ForumPay Crypto Payments for WooCommerce


Crypto payment gateway for your business
Accept any crypto from any wallet and get paid in cash, instantly.

Crypto consumers are one of the fastest growing segments in the world with over 300 million wallets issued to date. Studies show that crypto consumers spend 2x AOV of a typical credit card consumer and that 40% are in fact new customers. Crypto is more efficient than traditional payment methods as there are less parties involved in a payment process.


  • Order checkout currency selection
  • Order checkout wallet QR code


Using admin panel

Open your admin panel and select Plugins tab. Click Add New and then Upload Plugin.
Select the downloaded ForumPay module .zip file.

Manual method (through filesystem):

Transfer the downloaded .zip archive to your server and unzip it, so the forumpay-crypto-payments directory goes into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory relative to your WordPress root.
The directory structure should be as follows: /wp-content/plugins/forumpay-crypto-payments.

After the module is installed, go back to the Plugins page and activate it.

Configuration details:

  1. Title
    The label of the payment method that is displayed when user is prompted to choose one. You can leave default or set it to something like Pay with crypto.
  2. Description
    The additional description of the payment method that is displayed under the title.
  3. Environment
    Dropdown lets you switch between ‘Production’ and ‘Sandbox’ modes.
    Use ‘Production’ for processing real transactions in a live environment and
    ‘Sandbox’ for safe testing without financial implications.
  4. API User
    This is our identifier that we need to access the payment system.
    It can be found in your Profile.
    Go to profile >
  5. API Secret
    Important: never share it to anyone!
    Think of it as a password.
    API Secret consists of two parts. When generated in ForumPay dashboard,
    the first one will be displayed in your profile, while the second part will be sent to your e-mail.
    You need to enter both parts here (one after the other).
  6. POS ID
    This is how payments coming to your wallets are going to be identified.
    Special characters are not allowed. Allowed characters are: [A-Za-z0-9._-] (e.g. my-shop, my_shop).
  7. Accept Instant (Zero) Confirmations
    Allows immediate transaction approval without waiting for network confirmations, enhancing speed but with increased risk.
  8. Custom environment URL
    Optional: URL to the API server. This value will override the default setting. Only used for debugging.

Don’t forget to click Save changes button after the settings are filled in.


Can not select cryptocurrency, there is no dropdown:

This issue probably happens because webshop\’s backend cannot access ForumPay.
Please check if your API keys in the configuration are correct.

The plugin has been installed and activated successfully, but it does not appear in the WooCommerce payments settings

Please ensure that you have installed the latest release of the ForumPay Payment Gateway plugin.

Server returns **413 Request Entity Too Large** error when uploading the plugin zip file

Please check your Nginx configuration. client_max_body_size and post_max_size properties should be larger than the uploaded .zip file

server {
    client_max_body_size 20M;
    post_max_size 20M;



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