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Football Pool

This plugin adds a fantasy sports pool to your blog. Play against other users, predict outcomes of matches and earn points.


  • New: WP-CLI support for score calculation. See help page in the admin for more information.
  • New: HTML templates for the group table. The templates can be changed via hooks. See help for details.
  • New: shortcode [fp-scores] for displaying the scores for every user for one or more matches.
  • New: new options for the user page (only show matches with predictions, only show finished matches and show actual results below prediction).
  • Updated fp-league-info shortcode so it now also displays data when the pool hasn't started yet (there is no data in the score table).
  • Added user ID to calc_score so it can be used in the filters.
  • List email addresses in admin now takes search filter into account when displaying the addresses.
  • If FOOTBALLPOOL_ALL_WP_USERS constant is defined in wp-config the plugin will show names of users that are no (longer a) valid user in the plugin (e.g. when displaying a name in the shoutbox) instead of 'unknown'.
  • Updated some translations.
  • Changed visibility of methods in the charts class to be able to extend this class in extension plugins.
  • Updated the bulk matches upload code with some extra checks on the csv file.
  • Bug fix: bulk matches upload page exited with an error notice if one of the folders didn't exist (thanks Kadri-Ann for reporting the bug).
  • Bug fix: countdown widget and countdown shortcode gave an error when texts were used with single quotes in them (thanks florent71 for reporting the bug).
  • Bug fix: ranking didn't show 'currentuser' css class for logged on user (thanks saschapi for reporting the bug).
  • Bug fix: changing the constant FOOTBALLPOOL_CSV_DELIMITER caused a problem in the column count of the import function.


  • Updated German translation (thanks aileesh).
  • Updated English schedule because it contained a small error in the final (thanks benster1970 for reporting this).
  • Prepare plugin for new plugin translation system (http://translate.wordpress.org).
  • Added match ID to calc_score function so it can be used in the filters.
  • Bug fix: On the stadium page the "Matches" title was printed below the matches.


  • Important: Location of team images, stadiums and flags has changed in since version 2.5.2. Backup your files before updating.
  • Updated schedules as these were not in UTC time.
  • Added filters for the chart data. When you change the score calculation you now also have the ability to update the charts to match your changes.
  • Bug fix: ranking widget and shortcode didn't use the max users setting (thanks Gerrit for reporting the bug).


  • Important: Moved location of team images, stadiums and flags outside of plugin dir so your own images won't be overwritten on future updates. Plugin creates a football-pool dir in the WP upload dir for all your files.
  • Added select from media lib for the league image.
  • Newly added users to your pool are now immediately included in the ranking even though you didn't do a calculation yet.
  • I disabled the loading of avatars because these can slow down the ranking display tremendously (WP runs a couple of database queries for every user to get the avatar). If you extended the plugin to show the avatars in your ranking, you can enable the loading again by setting the FOOTBALLPOOL_NO_AVATAR constant to false in your wp-config.php. Note: my setting only affects the plugin, not the rest of your blog.
  • Added an upgrade warning in the WP plugin upgrade screen (for future upgrades).
  • Added ability to cancel the calculation process. Old ranking will stay active if a calculation is cancelled.
  • Some code cleanup in the admin.js file.
  • Removed some default styling from the pool.css file.
  • Removed some old match schedules.
  • Removed some unused images from the default install.
  • Updated the favicons (logo for the UEFA Championship 2016) and placed them in a different location.


  • Fixed unknown constant notice.
  • Bug fix: When no calculation is needed, no message was shown (thanks Reinis for reporting the bug).
  • Bug fix: When a calculation is completed with no matches or questions, the session was not cleared correctly. And any calculation that was performed after this, stayed in the same 'no calc' state (thanks Reinis for reporting the bug).


