This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

GetMeCooking Recipe Template


This WordPress recipe plugin makes it quick and easy for you to:

  • Add many recipes to a blog post, or the same recipe in many posts
  • Specify if the recipe is relevant for food allergies and intolerances
  • Personalise the colours, heading descriptions and layout of recipes
  • Search Engine Optimised

Your visitors will be able to:

  • Print just the recipe, not the whole blog post. Choose with all photos, just main photo or just text
  • Click on photographs to see larger versions
  • Filter and search for recipes (requires an optional link to GetMeCooking)

The premium version gives you more features:

  • Recipe index page – list all of your recipes on any page or blog post with a choice of different layout options
  • Show recipes by category – display a list of categories (allergies, courses, etc.) on any page or blog post. Click on a category to display a list of relevant recipes
  • Display fresh content – display up to 10 of your your most recently added recipes on any page or blog post
  • Advanced management – see which recipes you have added to a blog post, multiple blog posts, or not yet added
  • In-blog linking of recipes – recipes link to posts on your blog instead of linking to GetMeCooking
  • Language support for Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Swedish

A video overview and more information is available here


  • A chocolate chip muffin recipe embedded within your blog post, yum!
  • The recipe edit page
  • Add / edit the ingredients
  • Add / edit the recipe steps
  • Add the recipe tag to a blog post and that's where it shall appear
  • Gain exposure and more visitors by signing up to GetMeCooking
  • Customise the recipe template with these simple options
  • Geek out and customise the recipe template as much as you want


  1. Upload the folder GetMeCooking Recipe Template to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Configure the plugin through the ‘Settings’ menu labelled ‘GetMeCooking Recipe Template’

For information on how to use the plugin, please go here.


Can I change the layout of the recipe?

Yes, there are simple options to customise many aspects of the recipe. Don’t like the recipe step photo on the right? POW! One click and it’s on the left.

Can visitors print just the recipe?

They sure can, each recipe has its own print link. Print just the recipe, not the whole blog post. Choose with all photos, just main photo or just text.

Does this WordPress recipe plugin take care of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Don’t worry about the search engine bots, we speak their language.

Can I add more than 1 recipe to a blog post?

Yes. You can add as many recipes as you like. An example of this being useful is if your child has attended a school fete and you have cooked more than one recipe

Can the same recipe exist on more than one blog post?

Yes. And if you make changes to the recipe, the changes will be updated in all of your blog posts

Can I edit recipes after I have posted them on my blog?

Yes – just edit the recipe. No need to do anything in the blog post

Do I need to type in ALL the information?

Everything is optional and headings will only appear if you have typed in the relevant information. If you want the recipe to appear on GetMeCooking then we do need a photo of the finished recipe.

So how do I use your WordPress recipe plugin?

Come sit closer little Timmy and watch the video or read about it.

Which languages does it support?

Dutch, English, Italian, Portuguese, Russian.


Beware! Developers have abandoned this plugin!

When I purchased and installed the premium version of this plugin in 2014, it worked well and the developers were very responsive to any questions I had. Fast forward to mid-2015 when it started misbehaving and it seems the developers have fallen off the planet. I emailed multiple times, reached out to both of them via Twitter, and tried everything I could think of to get some help. NO RESPONSE AT ALL. I am now switching to WP Ultimate Recipe but it’s going to mean re-entering all my many recipes. I will also mention that deleting the GetMeCooking plugin still leaves A LOT of stuff in your database. I’ve had to spend a couple hours manually deleting a lot of stuff out of there. This plugin works well… just pray nothing goes wrong and that you don’t need any support. You’ve been warned!

Ridiculously awful support.

I purchased the premium version because it offered category lists and the display examples looked great. I couldn’t get these to work on my theme (2015), so I contacted the developers. Once, twice, three, four times. 3 weeks later still no support. I had 2 replies saying ‘moving’ and ‘on holiday’with a promise to look at the issues on their return. Another week passed and I was loosing my patience. One final email and I got a reply which said the plugin was a hobby and they wouldn’t be able to help me!!! Obviously I received a refund (in Euros, so I lost out with the exchange rate) and I moved all my recipes to Easyrecipe Plus. The support I received this time was second to none. Utterly impressed with Easyrecipe Plus. Totally disappointed with getmecooking. Lesson learned.

