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Free shipping notification bar plugin for WooCommerce will show a notification bar on your site, that will inform your user that you have free shipping available on shopping of X amount. And it will show a live counter as they go on shopping. So the buyer will know as they become eligible for Free shipping

Here are few of the options that you get with the plugin

  • You can disable free shipping notification from the plugin itself, without disabling the plugin
  • You can set one shipping zone as default, so you can show the message even when user has not selected the address
  • Set custom messages for the shipping bar when user just enter the site, when he add some product to cart message changes and when he crosses 50% needed for free shipping message changes and then he reaches the required amount for free shipping, message changes completely
  • Change design of the bar from within the option:
    ** Change background color
    ** Change text color
    ** Change bar position

  • There is circular progress bar shown at the bottom so user can see his progress even when he closes the bar

  • Change the image that is shown inside the circular progress
  • Set timing for the bar, like when it should appear, it should be persistent or get hidden after some time
  • allows you to set a custom message when the user has purchased a certain amount of product
  • It also allows you to show how much more he has to purchase to qualify for the free shipping
  • It gives you the option to translate the custom message in different languages in the multilingual site
  • Instead of showing the notification on all the pages of the site, You can control where to show the free shipping bar, Like showing them only on the product pages or cart page or checkout page
  • Show linear progress towards free shipping, as the user add more product to cart
  • Show circular progress toward free shipping, as the user add more product to cart
  • Disable notification bar for the mobile device
  • Set a custom breakpoint for the mobile device in pixels width of the device
  • Change the position of the circular progress, as per your theme, there are 4 position option bottom left, bottom right, top left, top right
  • Add free shipping icon in the notification bar
  • Show “Free shipping” notification, when the free shipping is available without any restriction on purchase amount as well



I don’t see any notification bar on the site

It will show the notification when the user has selected a shipping zone and that zone has a free shipping method.
If you have multiple zones, then you can select one zone (with free shipping as default) this zone will be used for notification till the time user select there shipping zone, once they select there zone the notification will change as per that zone, if the selected shipping zone has a free shipping then it will show that if it don’t then it will be hidden

I want to show the shipping bar for some time and then hide after that

You can do that using the option “Show the Free shipping bar continues”

I want to add the free shipping notification bar using short code

Yes, you can do so in the PRO version, you can add it using the short code

I want to show different messages based on the amount user have added in the cart till now

You, you can do that, you can set different message that will be shown to the buyer based on the amount in the cart.

I want to change the background color of the free shipping bar

You can can change it using design tab

I want to show the notification bar in the footer or top

You can set 2 different position, where the shipping notification alert will be shown

I don’t want to show the Free shipping notification on all pages

You can control where to show the free shipping notification, using the control tab
but this is available in the pro version only

Free shipping notification Translation

Translation is available in the PRO version of the plugin

Can translate the message shown in the free shipping bar

Yes, you can do so in the pro version only

Free shipping bar is getting hidden behind the header

Add Css code .pisol-bar-container{ z-index:99999999; }

I want to hide the free shipping bar for the mobile

Yes you can disable it on mobile there is an option to do that

I want to set the mobile device width

Yes you can set the breakpoint width of the device

Add a icon in the notification message shown on top

In pro version you can add icon in the notification message using {icon} short code

I want to show the Free shipping message without any quantity restriction

Yes, you can do that, it will show the Free shipping message, if you are offering no restriction free shipping

I want to change the free shipping message as per user country on its own

Yes, pro version does detect customer country, and if you have a free shipping in there country it will show the message to them

If customer comes from country for which you we don’t have free shipping then what will happen

In that case you have option to set the plugin to either show a message based on the default shipping zone set by you.
You can show them no message till they go on shipping and select one of the shipping zone supported by you


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