  • Complete rewrite of the score calculation. The calculation is split into smaller steps and stores intermediate results and data in a session. There is less chance of time outs during the calculation and it's easier to tweak the individual calculation step sizes. New calculation version allows you to easily overwrite the default scoring for matches with the hooks 'footballpool_score_calc_function_pre' and 'footballpool_score_calc_function_post'. In previous versions the ranking table displayed incorrect data when a calculation was in progress; this is fixed now. Only full calculations are possible in the new version (single ranking calculations and smart calculations no longer exist).
  • Added pagination to bonusquestion user answers admin page because this was causing trouble on installs with a lot of users.
  • Added user search in the user admin page.
  • Added option to change the redirect_to parameter for the registration page.
  • New shortcode [fp-next-matches].
  • Changed some add_query_arg/remove_query_arg calls (more info).
  • Changed the name of the content filter constant to FOOTBALLPOOL_CONTENT_FILTER_PRIORITY.
  • Removed the deprecated shortcodes and corresponding option values.
  • Bug fix: On some WP installations the activation quit with a fatal error on the add_cap() function. This happens if one of the default roles cannot be found (thanks David Anderson for reporting this bug).
  • Bug fix: Removed obsolete closing div from statistics page (thanks WilRC for reporting this bug).
  • Bug fix: Cog icon for selecting users on statistics page didn't work in themes that add an anchor on the page title (thanks pekos for reporting this bug).


  • Bug fix: Undefined variable match in last games widget.


  • Added 'auto set' function to bonus questions. This makes it easier for admins when rewarding points for multiple choice questions with a fixed set of answers a user can choose from.
  • Added a WordPress filter that adds the team name, stadium name or group name to the corresponding page's title tag.
  • Added some more filters in the code.
  • Added weighted average points as an option for the [fp-league-info] shortcode.
  • Updated Dutch translation.
  • Added Swedish translation.
  • Added Hungarian translation.
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese translation.
  • Bug fix: Shoutbox date and time were not localized (thanks to wendihihihi for reporting this).
  • Bug fix: When all bonus questions are linked to a match, the pool page still showed the title for a question form beneath the matches form.
  • Bug fix: Answers to linked bonus questions were shown in the prediction overview for users even when the question is still editable. This is unwanted behaviour. (thanks to maybor for reporting the bug).
  • Bug fix: Countdown to next match widget displayed wrong match when a team is specified (thanks to Pierre Suter for reporting the bug).
  • Bug fix: Stats page showed pie chart for bonus questions where score_date was not set.
  • Bug fix: Countdown widget didn't show the next match when "Date descending" was chosen as the match sorting option (thanks to korry for reporting the bug).


  • Some themes don't show the cog icon for the chart settings in the title of the page. Added shortcode [fp-chart-settings] that can be used to display the cog icon somewhere in the text. The shortcode only works for the statistics page.
  • Added FOOTBALLPOOL_CHANGE_STATS_TITLE constant that can be set to false in the wp-config file to disable the cog icon in the page title (in case something goes wrong in your theme).
  • Removed 'show avatar' option. I'm in the midst of changing some parts of the plugin to use HTML templates for the display of data. The avatar can already be added to the ranking table (see help page for details); other parts of the plugin will follow later.
  • Moved the plugin screenshots from the plugin's zip to the svn assets folder (they're only needed for the wordpress.org site).
  • Bug fix: matches disappeared when using a match sorting method that included the match type (thanks Kevin for reporting the problem and allowing me to do some bug tracking on your site).
  • Bug fix: shortcode pop-up in the WP admin always included a group ID for the [fp-matches] shortcode.
  • Bug fix: calculation of number of predictions went wrong for custom rankings with only bonus questions (thanks Daniel for reporting the bug).
  • Bug fix: undefined index 'league_id' on the ranking page (thanks sillery4ever for reporting the bug).
  • Bug fix: match schedule was wrong for the quarter finals. The matches were imported sorted on date causing the match numbers to not match correctly for the semi-finals (e.g. winner match 57). (thanks Bobby Groenen for reporting the bug).
  • Bug fix: get_page_link() caused a notice when plugin pages are deleted from the database.
  • Bug fix: typo in match template; match ID and form ID weren't replaced with the params.


  • Changed option: redirect after login option can now be left empty to use the default WP behavior (go to profile page).
  • Statistics page now shows the top 5 players to visitors that are not logged in (and if no user is selected in the chart settings).
  • Bug fix: new feature pointer for recalc was also shown to non-admins.
  • Bug fix: user predictions were shown before the match stop time had passed (thanks latinosamorir for reporting the bug).


