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Get User Custom Field Values

Use a widget, shortcode, and/or template tags to easily retrieve and display custom field values for the currently logged in (or any specific) user.

3.0 (2016-02-01)

  • Change: Update widget framework to 011:
    • Change class name to c2c_GetUserCustomFieldValues_Widget_011 to be plugin-specific.
    • Set textdomain using a string instead of a variable.
    • Remove load_textdomain() and textdomain class variable.
    • Formatting improvements to inline docs.
  • Change: Add support for language packs:
    • Set textdomain using a string instead of a variable.
    • Don't load textdomain from file.
    • Remove .pot file and /lang subdirectory.
    • Remove 'Domain Path' from plugin header.
    • Add 'Text Domain' to plugin header.
  • Change: Reformat widget settings code (spacing).
  • Change: Explicitly declare methods in unit tests as public.
  • Change: Minor improvements to inline docs and test docs.
  • New: Create empty index.php to prevent files from being listed if web server has enabled directory listings.
  • Change: Note compatibility through WP 4.4+.
  • Change: Update copyright date (2016).

2.9.1 (2015-08-21)

  • Change: Discontinue use of PHP4-style constructor invocation of WP_Widget to prevent PHP notices in PHP7.
  • Change: Use require_once() instead of include() for including include files.
  • Change: Use full path to include files.
  • Change: Update widget framework to version 010.
  • Change: Update widget to version 009.
  • Change: Update shortcode to version 003.
  • Change: Note compatibility through WP 4.3+.
  • New: Add unit tests for shortcode and widget class versions.
  • New: Add c2c_GetUserCustomWidget::version() to get version of the widget class.
  • New: Add c2c_GetUserCustomFieldValuesShortcode::version() to get version of the shortcode class.

2.9 (2015-03-04)

  • Update widget framework to 009
  • Update widget to 008
  • Explicitly declare widget class methods public
  • Add more unit tests
  • Reformat plugin header
  • Minor code reformatting (spacing, bracing)
  • Change documentation links to wp.org to be https
  • Minor documentation improvements and spacing changes throughout
  • Note compatibility through WP 4.1+
  • Update copyright date (2015)
  • Add plugin icon
  • Regenerate .pot

2.8 (2014-01-17)

  • Hide shortcode wizard by default (won't change existing setting for users)
  • Show shortcode wizard for new posts as well
  • Add 'id' and 'class' as shortcode and widget attributes to set same-named HTML attributes on 'span' tag
  • Wrap output in 'span' tag if either 'id' or 'class' shortcode/widget attribute is defined
  • Add unit tests
  • Cast all intended integer arguments as absint() instead of intval()
  • Update widget version to 007
  • Update widget framework to 008
  • Use explicit path for require_once()
  • Discontinue use of PHP4-style constructor
  • Minor documentation improvements
  • Minor code reformatting (spacing, bracing)
  • Note compatibility through WP 3.8+
  • Drop compatibility with version of WP older than 3.6
  • Update copyright date (2014)
  • Regenerate .pot
  • Change donate link
  • Update screenshots
  • Add banner


  • Change widget_body() to return widget content instead of echoing it, to fix widget display
  • Update widget version to 006


  • Add check to prevent execution of code if file is directly accessed
  • Update widget version to 005
  • Update widget framework to 007
    • Prevent output of anything if there is no widget_body() output
  • Re-license as GPLv2 or later (from X11)
  • Add 'License' and 'License URI' header tags to readme.txt and plugin file
  • Add 'Domain Path' directive to top of main plugin file
  • Discontinue use of explicit pass-by-reference for objects
  • Remove ending PHP close tag
  • Note compatibility through WP 3.5+
  • Update copyright date (2013)
  • Move screenshots into repo's assets directory


  • Attempt to return user object field value if no custom fields values found and field name matches user object field name
  • Add filter 'c2c_get_user_custom-user_field_proxy' to prevent accessing user object fields
  • Trim user inputs for widget (and intval user_id) during validation
  • Note compatibility through WP 3.3
  • Add link to plugin directory page to readme.txt
  • Update copyright date (2012)


  • Fix fatal shortcode bug by updating widget framework to v005 to make a protected class variable public
  • Return immediately in c2c_get_user_custom() if value of $field is empty string
  • Update widget version to 003


  • Use get_user_meta() if defined (WP3.0+), rather than direct SQL query
  • Use real functions rather than create_function() to register widget and shortcode
  • Re-implemented widget, basing it on widget framework v004
  • Document shortcode
  • Rename widget class from 'GetUserCustomWidget' to 'c2c_GetUserCustomWidget'
  • Add filter 'c2c_get_user_custom_field_values_shortcode' to allow changing shortcode name
  • Rename shortcode class from 'GetUserCustomFieldValuesShortcode' to 'c2c_GetUserCustomFieldValuesShortcode'
  • Add screenshots
  • Add .pot
  • Change extended description
  • Minor code formatting changes (spacing)
  • Note compatibility through WP 3.2+
  • Update copyright date (2011)

2.0 (not publicly released)

  • Add hooks 'c2c_get_current_user_custom' (filter), 'c2c_get_author_custom' (filter), and 'c2c_get_user_custom' (filter) to respond to the function of the same name so that users can use the apply_filters() notation for invoking template tags
  • Wrap each global function in if(!function_exists()) check
  • Remove docs from top of plugin file (all that and more are in readme.txt)
  • Note compatibility with WP 2.9+, 3.0+
  • Drop compatibility with versions of WP older than 2.8
  • Minor tweaks to code formatting (spacing)
  • Add Filters, Screenshots, and Upgrade Notice sections to readme.txt
  • Add PHPDoc documentation
  • Add package info to top of plugin file
  • Update copyright date (2010)
  • Remove trailing whitespace

1.5 (unreleased)

  • Add widget with full support of all capabilities of plugin
  • Add shortcode with full support of all capabilities of plugin
  • Add c2c_get_author_custom() to access custom fields for the current author (when on the permalink page for a post/page, or in a loop)
  • Fix inability to list multiple same-named custom fields that resulted due to changed behavior in WP
  • Note compatibility through WP2.8+
  • Remove compatibility with versions of WP older than 2.6
  • Minor formatting tweaks
  • Add Changelog to readme.txt
  • Update copyright date


  • Minor bugfix


  • Initial release

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.5
Last Updated: 9 months ago
Active Installs: 500+


5 out of 5 stars


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