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Front-End Only Users

A customizable plugin lets users sign up to the front end only of your site with shortcodes for registration, login, profile editing forms and more.


  • Small fix for users running older versions of PHP


  • Added WooCommerce integration to autofill fields for logged in users
  • Fixed an error with one of the functions in the PHP user class


  • CSS update that moves the plugin away from using Yahoo's Pure CSS (WARNING: if you're using your own custom CSS with this plugin, the selectors in the shortcodes are being changed)


  • Added a bunch of new attributes for the user-search shortcode
  • Fixed errors with user-search
  • Fixed errors with user-list
  • Fixed a registration error


  • Fixed an error with the "user-profile" shortcode
  • Fixed an error where a user's level got reset to the default level when they edited their profile


  • Added an option to send an e-mail to the user once they've been approved
  • Added a new shortcode "user-profile" which can be used to display user's profiles
  • Updated the "user-list" shortcode to make it possible to display profiles
  • Updated the "user-search" shortcode to make it possible to display profiles


  • Fixed an error in the "Statistics" tab


  • Added more summary content to the "Statistics" tab
  • Now displaying a table of link clicking activity, if tracking option is activated


  • Added in a new "login-logout-toggle" shortcode
  • Added in a new "login-logout-toggle" widget
  • Fixed an email on registration error
  • Added in event tracking, more options coming soon!


  • Added the ability to import users from a spreadsheet


  • Added the ability for premium users to restrict access to entire pages


  • Fixed a small display error


  • Fixed a potential error on the Emails page


  • Fixed a potential upgrade error
  • Fixed a notice on the Dashboard page


  • Too many changes to list, be careful when upgrading on a live site as there will likely be some un-caught bugs
  • Added a "Statistics" tab, to track user statistics
  • Added a premium version, which earlier users have complete access to
  • Improved e-mail options and settings


  • Fixed a display error for the options added in version 1.25


  • Added an option to use e-mails as a username
  • Added a new encryption option type
  • CAREFUL UPGRADING for those using the plugin in production
  • Changed the password reset option


  • Updated to the latest version of pure.css


  • Fixes a critical error with the login checking


  • Added in a forgot password form
  • Fields that have "Show in Front End?" set to "No" will no longer display in the "Edit Profile" form


  • Added the ability to require users to confirm their e-mail before logging in
  • Added bulk approval of users
  • Added bulk user level setting
  • Fixed an error with apostrophes in user fields
  • Eliminated a number of PHP notices


  • Added the ability to export all users to Excel
  • Added confirmation before deleting a user
  • Added a button to delete all users from the database
  • Fixed an error with a missing tag in the account-details shortcode
  • Fixed a link error on the dashboard page


  • Allow a different SMTP username, instead of it needing to be the admin e-mail address


  • Fixed a number of notice errors


  • Fixed a registrations e-mail bug
  • Fixed the error where being logged in meant you couldn't edit another user in the admin area


  • Implemented user levels
  • Fixed a registration bug
  • Added tracking for user login times
  • Fixed a bug so that users can be clicked from the dashboard
  • Fixed a user page bug which limited the number of users that could be displayed


  • Added a translation for Brazilian Portugese
  • Fixed a compatibility error
  • Fixed a spelling mistake


  • Fixed a registration bug
  • Fixed a bug which did stopped admins from being unable to "unapprove" a user


  • Added "plain_text" as an attribute for the [user-data] tag
  • Required fields should now actually be required on register and edit profile forms
  • When a user is deleted, all of the associated user fields are now deleted as well


  • Added the attribute "no_message" to the [logout] shortcode
  • Fixed 2 registration errors
  • Fixed an error that stopped the [account-details] shortcode from working
  • Fixed an error to make translation possible
  • Fixed an error where "omitted fields" in the edit profile form were being overwritten as blanks


  • Fixed a small error with edit-profile
  • Added language support
  • Added Russian language files


  • [edit-profile] now accepts the attribute "omit_fields", a comma-separated list of fields to not appear in the edit profile form


  • [register] file was edited to remove PHP warning


  • Edited a number of files to remove PHP warnings


  • Tiny change


  • Added "sneak peak" attributes to the [restricted] shortcode; you can now set attributes for either sneak_peak_characters or sneak_peak_words within the shortcode
  • Added the ability to redirect based on a user field; to use it, see the plugin page


  • Fixed a naming conflict error


  • Shortcodes inside of [restricted][/restricted] tags should now work
  • Added 3 new methods to the "EWD_FEUP" class to access User_ID, Username and any custom field
  • Fixed a bug that prevented e-mail settings from being saved
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a conflict with the options of a handful of other plugins


  • Fixed a database error for new installs


  • Fixed an error with sign-up e-mails
  • Fixed an error with "Admin Approval"


  • Added an "Admin Approval" of users option
  • Added "Sign-up Emails" tab, options and message customization
  • Added "login_page" attribute to the "restricted" shortcode
  • Added an "EWD_FEUP" class, that let's template designers check whether a user is logged in or not
  • Added a "file" field type, so admins can have users upload files as one of the fields
  • Created a "Custom CSS" option box, so forms can be styled from the admin panel
  • Added a "no_message" attribute to the "restricted" shortcode that won't display a message if a user is not logged in
  • Created a "[user-list]" shortcode
  • Created a "[user-search]" shortcode


  • YouTube tutorial videos added
  • Fixed redirection bugs
  • Fixed date and datetime input fields
  • Fixed bug where users could register with the same username
  • Fixed two small shortcode bugs


  • Fixed an admin display bug


  • Fixed a couple of small bugs


  • Fixed a number of bugs that made plugin unusable


  • Initial beta version. Please make comments/suggestions in the "Support" forum.

Requires: 3.5.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.2
Last Updated: 2015-6-26
Active Installs: 2,000+


4 out of 5 stars


3 of 18 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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