  • Important! Changes were made in the scorehistory table. If you're upgrading from a previous version please do a full calculation after the upgrade.
  • New: HTML templates for the matches table, prediction form or ranking table. The templates can be changed via hooks. See help for details.
  • Changed default width of matches table to 100% so it works better on responsive themes.
  • Changed charts to a 100% width and made them responsive. If you want to change the width of the charts to a fixed width, you can do so in your theme CSS.
  • New bonus question types: multiline text and dropdown.
  • New option: users (not admins) will be redirected to a configurable page after registration (defaults to homepage).
  • New option: joker multiplier can now be changed in the options.
  • New option: (re)set the pages installed by the plugin (e.g. the matches page).
  • New shortcode: display info from a league with [fp-league-info].
  • Changed shortcode: [fp-predictionform] will no longer display a form when the visitor is not logged in.
  • Removed the userselector widget and placed the functionality on the charts page. Old selector wasn't working well for mobile devices, where in a lot of themes the widget zones are placed at the bottom of the page.
  • Removed user_label functionality (the meta key is still in the database if you want to use it). User name display can now be altered via the footballpool_user_info_display_name filter.
  • Removed 'number of predictions' as an option for the ranking table. This functionality is now available as a template parameter in the new template structure. See the help page under the Actions and Filters section if you want the number of predictions back.
  • Added option to custom rankings to exclude them from a recalculation.
  • Reduced the number of queries on the frontend when linked questions are used.
  • New favicon and touch icons in the 2014 World Cup style.
  • Restructured javascript code.
  • Added prediction log that logs all prediction changes by users to a table (accessible via a database tool).
  • Fixed strict warnings caused by calling non-static functions statically.
  • Bug fix: score calculations went wrong for bonus questions when not using the leagues options (thanks sillery4ever for reporting the bug).
  • Bug fix: ranking selector did not work in WordPress installs with default permalink setting (thanks sillery4ever for reporting the bug).
  • Bug fix: save of user answers in the bonus question admin gave an error on PHP 5.2 installs (thanks sillery4ever for reporting the bug).
  • Bug fix: multiple ranking widgets always showed the same ranking (thanks oswaldine for reporting the bug).
  • Bug fix: [fp-user-score] sometimes returned an incorrect score (thanks sillery4ever for reporting the bug).
  • Bug fix: shortcode insert in editor failed in WP 3.9 (WP 3.9 uses a new tinyMCE version).
  • Bug fix: shoutbox admin threw a warning on the start screen.
  • Bug fix: if jokers are disabled then jokers that were already set, are still counted in the scoring.


  • Bug fix: the score calculation contained a bug for installs with a big gap in the user ID's. Thanks Sergio for reporting the bug and helping me with the debug info.


  • Small styling updates for WordPress 3.8.
  • Added the match schedule for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.
  • New shortcode: display the ranking of a single user with [fp-user-ranking].
  • New parameter 'group' for the [fp-matches] shortcode.
  • Several hooks (filters and actions) that make the plugin extensible. See help page for details.
  • Import CSV & Overwrite will now exit with an error when the file is invalid. The data will not be erased.
  • Import CSV & Overwrite will ask for an extra confirmation.
  • Bug fix: undefined index 'ranking' on the ranking page.


  • Bug fix: matches admin added timezone offset on every save (thanks BruceFeuillette for reporting the bug).


  • Bug fix: in some setups the division of the score calculation in multiple sub-steps caused the scores to be multiplied by the number of sub-steps (e.g. 2 or 3). Thanks Fares and Bart for reporting the bug and helping me with the debug info.
  • Bug fix: tinymce button added the wrong code for the [fp-predictions] shortcode to the text editor (thanks pjbursnall for reporting the bug).


  • Bug fix: internal server error (bad header) in score calculation AJAX call (thanks Josh and sindris for reporting the bug and giving me the information from the error log).
  • Bug fix: removing users as a player resulted in an undefined function error (thanks Josh for reporting the bug).


  • Bug fix: plugin broke the "featured image" function of WordPress (thanks CornelB for reporting the bug).
  • Option to keep data on uninstall is now enabled by default.


