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Genesis Connect for WooCommerce

This plugin allows you to seamlessly integrate WooCommerce with the Genesis Framework and Genesis child themes.

Can I customize the Genesis Connect for Woocommerce templates?

It's not recommended to customize the plugin's templates because, if you do, you will lose any customizations the next time the plugin is updated. Instead, take copies of the plugin's single-product.php, archive-product.php and taxonomy.php files, and place these copies in a folder called woocommerce in the root of your child theme's main folder, like this: wp-content/themes/my-child-theme/woocommerce/

Make sure you keep the same file names!

Important While the templates provided with this plugin will be kept up to date with any future changes to WooCommerce, please bear in mind that, if you create your own custom Genesis Connect for WooCommerce templates, it is your responsibility to enure that any code you add to your custom templates is compatible with WooCommerce.

The plugin's templates provide a great starting point for your own customizations and can be found in the plugin's templates folder.

I want to use WooCommerce's breadcrumbs, not Genesis breadcrumbs

There's no need! Genesis Connect for WooCommerce modifies the default Genesis breadcrumbs to give the same crumb structure as WooCommerce's built-in breadcrumbs. The modified Genesis breadcrumbs will reflect all your existing Genesis breadcrumb customizations too.

What if I want the main Shop page to be the site's front page?

  1. Go to the Dashboard > Settings > Reading page select A Static Page and select "Shop" as the front page.
  2. It is recommended to turn off Genesis breadcrumbs for the Home page in Dashboard > Genesis > Theme Settings > Breadcrumb options.

Does it work with Genesis Simple Sidebars?


Does it work with Genesis Simple Sidebars?


How does the plugin handle WooCommerce's CSS?

Genesis Connect for WooCommerce does not modify WooCommerce's way of working with CSS. By default, WooCommerce provides its own woocommerce.css file containing basic styles for the shop pages which is located here: wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/assets/css/woocommerce.css.

To use this stylesheet, check the "Enable WooCommerce CSS styles" checkbox in the WooCommerce Settings page > General tab. Alternatively, you can add this code to your child theme's functions.php file: define( 'WOOCOMMERCE_USE_CSS', true );

Note that this code takes precedence over the checkbox in the WooCommerce Settings page > General tab; in other words, when you use this code, the checkbox is ignored.

If you decide to use the WooCommerce CSS and wish to customize its styles, do not edit the woocommerce.css file. Instead, make a copy of this file, rename it style.css and place it in your child theme's woocommerce folder, and make all your edits in this file. This ensures that you do not lose your CSS customizations when WooCommerce is updated.

Alternatively, you can add your WooCommerce styles to your child theme's main style.css stylesheet. In this case, you should disable the WooCommerce built-in stylesheet: either uncheck the "Enable WooCommerce CSS styles" checkbox in the WooCommerce Settings page > General tab, or a better option, add this code to your child theme's functions.php file: define( 'WOOCOMMERCE_USE_CSS', false );

If you are using a Genesis child theme specially designed for WooCommerce, refer to the theme's documentation to find out if all of the above has been been taken care of for you already.

Where is the plugin's settings page?

There isn't one! This plugin does not need one as all of its work is behind the scenes, integrating the display of WooCommerce within Genesis themes.

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 1 week ago
Active Installs: 20,000+


4.4 out of 5 stars


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