Fraktjakt WooCommerce Shipping


Complete shipping integration for WooCommerce with online purchase, price calculation, printing of shipping labels, booking of pickup, shipment notifications and tracking for all major shipping companies in Sweden free of charge!

Bring, Posten/PostNord, Schenker, DHL, DSV, UPS, FedEx Express, NTEX and more!

See Krokedil’s Fraktjakt integration for a more feature rich and updated plugin


Fraktjakt gives your customers access to the best parcel shipping services provided in Sweden in one complete and easy to manage solution!

Whether the customer simply wants low shipping rates, speedy delivery, convenient home delivery or to find the closest drop-off location, Fraktjakt quickly presents all the information and lets the customer decide.

Quick and easy with cheaper shipments for everyone, through Fraktjakt’s discounted shipments as well as personal shipping contracts. No wonder it increases your sales!


Let your customers decide and pick their preferred shipping service and shipper.

Whether the customer simply wants low shipping rates, speedy delivery, convenient home delivery or to find the closest drop-off location, Fraktjakt quickly presents all the information and lets the customer decide.


  • Integrates multiple shipping services from PostNord (Posten), Bussgods, DHL Freight, UPS, FedEx Express, DSV, Schenker, NTEX Inrikes etc.
  • Two modes of operation: (1) Customer controlled shipping or (2) Merchant controlled shipping
  • Pick which shipping services to present for your customers (only for Customer controlled shipping)
  • Use Fraktjakts discounted shipping rates, or use your own shipping contracts
  • Consolidate all your shipment purchases from different shipping companies on a single invoice
  • Purchase shipments online
  • EDI sent electronically to shippers
  • Automatic booking for pickup
  • Printing of shipping labels, waybills and shipment manifests
  • Printing of customs documents
  • Personal and fully customizable track & trace pages
  • Personal and fully customizable shipping notifications
  • Automated packing algorithms
  • This integration is completely free of charge!

See Krokedil’s Fraktjakt integration for a more feature rich and updated plugin


Fraktjakt for WooCommerce requires the WooCommerce plugin as well as an account on Fraktjakt. You will need to enter your Fraktjakt consignor ID and key in this shipping module to activate it. The account is free of charge and is used to administrate your shipments.

Version 2.6.0 of this plugin requires WooCommerce HPOS.

Register your free account on Fraktjakt.

Requires at least PHP v4.0.6 for proper UTF8 encoding. If you’re running earlier PHP versions and not using ISO 8859-1, then you might have to install the ‘mbstring’ extension on your server.

PLEASE NOTE that Fraktjakt currently only supports Swedish webshops!


Download our User Manual for this WooCommerce plugin in PDF

Download our User Manual for integrations in PDF


  • WooCommerce admin interface for the Fraktjakt plugin settings
  • Example of customer interface to select shipping alternatives.
  • Fraktjakt shipping method in WooCommerce
  • Changing receiving shipping agent
  • Fixed price or free shipping settings in Fraktjakt.
  • Printing of shipping labels.
  • Order list.
  • Customization and layout settings in Fraktjakt.
  • Custom layout on shipping notifications.


  1. Select ‘Add new’ in the ‘Plugins’ menu to find and install the current Fraktjakt plugin for WooCommerce.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Setup the plugin under ‘WooCommerce’ / ‘Setting’ / ‘Shipping’ / ‘Fraktjakt’
  4. Enter your Fraktjakt Consignor ID & Key to connect the plugin to your free Fraktjakt account.

Manual Installation

  1. Upload the folder fraktjakt-shipping-for-woocommerce manually to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory through FTP.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Setup the plugin under ‘WooCommerce’ / ‘Setting’ / ‘Shipping’ / ‘Fraktjakt’
  4. Enter your Fraktjakt Consignor ID & Key to connect the plugin to your free Fraktjakt account.


Why should I use Fraktjakt?

