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Free SEO Audit Google Speed API Check


Not sure where to start with your SEO? Not sure why your website is not showing up? Let this plugin take an instant look at your website measuring the most common SEO pitfalls and giving you an easy to read grade out of 100.

We use Google API to measure your speed and give you helpful resources to improve your biggest problems. Keep checking after you’ve made changes to see your progress instantly! We use resources straight from Google to determine if your site is fast enough, if your site is utilizing the best plugins and tools, and also to see if your On Page elements of your home page are properly setup.

If you still have questions after you’ve received your completely free, 100% no obligation instant report then send us an email directly from the results page and we will help you decipher your problems.


  1. Upload ‘/free-seo-audit-google-speed-api-check/to the/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Navigate to “SEO Report” on wp-admin left side menu.


Q: What do the different colors mean?

A: Green means you are well within the acceptable parameters. Yellow means you are on the right track but could make some changes. Red means that this particular element is in bad shape and needs to be addressed.

Q: Why is my Speed Checks by Google API Score so low?

A: You may be using discount or economy hosting that is just not powerful enough to deliver the speed that Google asks of website owners. Consider switching to – super fast and built just for WordPress.

Q: I have Webmaster Tools and Analytics installed but I have Red X’s, why is that?

A: We only test for the most obvious (and possible) ways to determine if you have these two tools installed. If you have used a different method than we are testing for then you will receive a false negative here. You can adjust your “overall score” by +5.3 points for webmasters and +2.7 poitns for analytics if you are receiving the false negative.

Q: I have Yoast SEO or Headspace2 installed and I am getting a Yellow Exclamation Point, why?

A: We do not recommend these two plugins any longer and suggest switching to All In One SEO Pack. It seems to have the most active developer that is adding the most useful tools and settings. Using the others will not damage you and we have only penalized your final score a few points for using the others.

Q: My On Page score is a negative number, why?

A: One main reason that we have found that some websites are not ranking is that your robots.txt file is explicitly blocking the Search Engines from indexing your site. We have given this the highest penalty and could result in a negative score. If this is the case, please goto Settings -> Reading and remove the tick from “Search Engine Visibility: Discourage search engines from indexing this site”. Navigate back to the SEO Report page and it will reflect a positive score.

Q: I have a high score, why am I not showing up for my keywords?

A: This plugin is designed to give you a quick look at your website’s speed and a few other metrics that could quickly identify a problem. If you are still unsure of how to improve your site’s rankings then contact us – we want to help.

Q: I know I have robots.txt installed, I can see it in my browser. Why does it have a red X in the tools?

A: Some plugins do not allow our script to properly see it. If you can access then you are perfectly fine.

Q: I know I have a Sitemap installed, I can see it in my browser. Why does it have a red X in the tools?

A: Some sitemaps do not have similar URLs for us to check for. If you can access your sitemap in your browser then you are perfectly fine.

Q: I want to fix some of these errors, how do I do that?

A: Call or email us right away and we will be happy to discuss options with you on how we can work together to achieve your results.


Plugin broken

This is the second time I have viewed the plugin and its still broken.
Its a pitty it doesn’t work, it would have been a nice concept.

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*Now more user friendly options available


*BUGFIX: Fixed minor Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt check issues. They were returning false negatives (they were really there but were saying they weren’t) with certain plugins so we created a browser check as a last resort.
*NEW: Added a Free SEO Newsletter Subcription opt-in box, signup to get free WordPress SEO Tips.
*NEW: Added a PayPal donate button. Please help support the development of plugins like this!
*CHANGE: Changed some explanation text about the “Tools” option.


Initial release.