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FT Calendar

A calendar plugin supporting multiple calendars, recurring events, and several different widgets / shortcodes. More info at http://calendar-plugin.com


  • Fixes for widget options saving in WordPress 4.4


*Fixes for WordPress 4.4 *Fixes for custom post type UI *Fixes for WP-Widget class


  • Fixes for WordPress 3.5 compatibility
  • Capability fixes for menus


  • Fixed iCal bug causing the BYDAY argument to not reset upon each new event
  • General Code Cleanup
  • Change call to bloginfo for Next/Prev day links
  • Added filter for daily GMT offset text
  • Fixed typo causing issues with translation files
  • Added four new filters for the post schedule shortcode: post_schedule_start_date_format, post_schedule_end_date_format, post_schedule_start_time_format, post_schedule_end_time_format
  • Added ability to change the dateformat and timeformat to the post schedule shortcode
  • Added additional argument (event data array) to the current ftc_custom_replacement_tags filter
  • Fixed iCal bug causing single-day all day events to span multiple days
  • Fixed iCal/Permalink bug
  • Added temporary fix to write-edit-post.js file for people with jquery issues
  • Changed parseCSV class name and references to avoid conflicts


  • Added hide_duplicates argument to ftcalendar and Calendar Thumb Widget
  • Fixed Full Throttle Client compatibility with Simple Maps
  • Fixed header error in wp-admin panel
  • Fixed date argument bug in ftcalendar_list
  • Added check for GET variable on ftcalendar_list pages to change the start date
  • Fixed Post Schedule displaying events that have already passed
  • Added ftcalendar_post_schedule shortcode


  • Fixed script and CSS enqueue for shortcodes in WordPress 3.3


  • Code Cleanup
  • Fixed timezone bug in iCal feeds
  • Fixed bug in legend="off" setting for large calendar
  • Fixed bug in recurring events datepicker jQuery call
  • Added new filter: ftc_custom_replacement_tags to add custom tags to the ftcalendar_list shortcode
  • Modified submenu to work with WP 3.3
  • Gave the Add Event UI a little bit of love
  • Added clean_post_cache function to event list shortcode/widget, to help reduce PHP memory overhead for large queries.
  • Added beta Italian translation


  • Fixed many iCal bugs
  • Fixed bug with non-permalink sites using RSS and iCal feeds
  • Updated get_ftcal_data_ids filter hooks and added select hook
  • Updated POT file
  • Added ftcal_through filter, to replace the "-" with the text/symbol of your choice
  • Fixed Post Schedule formatting


  • General Code Cleanup
  • Fixed bug causing schedule to appear twice on excerpts
  • Added functionality to ftcalendar_list shortcode/widget, so it displays events that are current (not yet ended)
  • Added filter to force ftcalendar_list to start at 00:00:00 today, instead of "now"
  • Updated ftcalendar_list widget to include "0" in the timespan, for "today" events displays (e.g. +0 days)
  • Added Dutch tranlsation files (nl_NL) thanks to Helma Paternostre of paternostre.nl
  • Added German tranlsation files (de_DE) thanks to Nathaniel Stott of stott.nl
  • Added text to Calendar Data meta box to state which calendar a specific event is listed in
  • Localized Javascript files


  • General Code Cleanup
  • Changed Upcoming Event Lists to pay attention to TIME not just DAY, so events that happened minutes ago do not appear
  • Fixed internationalization bug
  • Fixed Widget ID tags
  • Fixed EXCERPT bug in Upcoming Event List


  • Fixed permalink bug in Calendar Thumb widget
  • Fixed permalink bug in Large Calendar
  • Added "date" argument to ftcalendar_list shortcode
  • Add POT file for language translations, hopefully will be getting some soon


  • Calendar now considers WordPress "Start Week On" setting under Settings -> General
  • Fixed bug causing RSS and iCal feed icons to re-appear when switching calendar views
  • Added new shortcode argument %CALNAME% to the 'class' variable
  • Added new shortcode argument %CALNAME% & %CALSLUG% *_template variable in ftcalendar_list


  • Added new shortcode argument %CALNAME% to the 'class' variable.
  • Added new shortcode argument %CALNAME% *_template variable in ftcalendar_list.


  • Updated main plugin URL
  • Fixed timezone bug with event listing on recurring events
  • Efficiency updates


  • Added argument to Hide Duplicates for ftcalendar_list shortcode and widget
  • Efficiency updates
  • Fixed bug with timezone calculation in iCal feeds
  • Fixed bug with sorting recurring events times.
  • Rebuilt RSS feeds to follow RSS standards
  • Added filter for prev/next calendar arrows
  • Fixed timezone issue with non-recurring events (if server time is off)
  • Fixed small bugs found in ATOM and RDF feeds
  • Added filters to modify main get_ftcal_data_ids() query


  • Fixed infinite loop problem caused if you include a ftcalendar_list shortcode inside a post with event details
  • Added multiple checkboxes to Widgets to choose multiple calendars
  • Added str_ireplace function for older PHP version compatibility
  • Fixed bug with day URL on the Month/Week calendar
  • Fixed bug with day not changing to the current day being viewed on the Day calendar


  • Fixed iCal feeds for non-permalinked sites
  • Added feed-ical.php file, forgot to add it for 1.1.8


  • Fixed RSS feed URLs
  • Added iCal feeds
  • Fixed bug in current_day class name calculation
  • Added ability to display schedule within post content


  • Fixed bug in JavaScript when setting "Repeats Every" for recurring events in Internet Explorer
  • Added SMART Event Ordering
  • Added upgrade() function for changes made to plugin that require DB updates
  • Set Recurring End Dates to NULL if not defined (instead of current datetime)


  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Upcoming event feeds available for all and specific FT Calendar calendars
  • Fixed bug in widgets, was incorrectly using term name for the value instead of the term slug
  • Fixed weekly recurring bug, calculation errors


  • Fixed bug causing calendar to disappear with the legend turned off
  • Fixed bug preventing IE from changing the label color
  • Fixed minor error showing when looking at the help page with no calendars defined
  • Fixed minor bug causing Legend to display entire list of calendars, even when 'calendars' shortcode arg is set
  • Fixed weekly recursion calculation error
  • Fixed monthly recursion JS and calculation error when "day of the week" is selected
  • Fixed "day" link on Month and Week calendar


  • Added ability to export FT Calendar data as a CSV file
  • Added ability to import FT Calendar CSV file
  • Added ability to import Event Calendar 3 data from DB table


  • Fixed bug in weekly recurring events
  • Fixed bug preventing calendar label color from not appearing properly when editing the taxonomy
  • Added missing i18n fields


  • Typo in Event Calendar List argument, named "LINK" but defaulted to "URL". Set both as acceptable arguments.


  • Fixed bug related to recurring monthly and yearly events not displaying properly


  • Initial Premium Release


  • Initial WordPress Release


  • Beta Release

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.2
Last Updated: 5 months ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


3.2 out of 5 stars


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