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Genesis Prose Extras

Additions for the Prose Child Theme for Genesis Framework: Widgetized Homepage, layouts, menu positions, translation loading, plus various helpers.

Why 3 alternate layout options, aren't the 6 default ones enough?

Maybe the default ones are enough, maybe not. These 3 additional layout options are more like variations of existing layouts. So, in the end you have even more flexibility with no overhead! This could be great for content oriented blogs, marketeers websites and so much more...

  • Sidebars below Content - Think of it as "Full-Width-Content", but with Primary & Secondary sidebars below the content (as 2 50%-wide responsive columns).
  • Content/Sidebar-Alt - Think of it as a variation of "Content-Sidebar".
  • Sidebar-Alt/Content - Think of it as a variation of "Sidebar-Content".

Are the alternate layouts responsive?

Yes, they are! All is working like it should with minimal additions on CSS style rules (only what's really needed).

Why there are 3 new widget areas for Home, isn't ONE enough?

One should be enough for a lot of use cases. However, having 3 widget areas enables you to use one top column and 2 columns below which makes up for a more suiteable homepage layout. How cool's that? :)

Are the widgetized areas responsive?

Yes, of course they are! If your child theme is already responsive and you use the top area plus the 2 columnized areas they just adapt to your viewport nicely. Any additional CSS rules/ media queries you could add via your "Custom Code" section under Genesis menu.

Note, if your version of Prose child theme isn't responsive yet these CSS media queries won't have any effect and also do no harm :-).

Could I disable the Shortcode support for widgets?

Of course, it's possible! Just add the following constant to your child theme's functions.php file or to a functionality plugin:

/** Genesis Prose Extras: Remove Widgets Shortcode Support */
define( 'GPEX_NO_WIDGETS_SHORTCODE', true );

Some webmasters could need this for security reasons regarding their stuff members or for whatever other reasons... :).

How could I add the inpost Custom CSS feature for other post types?

That's really easy, just add "post type support" via a plugin, code snippet plugin or your child theme's functions.php:

/** Genesis Prose Extras: Add post type support for (single) Custom CSS: */
add_post_type_support( 'download', 'gpex-inpost-css' );
add_post_type_support( 'product', 'gpex-inpost-css' );

--> This example code adds the meta box for post type download (like in Easy Digital Downloads, EDD) and for post type product (like in WooCommerce and/ or Jigoshop).

Could I change the user capability for the inpost custom CSS feature?

Yes, that's possible! Just use this example code below and change the capability to your use case:

add_filter( 'gpex_filter_inpost_custom_css_cap', 'gpex_inpost_custom_css_cap' )
 * Genesis Prose Extras: Custom Capability for Inpost Custom CSS
function gpex_inpost_custom_css_cap() {
    return 'editor';
} // function

Could your "Better Custom PHP" feature be disabled?

Yes, of course! With one line of code, like this:

/** Genesis Prose Extras - disable plugin feature: Better Custom PHP file */
add_filter( 'gpex_filter_better_custom_php', '__return_false' );

Could the Export/ Import Info meta box on plugin's settings page be removed?

Yes, of course! With one line of code, like this:

/** Genesis Prose Extras: Remove Export/ Import Info meta box */

How can I customize the widget titles/ strings in the admin?

I've just included some filters for that - if ever needed (i.e. for clients, branding purposes etc.), you can use these filters:

gpex_filter_home_top_widget_title - default value: "Prose Home Top"

gwat_filter_home_top_widget_description - default value: "For a widgetized homepage in Prose."

The same principles apply for 'Home Left' and 'Home Right' etc..

Here's an example code for changing one of these filters:

add_filter( 'gpex_filter_home_top_widget_title', 'custom_home_top_widget_title' );
 * Genesis Prose Extras: Custom Prose Home Top Widget Title
function custom_home_top_widget_title() {
    return __( 'Custom Prose Home', 'your-child-theme-textdomain' );

Final note: I DON'T recommend to add customization code snippets to your child theme's functions.php file! Please use a functionality plugin or an MU-plugin instead! This way you are then more independent from child theme changes etc. If you don't know how to create such a plugin yourself just use one of my recommended 'Code Snippets' plugins. Read & bookmark these Sites:

All the custom & branding stuff code above can also be found as a Gist on GitHub: https://gist.github.com/deckerweb/5905929 (you can also add your questions/ feedback there :)

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6.1
Last Updated: 4 years ago
Active Installs: 500+


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