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Fraxion Payments Micropayments

"Micropayments for bloggers". Sell articles, short stories for as little as 1c. You set the price. Readers "unlock" with 1 click.


Fixed a logging error.


Article banner is now rendered by the fraxion payments server instead of the plugin. This allows rapid release of new functionality without needing to load a new plugin version. Has logging error fixed by 2.1.1


Fixes an uploader bug for sites not at the root of their domain. Allows a link to a locked article to request to only get the snippet and never the full version.


New function: locked resources. Allows files to be attached to an article. PDF, mp3, mp4, txt, jpg anything. There are two forms for each file, a snippet and a full version. When selecting the link the full version is provided only if you are logged in and have unlocked the associated article. Otherwise the snippet is delivered. There are also significant changes to the layout of the banners in articles.


Important Adjustments for WordPress 3.3.1 Fraxion button was not appearing in the HTML editor.


Fixed bug that closes comments on posts that are not tagged.


Fixed a bug that stopped page production if the Fraxion Payments server was not responding. A clean "unavailable" banner is now produced at the lock position. Tidied up the setting of window.onload so it plays nice with other scripts that have set it previously.


Path Separators defined for Windows server install. Comment hiding script at the foot of the page instead of using window.onload() to avoid clashes with other plugins.


Repair word press 3.1 problem with JQuery for post info dialog. Simultaneous release with the new royalty payment system. Allows people other than the site owner to receive payment for sales, as assigned by the site admin.


Minor fix to internal directory navigation where subdomain is in use. Minor fix for compatabilit with Word Press version 3.1


Adds the automatic catalogue system for locked documents. Fixes a bug that would allow the content of locked documents to be accessed by web bots. More robust handling of content when splicing in the banner.


do not use


New look and feel for the banners improving usability, including more robust CSS. Fixed a bug to do with registering a site running in a sub domain.


Fixed CSS for banners to prevent banner from being disrupted by themes. Repaired character translation for various characters. Minor stability fixes.


New Functions: View Account, Catalogue link, logout, footer for unlocked documents, improved information for first time readers. Fixes: RSS Feed handling, output for certain common robots such as xml-sitemap and tweetmeme, visual display protection and general robustness.


Fixed a bug that interfered with content display using I.E., Safari and Chrome on Windows OS with some themes. Removed a javascript function that was being interfered with by other plugins and replaced it with markup produced by the server when the page is generated.


Changed some class functions from private to public to allow proper admin call back. This interfered with some admin functions.


This new version of the plugin no longer requires readers of articles to be logged in to word press to do an unlock. That means readers only have to login to Fraxion Payments once and may move from web site to web site unlocking articles as they wish.


Fixed bug with links to online test version of Fraxion Payments.


Resolved conflicts with some themes. Added a "Register" button to register to the wordpress site when not logged in to the site. Added progressive user help to lead new readers through the process. Admins may see more sales history at fraxion site. Comming soon Remove the need for readers to be logged in at the word press site Site Admin may view accounts - income, margin and balance, for their sites

Bug: Links to test site of fraxion payments cause problems. Switch to version 0.5.5


WordPress MU compatible. Tracks which sites belong to a MU network and which is the base site. Adds information to the lock banners to help readers know what is involved with unlocking an article. Slightly more signposting around admin functions. Fixed a bug that caused the titles of articles to be null in the Fraxion Payments database.


Fix bug with pretty links introduced with 0.4.8.


Fix one more bug with pretty links where relative URLs get the wrong path.


Fixed bug with pretty links that caused banner and login problems. Fixed the "Fraxion" button, bug prevented it from inserting the lock tag intermittently.


Repair some script bugs that interfered with wordpress login.


Remove faulty admin button. Replace later.


The first release. We think most bugs have been solved. But of course please let us know if you find any.

Requires: 3.0.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 20+


5 out of 5 stars


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