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Flyt URL Shortener and Sales Tracker


If you have ever wondered how to decide what ad platforms perform best for your site or even wondered where sales come from, flyt is for you! The flyt app allows you to track your sales through the use of our URL shortener, flyt. This simple extension is a first of its kindallowing users to track advertising efforts or the effectiveness of your social media on an easy-to-read dashboard. All you need to do is install the app, and then create short urls from Sales resulting from any clicks of the shortened flyt urls will automatically show up in the flyt dashboard. The app works seemlesly with Magento and the flyt.itwill update constantly the sales you have achieved through advertisiong or social media posts.

Track Sales (one dashboard)
Track Clicks (Locations, Platform, etc)

See where exactly sales are coming from
A/B test advertising or Social Media:
If you are advertising your product on Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram or any other platfrom and want to see what is performing the best and resulting in a positive ROI the flyt app is perfect for you! It's so simple all you would need to do iscreate a single url and add id extensions to it. For,, All the urls direct to the same place but you will see in the dashboard what sales came from each extension! 
It is so easy, that you will wonder why you were doing it any other way.
Create as many links as possible using this free app and manage them all from one place. You can track your sales worldwide from any digital media platform. That allows you to track your advertising efforts on Facebook, Twitter, Google, and more. 
The Flyt links will route people to where they need to be. They can send them right to the proper mobile site depending on their location. That allows you to send visitors all around the world to the various digital stores. Flyt can do this automatically for you, so that you can just collect the payments and watch your business soar. Add to your ecommerce website with no codes. 
 So, what can this app do for you and your business???? 
Everything. It can pull in more clients, add to the bottom line, and track your sales all around the world. It can allow you to quickly and easily add your products and services to any site, any time, in an effort to get your products and services seen. There is no need for those complex codes, difficult formatting, and paying through the nose for ecommerce professionals. 
Now you can do it your self and FOR FREE.

Important Notice :
All above functionality provided by using the third party APIs of It’s track your sales order data when orders are placed by end user. It will track data of orders information because it’s require to track Sales reports generate.


  1. Upload flyt directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
    It will not require any configuration at now.


How can I configure this?

When you will to active this plugin from plugin manager than it will start working. You not need to do any additonal setting for this plugin. It will track all the sales information based on your domains requestes.

How it Work?

When you will short your URL using url shortner and share to social media it will automatic track sales based on traffic get from shared shortner URL on social media websites which site your store is referenced.

We have used Cookies becuase user can land on any page from any social media shared url and it will may be cantain with Ref. code like “CoolProduct”.
So we are saved this code in cookie becuase we need to send this code when customer place order and our API call for sales track with this Ref. code.
So we can easily generate sales report for this Ref. code based.

Cookie will hold value tempary for landing page and Ref. code on customer browsers.

Let me explain again here. Website owner have installed this for tracking sales. So now they will create short URL for any products with Reference code for promotions.
So they can track howmuch sales get generate with this URL and specific Ref. code.
For e.g. You have this product URL :
and website owner will share it on any social media ( website for promotions like :
So now customer get traffic from social media to website products page at the same time we are store Ref. code ( like here “coolproduct”) from URL get and save in cookie and landing from ( website as well.
Now customer can visit navigate any of pages, when customer place there order at the same time we are sending information (landing site and Ref.code if available with website domain used) to our server after successfully placed order.
Some time order can cancle or return after placed. So we are tracking order status via API, so we can generated sales report only for completed orders.
So now you can think about why we need to setup cookie, because we must need to store variable value for landing site and ref. code untill customer place order.
once order placed than we are doing unset our cookie variables.
We have working successfully our solution on magento and opencart now.

3-Party APIs :
We are using this call back APIs API URL ( ) when order status get changed. When customer place order than most of order status have like processing or pending or else..
So when order get completed than our system get notified via this email for this website order had completed XXX orders. So we can show report for only completed orders.

We are provide free service for just track sales revenue generated for any product page after promotions.
So we are using your orders information for generate sales report easily track for any specific product URL.
We are saving your orders infromation on our database for report generat. So all order data are save in our database.


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