  • Updated score calculation: better support for a large user base and moved the calculation to a modal pop-up with AJAX handling (with fallback to 'normal' calculation).
  • Added pagination to the user admin page (default is 20 per page; because of a bug in WP 3.6 and below it is not possible to change it in the screen options tab, so change it in the define.php file).
  • Added pagination to the matches admin page (default is 50 per page; because of a bug in WP 3.6 and below it is not possible to change it in the screen options tab, so change it in the define.php file).
  • New feature: link a question to a match. Linked questions are displayed beneath the match on the prediction form.
  • New scoring option: goal difference bonus.
  • New shortcode: display the score of a single user with [fp-user-score].
  • New shortcode: display the predictions for a match or question with [fp-predictions].
  • New shortcode: display a table of matches with [fp-matches].
  • Some additions to the custom rankings admin screen.
  • New option: disable jokers.
  • New options for points a team gets for a win or draw (for the Groups page). This makes the plugin more suitable for sports that don't use the 3-point rule for wins.
  • New option: show team photos on team listing page.
  • New option: show venue photos on venue listing page.
  • New option: choose if plugin must keep all data on uninstall.
  • New option: show number of predictions per user in the ranking (match predictions and bonus question anwers are counted); this can be set for the ranking page and for the ranking widget and shortcode.
  • New sorting option for matches to be able to include match types in the sorting.
  • Widget "Next prediction countdown" has a new option to countdown to the next match of a particular team.
  • Changed image selection to WordPress 3.5 Media Uploader for WordPress version 3.5+.
  • Added contextual help to admin screens. Moved informative text on admin pages to these help tabs (needs WordPress 3.3 or higher).
  • Added image for wrong answers to prediction table for questions.
  • Changed database table structure so naming convention is the same for all tables.
  • Minified the javascript files.
  • Bug fix: old values were shown after a save of a match or a question in the admin (cache is now flushed after a save).
  • Bug fix: the 'dynamic stop time' check did not work as it should, causing a prediction for a match not being saved to the database even though the match was still editable in the prediction form (thanks full1restart719 and BruceFeuillette for reporting the bug helping me with fixing the bug).
  • Bug fix: prediction form shortcode did not update values when used in a post (thanks BruceFeuillette for reporting the bug).
  • Bug fix: user selector widget did not work in WordPress installs with default permalink setting (thanks Tomas Jonsson to for reporting this).
  • Bug fix: ranking selector did not work in WordPress installs with default permalink setting (related to bug in user selector widget).
  • Bug fix: pie charts where not updated correctly for user defined rankings once such a ranking was selected on the charts page.
  • Bug fix: custom date field in the shortcode tinymce popup was behaving strange.
  • Bug fix: not all labels in group widget and group standing page were translated.
  • New translation: Albanian (sq) by Migen Nepravishta.
  • New translation: Danish (da_DK) by Morten Bilberg Rasmussen.
  • New translation: German (de_DE) by Frank Winter.


  • Bug fix: CSV upload in matches admin was not working (thanks BruceFeuillette for reporting the bug).


  • Bug fix: removed a non-working option (prediction type) from the plugin option screen (thanks Matías for sending the screenshot). The prediction type will probably be in version 2.3.0.


  • Bug fix: on pools with no bonus questions the User defined ranking admin gave an error (thanks Guzz Windsor for reporting this).


  • Bug fix: WP nonce not set on delete and edit link in matches admin screen (thanks ipixelestudio for reporting this).


  • DateTime::getTimestamp requires PHP 5.3 or higher. I replaced those calls with code that doesn't break on PHP version 5.2 (thanks to chiribombi for reporting this).


  • Important: styling of the widgets has changed. They contained styles that could conflict with the styling of other widgets.
  • Some minor changes in the security model: WordPress editors can now also manage the plugin and there is a new role "Football Pool Admin" with only rights to the plugin's admin screens.
  • New feature: user defined rankings (ranking for a selected group of matches and/or questions).
  • New feature: plugin option to always show predictions of other players. Regardless of the fact if matches are editable for your contenders.
  • New shortcode to support the user defined rankings.
  • New option to let users choose between different rankings on the charts page or ranking page.
  • New shortcode to show prediction form for a group of matches and/or bonus questions.
  • New feature: ability to use result of matches in multiple match types as data for the Groups page. This option can be set in the plugin options screen (thanks to Eli for reporting this).
  • New feature: option to show user's avatar in the ranking tables.
  • New option: choose sorting method of matches (date ascending or date descending).
  • Added French translation (thanks Julien Blancher).
  • All dates in the front-end are localized using date_i18n() and WordPress' Time Format setting.
  • Clean up: all plugin options are stored in a single array in the wp_options table.
  • Bug fix: if charts were disabled the plugin could break other plugins that use javascript (thanks AndresCZ).
  • Bug fix: description text of widgets was not correct in the WordPress admin.
  • Bug fix: when using the plugin in a different language the 'Save & Close' buttons did not work correctly in the admin.
  • Bug fix: stadium names with special chars (like Ã) did not work correctly in PHP version below 5.4 (thanks angelpubli).
  • Bug fix: when adding teams the new team was not displayed in the list. You had to reload the page.
  • Bug fix: it was possible to add a match without a match type, venue or team. These 'orphaned' matches were saved in the database, but not shown.
  • Bug fix: adding a new bonus question caused a warning for the first question.
  • Bug fix: a user could use a trick to set multiple jokers. This was fixed.