  • Save money with Fraktjakt
  • Save time with Fraktjakt
  • Manage all your shipments and different shipping companies with an easy to use overview
  • Create and print shipping documents
  • Reliable price quote for all your shipping products
  • Consolidated Invoice for all shipping companies and services
  • With or without your individual shipping contracts
  • Compare your different contract prices
  • Custom notifications
  • Custom track and trace
  • Automatic packing calculations
  • Order import for webshops and business systems
  • All the best shipping companies in the same system!
  • No fixation!

Is shipping less expensive on Fraktjakt?

We offer affordable shipping, domestic and foreign, where you can utilize our prenegotiated shipping contracts with major bulk discounts already from start.

If you already have favorable shipping contracts, it is also possible to use your own Individual shipping contracts with Fraktjakt’s transportation management system.

Does it cost anything to use this integration?

Nope, it is completely free of charge!

You are able to integrate your webshop with all major shipping companies, calculate combined package size, search shipping options, calculate shipping cost, purchase shipments, print shipping labels, send shipping notifications and track & trace shipments all free of charge with a free account on Fraktjakt.

The only thing you will ever have to pay for is the actual shipping cost. You are even getting discount on the shipping itself thanks to our prenegotiated shipping contracts with major bulk discounts. If you already have favorable shipping contracts, it is also possible to use your own Individual shipping contracts with Fraktjakt’s transportation management system.

Start your Fraktjakt today!

Does it cost anything to use Fraktjakt?


You can search, compare shipping services and register a free user account at no cost. There is no mandatory fee for shipping other than the actual shipping cost itself. Thankfully at a great discount! (see above).

You can level up your free basic account to our premium membership Fraktjakt+ at any time, when you become acquainted with our system.

See a more detailed rundown of our Prices.

How can I contact Fraktjakt?

For the fastest support, please address your questions to Fraktjakt Support either by email, telephone or livechat.


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Contributors & Developers

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2.6.0 – Support for WooCommerce HPOS (2024-06-25)

  • BREAKING CHANGE: The plugin now supports WooCommerce new High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS).
    This version requires HPOS activation to work properly.
    Any webshop still relying on the older order tables, will have to use older versions of this plugin.

2.5.1 – Fixes for merchant control, agent selection and buttons (2023-05-10)

  • Consolidates server settings
  • Adds fix for cookie params
  • Removed separate set of settings for test environment (use the test settings on production server instead)
  • Removed incorrect notice about cart

2.5.0 – Fixes for merchant control, agent selection and buttons (2023-02-27)

  • Adds fix for missing volume and weight on products while on merchant controlled shipping
  • Adds fix for manage shipment button on orders
  • Adds fix agent selection links in emails

2.4.8 – Better customer controlled shipping (2022-11-17)

  • Added a fixes and optimizations for quicker customer controlled shipping.
  • Support for Fraktjakt API version 4.3.1

2.4.7 – Hotfix for residential addresses (2022-09-21)

  • Added a quick hotfix for better handling of residential addresses.

2.4.6 – API selection, Company name and Pickup optimizations (2022-09-21)

  • New: Added a Create order connection button under each order view that is missing an order connection.
  • Optimization: Better error handling when various params and meta data are missing
  • Optimization: Smarter selection of API for each usecase.
  • Bugfix: Ignores saved login data when the admin is creating merchant controlled shipments
  • Layout: Overrides selection of presenting shipping company for local pickup, so that “Own shipping” always displays its title even when the setting for presenting shipping company is disabled.
  • Layout: Overrides selection of presenting distance for local pickup, so that “Own shipping” never displays estimated distance even when the setting for presenting distance is enabled.

2.4.5 – Better support for local pickup, B2B and various form data (2022-09-01)

  • Added better support for B2B shipping options.
  • Added quick link to the plugin settings from the plugins list.
  • Cleaned up presentation of “Own shipping service” (Fraktjakt’s local pickup option)
  • Skips order connection with Fraktjakt for orders with only virtual products.
  • Retrieves saved addresses from logged in users on shipping calculations outside the address form
  • Retrieves customer phone info from both shipping and billing if either is missing.
  • Support for WooCommerce default local_pickup method, ignoring order connection for WooCommerce built-in pickup method.
  • Layout: Avoids redundant comma when the shipping company info is deactivated.
  • Support for Fraktjakt API version 4.3
  • Various optimizations and fixes.

