Tag Miner (Automatic Tag Extraction)


Tag Miner automatically finds the most relevant topics in your blog posts, and adds them as tags. This saves you the hassle of worrying about meta-data, and frees you up to focus on what is most important: your writing. Choose to consider all possible tags equally, or to give precedence to the names of people, places and things. Filter out acronyms, name fragments, titles, dates and pronouns. Add tags to all your existing posts with a single click. Create your own custom blacklists and whitelists.
The following languages are currently supported:

  • English
  • German
  • Afrikaans


The painless way

  • Go to “Plugins” > “Add”
  • Search for “TagMiner”
  • Locate plugin, Click “Install now”
  • Activate the plugin

A new menu (“Tag Miner”) will appear in your Settings section. Go to this section to complete the activation process.

The manual way

  • Download the plugin .zip file by clicking the red download button at the top right of this page
  • Go to “Plugins” > “Add”
  • Select “Upload”
  • Browse to and upload the plugin .zip file
  • Activate the plugin

A new menu (“Tag Miner”) will appear in your Settings section. Go to this section to complete the activation process.


How do I activate the plugin?

Register for a free account at http://www.textcavate.com and follow the activation steps in your plugin settings panel.

How do I get the tags?

Simply publish or save your post. The plugin will take care of the rest.

Can I choose the number of tags added to every post?

Yes! This feature is accessible in the “Basic Options” tab in the plugin settings. You can choose as many (or as little) tags as you like.

I have a lot of existing posts. Can I tag them all at the same time?

Yes! This feature is accessible under the “Bulk Tagging” tab in the plugin settings.

Can you add feature X?

We’d love to hear your idea! Please rate and review the plugin, and mention your suggestion in the review text.


Not a free plugin

This is not free.

You are required to register at www.textcavate.com. They have several plans to choose from starting at $.99 a month. The next plan up is $19.99 a month. I was looking for a free alternative to premium plugins that already do what this one does. This isn’t that option, and Text Cavate has had several issues registering my free account before I knew they were a paid service.

The technical issues with Text Cavate, and the lack of transparency about this being a paid plugin gives me pause in dealing with them.

not so free

it’s free to register for an account but you have to pay to get the tags, why don’t you say that upfront instead of wasting my time installing the plugin and registering, seriously!!! i have better things to do

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Contributors & Developers

“Tag Miner (Automatic Tag Extraction)” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Support for “Starter” plan API plan
  • New feature: API connectivity tests


  • Minor API maintenance release


  • Fixes missing debug-poster script


  • New feature: bulk tagging per category
  • Performance enhancements and bug fixes


  • New feature: Compatibility mode
  • New feature: Re-enter your textCavate username and password
  • UI improvements: textCavate tab now shows more overview of account


  • Major redesign and overhaul of settings panel
  • New feature: Abstract mode
  • New feature: Title removal
  • New feature: Name fragment detection
  • New feature: Acronym detection
  • New feature: Tag blacklists and whitelists


  • New feature: bulk tagging
  • Minor UI improvements (settings panel)


  • Fixes possible cross-site scripting security vulnerability


  • Minor UI improvements


  • Fixes header error experienced during plugin activation on some installations


  • New feature: monthly query counter added to Settings page
  • Improved behaviour: plugin now gracefully handles closed textCavate accounts


  • Fixes issue where tags weren’t showing for some textCavate users.


  • Added ability to choose number of tags
  • Added ability to include pronouns and dates in results
  • New plugin activation flow
  • Plugin utilises textCavate API


  • Maintainance release in preparation of switchover to new API. Older versions of the plugin will no longer function on 2015-08-03.


  • Plugin translated into Serbo-Croatian (sr_RS) by Andrijana Nikolic [Web Hosting Geeks]


  • New feature: German support


  • New feature: add tags when saving draft


  • Hello, word!