on email reciept will now display


  • FIX: Removed a var_dump accidentally left in the code


  • FIX: Paypal now will get Giftcard Data on the receipt as a discount
  • FIX: Undefined index on order page when no giftcard is present has been fixed


  • FIX: Fixed calculation in cart when you change a giftcard on checkout


  • FIX: Set the sending address for giftcard emails
  • FIX: Removed the addition fields for Giftcards on products that are not


  • ADD: Automatic email sent when gift card is created in admin control panel
  • ADD: Check mark option in product to set as a gift card
  • ADD: Remaining balance of card displayed on receipt
  • ADD: Fields add to gift card product to enter information
  • FIX: Information on gift card on order can not be update
  • FIX: Balance of gift card returned on an order that is refunded


  • FIX: Made it possible to edit a gift card after creation
  • FIX: A couple of formating errors


  • Initial Release

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.0
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 7,000+


3.5 out of 5 stars


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