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Football Pool

This plugin adds a fantasy sports pool to your blog. Play against other users, predict outcomes of matches and earn points.

Wow, there are a lot of options. Do I need to change them?

You can, but it's not necessary. With default settings the plugin should be fine. You can play around with the options before you start the pool.

The ranking calculation shows an estimated time left of several hours. Why?

The calculation of the total amount of time left is based on the time a single step took to complete and this is multiplied by the total number of steps remaining for the calculation. If the step sizes (which can be set in the wp-config.php) of the first calculations are much larger than the calculation steps that follow, then at first the total time calculation may be too high.

Or maybe you just have a huge database of users, rankings and matches. If that is the case, then the calculation could be right and the total time for the calculation just takes ages to complete. But, as a reference, I tested with 2000 users, 50 matches and 3 custom rankings on my laptop and that calculation took approx. 45 minutes to complete with default step sizes.

Do you have a theme that I can use with the plugin?

No. I'm not a designer, so I don't have the skills to make one.

I installed the plugin, but there are no matches. What happened?

Since version 2.0.0 the plugin does not add the matches on install. But it does contain an example match schedule as an exported csv file. Go to the Matches admin page and do an import of a schedule file ("Bulk change match schedule").

Do I need the "Predictions" page?

Yes and no. The plugin needs this page to display predictions of users. So don't delete it. But you can remove it from your menu (WordPress Admin » Appearance » Menus). Some themes or WordPress configurations automatically put all top level pages in the navigation. See information from the theme maker on how to make a custom menu or how to exclude pages from the menu.

I want to use the plugin for a national competition. Is that possible?

Yes. There are two ways to do this: 1. Upload a game schedule in the admin. Make sure you understand the required format; you can find an example in the plugin's upload folder. 2. Use the admin screens to add all the teams, groups, match types, matches, etc.

And, of course, choose a theme or make one yourself that fits your competition or blog.

The plugin won't calculate the ranking

If you experience problems with the calculation of the ranking, you may wanna try the old calculation method. To enable the old method add the following line to your wp-config.php file: define( 'FOOTBALLPOOL_RANKING_CALCULATION_NOAJAX', true );. If you have any information that may help me solve your problem (e.g. the error log), please send the information to wordpressfootballpool [at] gmail [dot] com.

The charts are gone! What happened?

I had to remove the required library because of WordPress plugin license policies. If you want to enable the charts then see the Help page in the WordPress admin for details on how to install the required library.

I don't see my blog users as players of the pool.

Go to the WordPress Admin » Football Pool » Users screen and check if these users are added in a league (if you are using leagues). Newly registered users are automatically added, but users that already existed in your blog have to be updated in the admin screen. In order to make them a player in the pool add them to a league and save. If you delete a league, then the users in that league must be placed in another league. If you're not using leagues, then make sure the users are not removed from the pool via the Users screen.

Is there a translation available?

See the 'Other notes' section for the available languages (and their translators). The translations are in the 'languages' dir. To use translations, change the site language setting of WordPress (or set WPLANG constant in the wp-config.php to the right language code, e.g. "nl_NL", if you're using an older version of WordPress).

If you want to make your own translation, you can use the pot-file that is included in the languages directory or make a copy of one of the football-pool-*locale*.po files in the languages directory and use an editor like Poedit (http://www.poedit.net/) to create the mo-file. The default content for the rules page is in the rules-page-content-*locale*.txt file (e.g. rules-page-content-nl_NL.txt). If you've made your own translation and mail it to me, I'll add it to the plugin and give you the credits. You can put your custom translation files in the plugin-dir, but be careful they don't get overwritten with an update of the plugin. So, according to this site (and the codex) it's better to put the translation file in a subfolder (named 'football-pool') of the WP_LANG_DIR. I support the fallback mechanism that is described on that site in my plugin.

Make sure you name the mo-file right: football-pool-aa_BB.mo (where aa_BB is your language code)

I installed the plugin, but it does not look like your screenshots.

That's correct. The plugin has some basic styling, but it will not change your entire blog. You will have to fit the styling to your site yourself. Change your theme to overwrite/change the style of the plugin, or use a plugin to add extra custom stylesheets. Please don't change the css in the plugin folder; if you update the plugin, all your hard work will be gone.

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


4.9 out of 5 stars


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