2.4.4 – Better support for Klarna and other weight units (2022-02-23)

  • Added a setting to enable/disable the optimization of avoiding shipping calculations outside of cart and checkout since it may cause problems with some other third party plugins.
  • Added conversion and support for different weight units for products.
  • Added conversion and support for different dimension units for products.
  • Additional failsafe protection for the usage of the fallback option
  • Support for Fraktjakt API version 4.1
  • Various optimizations of code base

2.4.3 – Better agent selection (2022-01-04)

  • Agent selection in checkout is now opened up in the same window, so that the correct available selection of shipping services corresponding to the selected shipping agent when the user returns after its selection.
  • Agent selection in checkout now submits the checkout URL using WooCommerce wc_get_checkout_url to Fraktjakt, so that the user is returned back to the checkout page directly and not to the root page of the website.
  • Improved standard layout of agent selection and tracking links in emails.
  • Additional handling of missing settings

2.4.2 – Troubleshooting help (2021-12-22)

  • More troubleshooting information in admin email, to help locate problems in the webshop settings.
  • Minor bug fixes

2.4.1 – Minor bug fixes (2021-12-08)

  • Removed selection of shipping agent from previous calls, if the new address entered doesn’t support such shipping.
  • Various bugfixes and optimizations.

2.4.0 – Agent selection (2021-12-07)

  • Added support for Fraktjakt API version 4.0
  • New setting to add an agent selection link in checkout. This link is currently generic for all shipping services available.
  • New setting to add an agent selection link to your emails. Please note the importance of waiting with the actual booking of your shipment until your customers have time to change their shipping agent, if this alternative is activated.
  • Saves Fraktjakt returned agent_link, fraktjakt_agent_selection_link and agent_info as meta fields on the WooCommerce order
  • Now submits currency individually for each product, to allow item values with different currencies.
  • Avoids calculating shipping unless in cart or checkout to speed up shopping
  • Updates residential with full address details from checkout after having an initial query when shipping calculator is enabled in the cart.
  • Various bugfixes and optimizations

2.3.3 – Tracking link in email (2021-08-12)

  • Added tracking links to confirmation emails. Use the CSS class tracking_button to style the button.
  • Added setting to disable or enable the tracking links in emails.
  • Allowed swedish characters in product description (previously filtered out)
  • Optimized recipient code

2.3.2 – Customer controlled shipping optimizations (2021-08-11)

  • Made several optimizations and bug fixes to make customer controlled shipping a faster experience. Will now avoid redundant shipment calculations and keep the original shipment.

2.3.1 – Bugfix residential (2021-06-22)

  • Bugfix to set the residential parameter correctly.

2.3.0 – Optimized code, new price method and support for customs description and fixed Euro pricing (2021-06-17)

  • Changed price method to displayed_price, to get better VAT support in WooCommerce and more reliable prices for customs declarations.
  • Optimized definition of recipient, consignor and address_to.
  • Added support for customs description, by including the custom product attribute or meta data for “customs_description” if such attributes or meta fields exists.
  • Added support for defining the currency fixed to Euro, for webshops using third party plugins for currency conversion from Euro.

2.2.9 – Added support for custom attributes and more scrubbing (2021-04-30)

  • Added article number in API calls, to better enable Fraktjakt’s commodity pattern matching.
  • Added support for HS code / tariff / taric codes, by including the custom product attribute or meta data for “hscode” or “taric” if such attributes or meta field exists.
  • Added support for country of manufacture, by including the custom product attribute or meta data for “country” or “Country” if such attributes or meta fields exists. Countries should be specified in two character ISO 3166-1 format.
  • Added tag stripping and special character scrubbing to the item name and item description, to avoid problems in customs and xml communication.
  • Added two buttons to track the shipment, one in the order list and another in the order view.
  • Added saving of Fraktjakt tracking_link, tracking_code, agent_selection_link and agent_link as meta data in the woocommerce order, to be used for example customer emails.
  • Cleaned up and optimized many functions.