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Contributors & Developers

“GetMeCooking Recipe Template” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fixed print preview in Chrome
  • Fixed permissions so can now see add/edit regions etc.
  • Warning text only shows once


  • Hidden the preview button until you press the save button to get around the double ingredient / steps bug


  • WordPress 3.9 fixes


  • Fixed bug where ingredients would be deleted if no steps had been entered


  • Fixed bug where ingredients would be deleted if no steps had been entered


  • Added a null check for some loops
  • Changed user permissions to be based on ‘post’ and not ‘page’


  • If the recipe name is the same as the blog post title and the option is ticked to hide it, it is now shown when printed.
  • Putting a recipe in the trash section correctly updates the count
  • Updated chosen
  • Fixed duplicate post bug
  • Hide the article header image if you go directly to the recipe
  • Corrected the prep/cooking time used by search engines


  • Fixed a JavaScript bug caused by WordPress 3.6


  • Added conversion chart
  • Improved CSS
  • Added label for recipe steps / ingredients
  • Improved update gmc_update_old_version
  • Trimmed input
  • Fixed gmc_recipe_filter_link
  • Corrected use of flush_rewrite_rules


  • Only the recipe title that matches the blog post is hidden when the option is enabled
  • Adding an apostrophe to a custom heading no longer adds a backslash
  • Preview changes button now shows again, WordPress 3.4 broke this


  • Replaced upload photo buttons with built-in WordPress uploader
  • Added option to hide recipe title if it’s the same as the blog post title
  • Can change the heading for the word ‘step’ which is used for each step
  • Occassions werent being shown in blog posts


  • 1.20 had removed the upload/insert button from the add post page


  • Added option when clicking images to show them in a popup rather than a blank page
  • Re-added ability to set status / visibility of a recipe. Needed for new archive shortcode in premium plugin
  • Removed option to drag / drop recipe steps as causing mac bug to not add photos


  • Added option to say your theme is narrow, this changes the layout and puts the recipe summary information below the main photo rather than try to squeeze it to the right
  • If there is no main photo, the narrow theme css is used so the summary text will no longer be bunched up
  • Can now delete photos from steps
  • Can now re-order recipe steps apart from in IE9
  • The print icon / print text did not line up on all themes, should do now
  • Renamed [recipe 1] to [gmc_recipe 1] to prevent possible conflicts with other plugins/themes
  • Added a sample recipe for new installations
  • Added a help tab on the add recipe page
  • Fixed a bug when using a custom course type where the slug was different from the name


  • We were receiving error logging emails which broke the plugin directory guidelines


  • Reworded some text
  • Added support for premium version


  • The initial allergies etc. were not being added to the database


  • Introduced a bug in last version where choosing drop down list options on admin page would not have desired output
  • New ingredients had grey text, fixed to be black
  • Removed the tag cloud on admin allergy etc. page
  • Corrected text layout when some steps had photos and others did not


  • Can now group recipe steps e.g. For the cake base, For the cake topping…
  • Improved layout for adding a recipe
  • Prep / cook time labels now only show if they have been filled in
  • Insert recipe dialog now orders recipes by alphabetical
  • Fixed ability to press update recipe more than once at a time which caused duplicate ingredients/steps
  • Fixed deleting an ingredient note, it was not working


  • Fixed bug where only 1 recipe per post was showing


  • Can now add your own allergies, courses, dietary requirements etc
  • No longer lower case the note text
  • Improved the menu structure


  • Moved recipe admin menu position to prevent conflicts with other plugins
  • Encode xml values when sent to to prevent errors
  • Added GetMeCooking logo to recipe menu


  • Some users are not seeing 1.09 in the auto update


  • Bugfixes to support WordPress 3.3


  • The ingredient note and step text boxes were not increasing in size
  • The featured image box was no longer showing
  • Printing style was wrong if custom css was enabled


  • Improved the process of adding ingredients and steps
  • Improved printing – choose to print with or without photos
  • Added validation to the username field


  • Added support for US / Imperial measurements
  • Added more default measurement options
  • Citing a source (author / book etc) no longer requires a URL
  • Added source magazine


  • Fixed custom themes, the plugin was hiding the featured image box and other sidebar boxes


  • Added missing CSS to hide recipe title if it’s the same as the blog post
  • Fixed bug where other plugins would insert things after the note.
  • Fixed ingredient group label bug in blog post. Some were showing when there were no ingredients.
  • Fixed the note label, it was always showing even if you had no note.


  • Labels were showing when they did not need to


  • Fixed a plural bug with pounds and ounces
  • Added a recipe note option
  • Added an option to reference the original author / book / website
  • Now hide the recipe title if it is the same as the blog post title
  • Removed the recipe from showing in search results as it already shows your blog post


  • Recipes were not being sent to GetMeCooking if you were opted in


  • First release