  • Added an extra warning for the administrator of the blog in the Plugins and Updates pages in the WordPress admin when the plugin has the charts enabled but the Highcharts API is missing.


  • Bug fix: upgrading the plugin also deletes the Highcharts API. To make sure the front-end does not quit working, a small change was made to the init code. Also, the plugin now expects the API to be located outside the plugin's directory: wp-content/plugins/highcharts-js/.


  • Small updates for WordPress 3.5.
  • Added a button to the WordPress visual editor for an easy way of adding the plugin's shortcodes to your pages and posts.
  • Line charts now show team names for a match in the tooltip of a data point.
  • Prefixed all shortcodes with "fp-" (the old ones that didn't have this prefix).
  • Bug fix: ordinal numbers in the 'position in the pool' chart were gone.
  • Bug fix: the CSV importer caused an 'unknown index' notice for the new comments field for venues.


  • Added an extra scoring option: bonus points for guessing one of the goals for home team or away team correct.
  • Added culture selection to csv file list (on import screen) and support for meta information in the csv file.
  • Added extra label that can be added to a username via the User Admin screen. Usable for an extra status (e.g. "winner 2012") or to show cumulative scores from other years (e.g. "1057 points"). The label (if not empty) is added behind a user's name on the ranking page and in the list generated by the ranking shortcode. A CSS class that can be styled to your liking is added to the label.
  • Added possibility to hide match types from the website. Usefull for competitions with large amounts of matches where you don't want to show every match all the time. Invisible match types are not shown on the website (matches page and prediction page) and in the admin for matches, but are still calculated for the scores.
  • Added extra info fields for venues and teams. The info is displayed on the team or venue page.
  • Added Spanish translation (thanks Cristian Carlucci).
  • Bug fixed: teams that are 'real' were accidently shown in a dropdown on the Matches admin screen.
  • Bug fixed: matches that have an empty venue caused a notice in the import.
  • bug fixed: countdown shortcode was not fixed for the new UTC match times.
  • Bug fixed: UTC times that passed the end of the day (0:00h) caused matches to be displayed on the wrong day in the matches overview (thanks Cristian).
  • Bug fixed: match times in the schedules that ship with the plugin were not UTC.


  • Bug fixed: teams that are not in a group caused a notice in the import.
  • Hint added on the matches admin screen.


  • Added or changed admin screens for teams, groups, match types and matches so they can be easily manipulated. This way the plugin is not limited to the European championship, but can also be used for other competitions, e.g. the English Premier League.
  • Changed default language to English. This makes the plugin easier to translate.
  • Changed layout of the Plugin Option admin screen. More options and better grouped.
  • Fixed a problem for DB users that don't have TRUNCATE rights. (thanks Millvi)
  • Plugin now supports WordPress installs with default permalinks settings.
  • Multiple choice questions with more than one answer (checkboxes) can now have a max number of answers a user may give.
  • Bug fixed: prediction page for a user did not show the right points for a bonus question. (thanks Maly77)
  • Bug fixed: User Selector Widget caused a notice on 404 pages.
  • Added colorbox instead of fancybox for lightbox. Fancybox does not have a GPL-compatible license.


  • Removed Highcharts library from the package on request from WordPress. The Highcharts library has a non-GPL-compatible license which violates WordPress plugin rules. If you want to keep using the charts you have to download the library yourself and enable the charts feature in the plugin option screen.


  • New: list of email adresses of players in your pool available in the plugin User Admin screen. You can copy and paste it in an email to quickly mail your users (without the need of installing a mail plugin).
  • New: if using leagues the ranking page now defaults to the league the user is in.
  • Bug fixed: check if user is a player in the pool did not work correct for users that are added to the blog, but are not in a league.
  • Refactored code for the widgets.


  • Fixed a potential problem with magic quotes (wp_magic_quotes adds slashes regardless of your PHP setup).
  • Performance update. Reduced number of database queries for a page request.
  • New widget (bèta): countdown to next match.
  • Extra options for countdown shortcode (see help page for details).