2.2.8 – Added support for order notes and a new debug mode (2020-09-03)

  • Select which reference to use in Fraktjakt. Either order number or the customer order comments.
  • Created a new setting for “Debug mode” and lifted out the admin error notice about products missing weight, to avoid unecessary overhead when not actively searching for products causing problems.
  • Added search for products missing length, width and height in the new debug mode, to help find products causing problems while calculating shipping.

2.2.7 – Supports customized order ID and improvements for customs declarations (2020-08-18)

  • Redesign of settings page. Adding new headlines, titles, descriptions, sorting and group settings.
  • Added support for customized order ID. Will now submit custom order ID if the webshop aren’t using the default order ID.
  • Fallback to the basic UTF8 method for servers that hasn’t loaded the mb_string extensions.
  • Changed the registered price to use the actual sales price instead of the regular price.
  • Optimized customs declaration to use the different terms like categories, tags and custom taxonomies instead of the product’s webshop description.
  • Bugfix to not create shipments for an order with only virtual products when using Merchant controlled shipping.
  • Better exception handling.

2.2.6 – Better character encoding (2020-06-15)

  • Enhanced support for foreign characters and complete UTF8 encoding according to Fraktjakt API requirements.

2.2.5 – Minor bugfix (2020-06-04)

  • Removed the fallback option from activating when there was only one shipping service option in Customer controlled shipping.

2.2.4 – Enhanced email error reports (2020-05-26)

  • Corrected and major improvements to the error reports by email to help find and correct problems with your integration.
  • Bugfix to lost queries

2.2.3 – New settings for auto processing and currency conversion (2020-05-13)

  • New setting for what order statuses to auto process or to completely manually select orders to process.
  • New setting to use Fraktjakt’s built-in currency conversion or always return prices in SEK.
  • Corrected conflicting shipment_id variables.
  • Added support for Fraktjakt API 3.8.0

2.2.2 – Access link fix and truncate of long descriptions (2020-04-30)

  • Bugfix to the access links for managing shipments in Fraktjakt (thanks to Urban).
  • Now truncates long item descriptions to max 128 characters, to avoid the XML call being cut off and to conform to Fraktjakt API maximum characters for that tag.
  • Tweaked logged in user meta to only apply if form data were missing

2.2.1 – Language and login condition fix (2020-04-29)

  • Fix for language support in preparation of an update in Fraktjakt’s API.
  • Smashed an old bug from 2015 that had inverted login condition (thanks Urban) that will now grab the correct user data.
  • Minor text and translation tweaks.

2.2.0 – Added currency and language support (2020-04-20)

  • Added support for language settings. Customer controlled shipping options will now be displayed in either swedish or english depending on language chosen.
  • Added support for currency settings. The shipping costs will now be displayed in and automatically converted to the chosen currency.
  • Fixed old bug that stopped shipping service titles to show when prices where displayed without tax/vat.
  • Layout fix for displaying prices.
  • Fixed keycodes in URL:s to auto login user
  • Minor bug smashing

2.1.2 – New API access links (2019-12-03)

  • Added better support for VAT and displaying shipping costs.

