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Get Directions

Get Directions is a responsive map plugin powered by MapQuest. Widget and shortcodes that auto detect mobiles.

how do I use the shortcode?

to display a map on the page use the short code [get-directions] with the appropriate parameters

A destination is mandatory and is set as a latitude / longitude pair e.g. latlong='51.36887,-0.408999'


The route will be displayed if the browser permits providing the users location, however is you want to permanently turn off directions set hideroute='yes'

Specify an operating radius, which draws an opaque circle based on your location radius='12MI' for 12 miles radius='12KM' for 12 Kilometres

Specify the map image height ( default = 300px) height='400px'

Specify the map width ( default full width - 100%) width='500px'

Specify the initial zoom level (1-16) (default 12) zoom='10' * note the map will auto zoom if a route is displayed so this setting is only really relevant when hideroute='yes'

Specify the type of map controls controls='largezoom' (default) shows a large map control controls='smallzoom' shows a small map control controls='false' shows no map controls

Specify the name used on the map marker when the mouse hovers (only applies if hideroute='yes') rotitle='My House' (default = none)

Specify the detailed used on the marker pointer when the mouse is clicked(only applies if hideroute='yes') rocontent='My Address' (default = none)


Show directions to latitude 40.74802 longtitude -73.98512 [get-directions latlong='40.748021,-73.98512']

Show a simple map without a route, with marker with some details [get-directions latlong='40.748021,-73.98512' hideroute='yes' rotitle='Empire State Building' roicontent='Empire State Building, 10118, NY, NY, USA]

Can I display multiple maps (shortcodes or widgets) on one page?

this feature is not yet available

Can I display multiple map markers?

Currently only 1 marker can be used on a non-route map

how do I change the color and size of the 'get directions' button?

the button is totally styled in CSS so you can change this as you like in your theme's style.css

can I change the style of the map pointer?

for the route pointers (A to B) the style is fixed, but for the single map pin you can change these. There is a filter hook that can be coded in your theme's functions.php = My operating radius circle isn't a circle? This happens sometimes when your zoom level is too high for your radius crcle to fite, try a different zoom level to get your circle inside the map

Do you have other plugins?

We have some more plugins in the pipeline at http://llocally.com

Requires: 3.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0.15
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 800+


2.5 out of 5 stars


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