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Gravity Forms Charts Reports

Create beautiful HTML5 charts from Gravity Forms submission data with a simple shortcode.

Create beautiful Chartsjs charts from Gravity Forms submission data with a simple shortcode. Use all your past data to visualize advanced statistics in a few clics. Please vote for next features you expect!

Tested up to Gravity Forms v2.1.3.6

>> Demonstration site <<


the shortcode is

[gfchartsreports gf_form_id="form_id" include="fieldNb1,fieldNb2,fieldNb3,.." exclude="fieldNb4,fieldNb5,..." color_set="set" type="graphType" width="width(px|%)" float="true|false" chart_js_options="options"]

where all parameters are optional:

  • gf_form_id : expects the form ID in Gravity Forms (defaults to first form : id=1)
  • type : is the type of graph, at the moment only line,pie,doughnut,bar,horizontalBar available (defaults to pie)
  • include : expects the field ids to include (example : include="1,3,4")
  • exclude : expects the field ids to exlude (example : exclude="2,4,6")
  • color_set : expects the name of the color set : blue,green,red,orange,purple (defaults to a standard color set including different colors)
  • color_rand : expects true or false and randomizes colors in color set if true (defaults to false)
  • width : set width of graph(s) in pixels or percent (width="100%" or width="250px"), height will be adjusted automatically
  • float : (defaults to false) if true set float:left property to graph div container, and allow multiple column display
  • center : (defaults to false) if true set center graphs inside container
  • maxentries : by default, maximum 200 entries are retrieved from the gravity forms database, increase at your own risk (performances)
  • chart_js_options : JSON like string like : title: {display: true, text: 'My Funky Chart Title'}. Use ' to surround string parameters. See here for more informations
  • tooltip_style : Control tooltip content, SUM displays total count of answers, PERCENT the % ratio among all answers, and BOTH displays both :)
  • data_conversion : Set to "%" in order to convert in % all values. Previous parameter tooltip_style is disabled in this case.
  • custom_search_criteria : provide custom search criteria for gf submission query, for example custom_search_criteria='{"status":"active","field_filters":{"0":{"key":"created_by","value":"current"}}}


Display all fields of form #1 as pie charts with custom chartjs options for titles:

[gfchartsreports chart_js_options="title: {display: true, text: 'My Funky Chart Title', fontSize:28,fontFamily:'Arial',fontColor:'#00B88A',fontStyle:'bold',padding:20}"]

Displays fields 4, 7 and 18 of gravity form #3 with bar charts. Default colors used.

[gfchartsreports gf_form_id="3" include="4,7,18" type="bar"]

Displays field 2 of gravity form #2 with default pie chart. Use red color set, with not randomization.

[gfchartsreports gf_form_id="2" include="2" color_set="red"]

Displays all but fields 4,7,18 of gravity form #8 with horizontalBar type charts. Use blue color set, randomized.

[gfchartsreports gf_form_id="8" exclude="4,7,18" color_set="blue" color_rand="true" type="horizontalBar"]

Test it live here : >> Demonstration site <<

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
Last Updated: 2 days ago
Active Installs: 100+


4.9 out of 5 stars


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