2.1.1 – New API access links (2019-10-11)

  • Added support for the new API access links, to always get the correct format for the URL to handle the shipments in Fraktjakt.
  • Corrected a missing translation
  • Added a missing tag for target to the shipment handling

2.1.0 – Improved testing mode, layout and bugfixes (2019-10-09)

  • New improved testing mode, that shows errors and warnings below the fallback alternative.
  • Admin error emails will now also include the full status, warnings and error messages from Fraktjakt, so that you can easier find the cause of your problems.
  • Fixed array to string conversions that were causing warnings
  • Added error handling when strings and arrays were missing
  • Fixed support for queued jQuery loader
  • Corrected AJAX Javascripts for external button links
  • Added translation support for emails, error messages, ‘Manage shipment’ buttons and hover titles
  • New icon for Custom Controlled Shipping
  • New info text in the order view when order connection is missing

2.0.0 – Major update (2019-10-02)

  • Added support for the “support” setting
  • Fixed faulty string conversion that caused a warning message
  • Fixed variables causing warning messages from direct access
  • Layout of shipping calculation even with WooCommerce new more strict labels that strips HTML
  • Corrected CSS styles.

1.9.1 – Usability update (2019-06-26)

  • Shortened the default reference prefix to just ‘Order’, to prevent reference text from being cut off for being too long.
  • Minor bugfix
  • Fixed a warning for an undefined constant, that shouldn’t cause any problems right now but will be in future releases of PHP.

1.9.0 – Bugfix (2019-06-18)

  • Converted into to adhere to the new functions of Fraktjakt API. Users should no longer need to activate ‘compatibility mode’ in their Fraktjakt packing settings.
  • Fixed readme and WordPress tags

1.8.0 – Bugfix (2019-06-13)

  • Changed cart_total to a new method with requirement of WooCommerce version >= 3.4 that solves problems with incorrect shipment value from cart total.
  • Updated API1 and API2 URLs to the new API and TESTAPI server addresses.
  • Updated several info texts to better represent current Fraktjakt information.
  • Updated screenshots.

1.7.1 – Buggfix (2018-07-25)

  • Added separation between the shipping method label, estimated deliverytime and closest delivery info.
  • Short product description will be used if the regular description is empty.

1.7.0 – Bugfix (2018-07-23)

  • Fixed compatability issues with woocommerce version >= 3.4, fixed customer controlled and failsafe shipping.
  • Solved variable product weight issue.
  • Solved unit_price bugg in customer controlled shipping.
  • Custom CSS buttons are working again. (May require deleting your web browser cache in order to take effect).

1.6.91 – Bugfix (2018-06-07)

  • Removes unwanted code in description-field “[]”.

1.6.9 – Bugfix (2018-04-12)

  • Fixed link to batch_orders page (truck icon).

1.6.8 – New funcionality (2017-10-16)

  • Now any units can be used for the products in woocommerce.

1.6.7 – Bugfix (2017-09-06)

  • Now the administrator is directed to Experten in fraktjakt properly when using a custom shipping method set in woocommerce shipping settings.

1.6.6 – Bugfix (2017-06-12)

  • Fixed bug where the wordpress-admin got sent to the ‘all orders’ page when clicking on a order-connection while under the filter ‘processing’.

1.6.5 – Compatibility issues (2017-05-08)

  • Product properties are now accessed correctly.

1.6.4 – Bugfix (2017-04-21)

  • Now products marked as virtual in woocommerce in butikstyrd/merchant controlled shipping mode are ignored.
  • Compatibility issues (2017-04-21)
  • Now it should work with the testserver after we changed to ssl in fraktjakt.

1.6.3 – Compatibility issues (2017-03-07)

  • For Woocommerce versions above 2.6 the module now uses the correct Woocommerce html formatting class name “woocommerce-Price-amount amount”. Now the shipping alternatives for customer controlled shipping should be displayed in checkout and cart.

1.6.2 – Unicode fix (2017-01-27)

  • The Merchant Controlled action buttons should now display more correctly formatted symbols with unicode.

1.6.1 – Compatibility issues (2017-01-25)

  • The module now has better overall compatibility. Fixes issues that some users has experienced in their installations.

1.6.0 – Compatibility (2016-07-21)

  • The module now supports the new shipping method in WooCommerce 2.6.
  • Buggfixes (2016-07-21)
  • Fix for the unicode of handle shipment

1.5.3 – Bugfixes (2016-06-10)

  • Set correct commodity unit_price when creating a shipment using the Fraktjakt Shipment API.

