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Front End PM

Front End PM is a Private Messaging system and a secure contact form to your WordPress site.This is full functioning messaging system from front end.


  • New feature, search users in directory
  • New feature, toggle all messages when view message
  • new filter hook fep_filter_display_participants added.
  • new filter hook fep_query_url_filter added.


  • Security update
  • new action hook fep_get_announcement_column_content_{$column} added.
  • new action hook fep_message_table_column_content_{$column} added.
  • new filter hook fep_get_option added.
  • new filter hook fep_get_user_option added.


  • Introduce template system
  • Better error handler
  • More developer friendly
  • Performance improved


  • Full WP Editor support
  • Allow attachment by default checked
  • Translation issue fix.
  • new action hook fep_action_after_add_email_filters added.
  • new action hook fep_action_after_remove_email_filters added.
  • Email piping (PRO)
  • Read receipt (PRO)


  • Announcement count fix
  • Announcement filter fix
  • Magic quote fix.
  • new class Front_End_Pm added.
  • Add fep_filter_ajax_notification_interval.
  • new tab added in admin settings.
  • javascript error fix.
  • Better plugin uninstal handle.
  • PRO version release.


  • Inbox Outbox message count fix
  • Inbox Outbox message alternate output fix
  • Message delete bug fix.
  • Show participants in message.
  • new function fep_is_user_admin added.
  • remove unnecessary function call.
  • Show login link instead of redirect user to login page.
  • uninstall.php added.
  • Extensions page added. Now available extensions can be seen from dashboard extensions page of this plugin.


  • If you are updating from version 3.3 or less please read also changelog for 4.1
  • Use custom capability for messages and announcements.
  • Better control of messages and announcements.
  • Minor bug fixed.
  • POT file updated.


  • This is almost a new plugin. If you are updating from any previous version please See screenshots and others changes first.
  • It is highly recommended to update any staging site first.
  • If you have any customized code (or plugin ) for this plugin make sure they are updated first to work with this new version.
  • Use custom post type rather than custom database table for both message and announcement.
  • Use settings API for back-end settings page of this plugin.
  • UI changed.
  • Better hook.
  • Better options for admin.
  • Now you can switch between thereded message view or individual message view.
  • textdomain changed to use wordpress online translation.
  • Now announcement can be published per role basis.
  • Better controling who can send message or reply or use any other options.
  • Embed issue fixed.


  • Critical Security update. Found cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability and fixed.
  • Please update as soon as possible.


  • Security update. Admin could accidently delete all messages from database. fixed.
  • Now header notification is in real time by ajax.
  • FEP Contact Form link added.
  • Translation issues fixed.
  • Admin page changed.
  • Some CSS and JS bug fixes.
  • Other some minor bug fixes.
  • POT file updated.


  • Many useful hooks are added. so anyone can change almost anything of this plugin without changing any core code of this plugin.
  • Message and announcement editor now support Wp Editor.
  • Now code can be posted between backticks.
  • Multiple attachment in same message.
  • Now you can add multiple attachment in announcement also.
  • Attachment size, amount configurable.
  • Now show any new message or new announcement notification in header (configurable).
  • Announcement now reset after seen. User can also delete announcement from their announcement box (only for him/her).
  • Now admin can see how many users seen that announcement.
  • Use of transient increases so less db query.
  • Now Widgets can be used multiple times.You can cofigure widgets now. You can also use hooks.
  • Now use wordpress ajax for autosuggestion when typing recipent name.
  • Custom CSS support. admin can add CSS from backend to add or override this plugins CSS.
  • Now script and plugin files added only when needed.
  • You can also add or remove any file of this plugin using hook.
  • Messages between two users can be seen.
  • New options are added in admin settings.
  • Some CSS and JS bug fixes.
  • Other some minor bug fixes.
  • POT file updated.


  • New option to send attachment in both pm and contact form.
  • Attachment in stored in front-end-pm folder inside upload folder and contact form attachment is stored inside front-end-pm/contact-form folder.
  • Message count in header bug fixes.
  • Security bug fixes where non-admin user could see all messages.


  • IP blacklist now support range and wildcard.
  • Email address blacklist,whitelist.
  • Time delay for logged out visitors also.
  • Double name when auto suggestion off fixes.
  • Department name bug fixes.
  • Other some small bug fixes.


  • Added a secure contact form.
  • Manual check of contact message.
  • AKISMET check of contact message.
  • Can configure CAPTCHA for contact message form.
  • Separate settings page for contact message.
  • Can select department and to whom message will be send for that department.
  • Can set separate time delay to send message of a user via contact message.
  • Reply directly to Email address from front end.
  • Send Email to any email addresss from front end.
  • Use wordpress nonce instead of cookie.
  • All forms nonce check before process.
  • Added capability check to use messaging.
  • Capability and nonce check before any action.
  • Security Update.
  • Some css fix.
  • POT file updated.


  • Parent ID and time check server side.
  • Escape properly before input into database.
  • Some css fix.
  • Email template change.
  • Recommended to update because some core functions have been changed and from this version (1.3) those functions will be used.


  • Using display name instead of user_login to send message (partially).
  • Send email to all users when a new announcement is published (there are options to control).
  • Now admins can set time delay between two messages send by a user.
  • Bug fixes in bbcode and code in content when send message.
  • Security fixes in autosuggestion.
  • New options are added in admin settings.
  • No more sending email to sender.
  • Javascript fixes.


  • Initial release.

Requires: 4.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 6,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


2 of 12 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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