  • DateTime::createFromFormat requires PHP 5.3 or higher. I replaced those calls in the core classes with code that doesn't break on PHP version 5.2.
  • New version of the Fancybox javascript library (2.0.6).
  • New version of the Highcharts javascript library (2.2.4).
  • Added two more layout options to the plugin options (favicon and apple-touch-icon).
  • Moved body font-styling from the global stylesheet to the theme skin.


  • Some texts were lost in translation. I added them.
  • New configuration options for a single 'lock time' for matches and bonus questions. If set, users have to finish all their predictions before this date and time.
  • Plugin supports a maximum number of answers a user may select in a multiple choice question (checkbox). The check is only done client-side and requires a bit of javascript knowledge to use it. See top of pool.js file for usage. I recommend adding the javascript calls in a separate file, add them to your theme or use a plugin that helps adding custom javascript to your blog. (thanks srozemuller)
  • Added Polish translation. (thanks Łukasz Ciastoń)


  • Translations (i18n) are working. Plugin contains en_GB translation for my Dutch version of the pool and a pot-file for users that want to make their own translation. See the FAQ for more information. (thanks dcollis)
  • Bonus questions and user answers can now contain more than 200 characters.
  • Style updates.


  • Removed custom fields for admin in the standard WordPress user profile. Editing of users can be done in the plugin user screen.
  • Minor style updates.
  • Bug fixed: updating users via the WordPress User screen put them in the wrong league (when using leagues).
  • Bug fixed: new custom table for the question types was not prefixed properly; updated the install-script. (thanks sjonas)


  • New widget on the WordPress Admin Dashboard: a quick link to the pool. Change the picture for the widget in the Plugin Options.
  • Some reordering of files and minor style updates.
  • Bug fixed: deactivation of the plugin did not remove all custom tables. (thanks sjonas)


  • Bug fixed: new users were not added to the default league set in the plugin options.
  • Bug fixed: adding multiple users to the pool in the new admin screen did not work when users were removed from the pool with league support off.


  • New admin screen for Users. Add or remove them from the pool or change leagues of the players in one screen.
  • Added support for multiple choice questions (very basic).
  • Added support for photo questions (ask a question about an image).
  • New shortcode [fp-register] for including a link to the WordPress register screen in a post or page. See help page for more information.
  • New version of the Highcharts javascript library (2.2.3).
  • Bug fixed: shortcode [countdown] used UTC+0 time not the CET time of the match which I use everywhere else in the pool. (thanks drsp58)


  • New shortcode [fp-ranking] in case you don't want to use the ranking page or widget, but only want to display the ranking in a post. For complete help on this and other shortcodes, see the new help page in the admin section.
  • New shortcode [fp-group] if you want to include the standing of a group in a page or post.
  • New Group Widget that displays the standing for teams in the Group Stage in a sidebar.
  • New version of the Highcharts javascript library (2.2.2).
  • Added a helpscreen to the admin.
  • Bug fixed: when not using leagues the plugin did not properly show WordPress users as players in the pool.


  • Bug fixed: playDate index not found on the teams page.


  • New version of Highcharts javascript library (2.2.1). Did a small (cosmetic) change in the line charts.
  • Ranking page and ranking widget now show all users. Even the ones that registered for the pool after the first match was played. In previous versions the new user had to wait for an admin to save a match or bonusquestion to recalculate the points table.
  • Bug fixed: a timezone problem in the display of match times. (Thanks Okoth1)
  • Bug fixed: the admin screen for bonusquestions not displaying user answers.
  • Bug fixed: user selector widget showed all blog users.


  • Fix for the problem that - on a clean install - the default data for the pool was not loaded (matches, teams, etc.) in the database. (Thanks Okoth1)


  • Fixed a bug in the shoutbox admin (unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM).


  • Added pot/po/mo files with the new texts from the shoutbox widget.


  • Added a shoutbox widget for players in the pool. So they can leave short messages in a sidebar.
  • Prefixed all class names.
  • Fixed a bug with the bulk actions in the admin.


  • Removed English texts because I couldn't get gettext to work for my Dutch version. All texts are in Dutch now. If someone wants to translate the plugin, please contact me. I can give you a po-file with Dutch->English translations,


  • First release of the plugin version of the pool

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 2 weeks ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


4.9 out of 5 stars


2 of 3 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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