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Fourteen Colors

Customize the colors of the Twenty Fourteen Theme, directly within the Customizer.

Please note: this plugin is only updated when changes are needed for compatibility with theme updates or WordPress changes (or in rare cases, if additional bugs/edge cases are found and fixed). It is not anticipated that major updates will be needed in the future as of December 2015.


  • Implement support for Selective Refresh in the Customizer. Colors will now be updated much more quickly (but still not instantly) in the Customizer preview. Available in WordPress 4.5+.


  • Updates for WordPress 4.0 / Twenty Fourteen 1.2. Please update those before updating Fourteen Colors.
  • The mediaelements-genericons component, which facilitated audio/video player color-scheming, has been merged into Twenty Fourteen core.
  • Added two new filters to adjust the plugin's output CSS: fourteen_colors_contrast_css and fourteen_colors_accent_css.
  • Leverage some of the Customizer API improvements in WordPress 4.0.
  • Fix a couple of really minor, obscure bugs that surfaced in the wild.


  • Full support for Twenty Fourteen 1.1.
  • Fix mobile menu-toggle button colors.
  • Fix support for button-styled links in widgets (via the .button class).
  • Add a filter to the version of the accent color that contrasts with the white page background, facillitating the ability to override the automatically-generated version with another color picker via an add-on plugin.


  • Fix bugs with mobile navigation menus with certain color combinations.
  • Add support for the .button class introduced in Twenty Fourteen 1.1 / WordPress 3.9.
  • Fix link and border color in Twenty Fourteen Ephemera widgets when used in the Primary and Footer widget areas with a light contrast color.
  • Override the Site Title option, as it is hidden from the Theme Customizer (since Fourteen Colors automatically adjusts it for contrast).
  • Add basic support for IE8, which is handled differently in Twenty Fourteen due to its lack of support for modern standards.


  • Add a description of the different color controls (requires changes that might change the order of the options).
  • Fix paging navigation hover states (border, not background color should change).
  • Darken all borders when using light contrast colors on mobile.
  • Fix sub-menu colors on mobile when using a light contrast color.
  • Automatically refresh the cached plugin output CSS after the plugin has been updated.
  • Hide the site title color control to reduce confusion, since the color is automatically tweaked based on the contrast color. The Header Text Color option is still available via the Appearance -> Header page if it needs to be customized.


  • Plugin is ready for general use, alongside Twenty Fourteen 1.0 and WordPress 3.8.


  • Screenshots, finalized documentation.


  • Code cleanup, inline code documentation, coding standards to match Twenty Fourteen core.
  • Tweaks post-code-review, props @lancewillett.


  • Save the entire plugin CSS output as a single theme_mod to allow for more computationally intensive color calculations.
  • Introduce a more robust set of color calculations; most importantly, the ability to calculate the contrast ratio between any two colors.
  • Adjustments to make any color work as the accent color, addressing the concerns that led to the feature's removal from Twenty Fourteen core.
  • Ensure that there is adequate contrast between all colors that are displayed against each other.


  • Build out of the contrast color option.


  • Initial port from the Twenty Fourteen Theme's implementation.
  • Initial pass at an experimental "Contrast Color" option.

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.3
Last Updated: 4 months ago
Active Installs: 30,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


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