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FlightLog is a WordPress plugin which helps you track your flights, gives a nice summary of them in your sidebar and even plots them on a map. FlightL

What is an IATA code? Where do I get it?

The IATA code is a three-letter code which is (almost) unique to an airport. FlightLog needs the IATA code of the airport to properly fetch its coordinates. Usually the IATA code of the airport is on your ticket; Wikipedia has a list of all IATA codes - just click the link "IATA" when entering a new flight.

FlightLog does not get coordinates for a given airport or gets them wrong

FlightLog uses Google geocode API to detect airports' coordinates. If it fails to get proper coordinates (incorrect values are displayed, or "?"), click the name of the airport and enter them manually. For all flights that feature this airport, FlightLog will then automatically recalculate the distance and flight time.

FlightLog wrongly calculates flight distance

FlightLog calculates flight distance based on airports' coordinates. Coordinates are fetched only once, when an airport is entered. If distance of a flight seems incorrect, make sure the coordinates of both departure and arrival airports are correct (see previous question for details). Do note that flighs rarely happen on a straight line; to accommodate for this, FlightLog rounds up distances to the closest 50 km or miles. If you want, you can still manually adjust flight distance: click the flight number to edit it.

FlightLog wrongly calculates flight time

FlightLog calculates flight's time based on the flight's distance. Jet crafts usually fly at around 800-850 km/h (500-530 mph) at cruising altitude, but significantly slower at take-off and landing - as low as 200-250 km/h (130-160 mph). To accommocate for this, FlightLog uses an average speed ot 650 km/h (400 mph). If you want, you can still manually adjust flight time the same way you can adjust flight distance. If you flew not a jet, but a propeller aircraft, you'd likely want to adjust the time.

I prefer to have the distances in miles, not in kilometers

Log with Admin privileges and go to the Plugins->FlightLog page. On top, fidn the Measurement System reading and click Metric. Change it to US. FlightLog will automatically recalculate distances of all flights in miles.

The "Delete" button is missing for some entries

If an airport, aircraft or airline is used in a flight, you won't be able to delete it. First delete all flights it appears in, then the "Delete" button will show up.

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.0
Last Updated: 12 months ago
Active Installs: 80+


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