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Genesis Featured Widget Amplified

Genesis Featured Posts with support for custom post types, taxonomies, and so much more

0.8.1 (5*14-2012 : current)

  • Fixed thumbnail image size option

0.8 (2-27-2012)

  • Fixed image alignment when not linked
  • Added alignnone to output if no alignment is selected
  • Added aligncenter to image options
  • Dropped support for php 4, now requires php 5.2 like WordPress
  • Simplified defaults to a single list instead of 2 lists
  • Simplified widget form creation to allow easier option updates
  • Fixed extra posts showing if number of posts is filled in but check box isn't checked
  • Added option for "any" on post types.
  • Added option for linking the gravatar
  • Fixed some strings that were not internationalized correctly
  • Added additional option for linking post title/image via custom field
  • Added title cutoff symbol

0.7.2 (10-3-2011)

  • Fixed link to post image option
  • Fixed link to post title option
  • Added German Translation Files

0.7.1 (9-20-2011)

  • Fixed text domain for localization support
  • Fixed undefined index extra_posts notice

0.7 (9-20-2011)

  • Added option to link/not link post title
  • Added option to link/not link post image
  • Fixed tag archive link
  • Fixed All %taxonomy% not showing "selected"
  • Fixed exclude post by ID not working
  • Added custom field for $instance test on user added actions (v0.7) Complete
  • Added even/odd class (v0.7) Complete
  • Added counter variable to loop $gfwa_counter (v0.7) Complete
  • Added Archive link url for all-taxonomies

0.6.6 (3-21-2011)

  • Bug Fix: Corrected taxonomy name for Categories, which resolves several smaller bugs including, exclude terms not working with specific category selected
  • Bug Fix: Corrected archive link creation

0.6.5 (2-12-2011)

  • Update to taxonomy output to compensate for 3.0 and 3.1 differences

0.6.4 (2-12-2011)

  • Changed Terms and Taxonomies drop down output to reduce errors in terms not being built in Query and make output more user friendly
  • Fixed the tags query.

0.6.3 (1-26-2011)

  • Fixed Ajax widget control loading for IE, Safari, and Chrome
  • Fixed multiple image bug when showing more than one image position in different widgets on a page
  • Updated Post Extras Dropdown list script

0.6.2 (1-26-2011)

  • Fixed extra list output typo

0.6.1 (1-26-2011)

  • Fixed extra list default

0.6 (1-26-2011)

  • Ajaxified Widget Form
  • Form no longer shows options that will not be supported based on other option selections
  • Added support for post meta (category and tags)
  • Added drop down list of pages if page is selected
  • Allowed the first loop to be skipped by setting "Number of Posts to Show" to 0
  • Added additional post list format option (ul, ol, or dropdown)

0.5 (1-18-2011)

  • Fixed pagination issue due to different reading setting and widget setting
  • Fixed Archive link from not showing when enabled and category selected
  • Added include/exclude fields for post_type ID
  • Added easy position selector for the image relative to the title
  • Added class for additional post title
  • Added Title Limit

0.4 (1-12-2011)

  • Changed Widget to replace Genesis Featured Posts Widget instead of working along side of it
  • Removed Beta Designation

0.3b (1-12-2011)

  • Improved internal documentation
  • Made all text strings translatable
  • Added Support for Pagination and Offset to work at the same time

0.2b (1-7-2011)

  • First Public Release

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.3.2
Last Updated: 5 years ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.6 out of 5 stars


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