1.5.2 – Bugfixes (2016-04-19)

  • Trim() for input value in Estimated shipping costs, to avoid bugs in some themes.
  • Lazyfix to avoid calculating shipping costs multiple times in some rare occasions.

1.5.1 – Bugfixes (2016-01-12)

  • Fix to CSS classes to display the correct icon in the order list.

1.5.0 – New functionality (2016-01-11)

  • Specify the Order Reference text used to prefix the woocommerce order id.
  • Integrator code (only for approved integrators).
  • Buggfixes (2015-11-30)
  • Added strip_tags to all commodities description fields to avoid sending html tags within an xml tag.

1.4.1 – Bugfixes (2015-11-19)

  • Failsafe button “Create order connection to Fraktjakt” for orders without a saved connection works properly now.
  • admin_notices edit_post_link $product_errors bug is fixed.
  • Check that the shipment array is there before trying to use it, when nothing is returned from the Fraktjakt Query API.

1.4.0 New functionality, bugfixes, design and usability (2015-11-11)

  • Better hooks to order connection for paid orders even for third party payment plugins, using hooks to both the action “Processing” and “Completed”.
  • New automatic order connection for paid orders even using “Merchant controlled shipping”.
  • New failsafe button “Create order connection to Fraktjakt” for orders without a saved connection.
  • Added JS file for scripting buttons with external URL calls
  • Removed product warning messages for “Merchant controlled shipping”, since those warnings don’t apply.
  • Clarified control settings with a new “Control Mode” to “Customer controlled shipping” and “Merchant controlled shipping”
  • New helptext for “Control Mode” and “Shipping alternatives”.
  • Deactivating the method through the top checkbox setting will now disable the plugin properly

1.3.4 – Bugfixes (2015-10-29)

  • Added CSS file for styling of the Manage shipping button in Order List

1.3.3 – New functionality (2015-10-26)

  • New Fraktjakt shipping button on Order List page
  • New Fraktjakt shipping button on Order Details page

1.3.2 – New functionality (2015-10-15)

  • Send order data to Fraktjakt Shipment API. Used for Merchant controlled shipping feature.
  • Switch between Customer controlled shipping and Merchant controlled shipping in plug-in settings.

1.3.1 – New functionality (2015-09-17)

  • Determine which Fraktjakt Order API method to call (type 1 or type 2).
  • This allows the plugin to work for webshops configured with the standard WooCommerce checkout as well as other checkouts, like Klarna checkout.

1.3.0 – Bugfixes (2015-09-15)

  • removed utf8_encode() from the xml sent to Fraktjakt API (it was causing disfiguration of the Swedish characters)

1.2.9 – New functionality (2015-09-14)

  • Support added for Fraktjakt Order API type 2

1.2.8 – Bugfixes (2015-09-10)

  • Module no longer creates an order in Fraktjakt when a non-Fraktjakt method has been selected.

1.2.7 – Bugfixes (2015-09-09)

  • Fallback functions correctly when Fraktjakt is unreachable or if the response contains no shipping alternatives.
  • Shipping alternatives display correctly, whether there is only one or if there are several to display.
  • Use shipping_first_name and shipping_last_name, instead of billing_first_name and billing_last_name.
  • Round off shipment value to two decimal places in the xml sent to query_xml in the calculate_shipping function.
  • Send country_subdivision_code in the calculate_shipping function (needed by FedEx and UPS).
  • Significantly shortened time of authentication when validating consignor id and key on admin settings page.


  • Minor language update and text format bugfix.


  • Added link to Fraktjakt configuration in the settings form.


  • Cosmetic bugfixes. Removes redundant colon before prices and white spaces before comma. Also corrects some text and titles in settings.


  • Changes in the presention of shipping prices
  • Fixed Swedish translation


  • Refactoring


  • Important bugfix


  • Bugfixes
  • Better error notifications


  • Several debugs, features and the addition of a debug notification


  • Reworked installation to comply with WordPress official plugin library


  • First public version.