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flexmls® IDX Plugin

Add flexmls IDX listings, market statistics, IDX searches, and a contact form on your web site.


  • Previous and Next buttons properly navigate in listing details
  • Ask A Question form not displaying
  • Location Search values with special characters are now applicable
  • IDX Search widget selected Property and Sub Types remain selected in pagination links
  • Improvments in handling IDX Slideshow fields
  • Updates to PHP constructors for WordPress 4.3


  • Supplements Added To Listing Detail Page
  • "All" Option Added To Property Type List In Shortcode Generator
  • Listing Status Filter Added To Shortcode Generator (Displays If Your Association Allows Solds In IDX)
  • More Default Sort Options Available
  • MLS # Now Included In Location Search Box Placeholder

Bugs fixed: * Widget Settings Not Saving Under Appearance > Widgets * Line Height Value Added To Location Search Box in IDX Search Widget * New Line Break Added After The URL In The Message Notification Email * Portal Registration Popup – Pages To Show Checkboxes Now Saving * Property Type and Property Sub Types Selected Fields Maintained For Both Search Results and Listing Detail Pages.


  • Fixed bug on admin pages that use tabs


  • Captcha to the contact me widget to prevent spam
  • If your association allows sold listings in IDX, you can now allow your users to search for sold listings in the IDX Search widget.
  • IDX Slideshow will properly format the listing address (if shown)
  • Added Line Height value to the location search box. This could only be seen on Internet Explorer
  • PHP warnings property sub-type field have been removed from the IDX Search widget.
  • For those that were experiencing a problem with your theme using font awesome the conflict has been resolved in this version.
  • Location Search box line-height added to prevent placeholder text cut-off in IE
  • Add box-sizing: content-box to CSS file to prevent the close button and navigation arrows from being hidden.


  • Fixed bug that caused api key to be cleared when updating to 3.5.0


  • All widgets are now responsive
  • IDX Slideshow widget will now fade to the next set of listings
  • Property Types are now check boxes in the IDX Search widget, which will allow users to select multiple property types
  • Added Sub-Types to IDX Search widget and the shortcode generator
  • New favorites icons
  • Added mouse rollover text displays to explain each favorite icon
  • IDX Listing Summary widget can now select multiple values from the Location Search box in the shortcode generator
  • New color selector box in the shortcode generator
  • Fixed displaying fields multiple times in the listing detail pages
  • Remove curly brace from 1-Click Location Search HTML Title Attribute(minor)
  • IDX List Number Search Property Type is no longer restricted


  • Made shortcodes work with new tinyMCE api
  • Fixed street address parameters for smart frame results
  • Agent website links now open in a new window
  • Property type is now included in 1-Click location searches
  • Updated CSS for search fields
  • Now caching portal api service


  • Preventing oauth2 api requests when not authenticated


  • Stable for wordpress version 3.8


  • Fixed title for the search results widget
  • Fixed pagination error for OnMarketDate


  • Allowing contact sessions to be saved when php's autostart is turned on.


  • Bug fix where schedule a showing errors on apostrophe
  • Removed from email tags from email headers
  • Changed Ajax error to be console log message


  • Fixed bug where widgets would not save options on edit


  • Constructor Warning message is fixed


  • IDX links now get looked up individually per summary widget


  • Fixed subdivision lookups
  • Fixed a pagination bug for listing details
  • Added email in schedule a showing messages
  • Added listing carts
  • Added Force Portal Registration Options
  • Added Favorites, Possibilities and Reject Icons for listings
  • Added more sort options to searches
  • Added Status in details and search results
  • Added portal logins
  • Added the portal widget


  • Fixed rare bug on agent search where Array could show as value for email
  • Fixed bug in Field Order on Detail's page
  • Removed Wildcard for search on Subdivisions


  • Added MLS logo on summary and detail pages
  • Preventing lead generation changes
  • Fixed IE 8 issue where photos showed blue background on listing details
  • Plugin's directory is now referenced correctly
  • Location searches now show field names on all fields
  • Fixed URL encoding bug on search results prefill


  • Added Office Roster in the shortcode generator
  • Added Documents to Listing Details
  • Plugin no longer activate if cURL is not enabled
  • Subdivisions will now work in shortcodes


  • Full screen photo on details page now shows currently selected photo
  • Now only one photo box will come up when selecting photos
  • Details page now uses the api field ordering service
  • Request a showing button will now work if agent name has an apostrophe
  • Users can now choose how many days for new listings, open houses, etc.
  • Fixed minor bug which would cause possible issues in the future with api requests
  • Removed wildcard from uneccessary parameters in location search


  • Added user side seting for number of search results


  • Allow size changes of slideshow widget
  • Added user side sort by options on search widget


  • Fixed issue with apostrophe in city name
  • Fixed double prefill of mlsareaminor searches


  • Eliminate pass-by-reference to avoid deprecation errors on PHP 5.3
  • Added Questions Button for lead generation to listing detail and search results
  • Support additional IDX compliance rules
  • Added new settings to allow site owner to choose "no available listing" page
  • IDX search widget now complies with any saved search it is based on
  • Changed presentation of rooms in listing details
  • CSS changes to no longer obstruct content in dialogs
  • Fixed padding issue in vertical slideshow
  • Centered text in some search widget buttons


  • Add Street Additional Info to listing addresses


  • Bug fix for Map Overlay searches


  • Wildcard searching for some location search fields


  • Data fix for our Roanoke customers


  • Remove Street Suffix and Street Direction Suffix from list of Property Attributes


  • Added support for WordPress timezones in Listing Detail footer


  • Added MLS# under the address on the listing details page


  • Reverting some meta data changes for greater listing data support


  • Suppressing some additional fields from summary section of details page that should not be shown


  • Changed to use API meta data for labels and values


  • Added new setting to allow multiple summary list widgets on a page if needed. Not recommended for normal use


  • Add MLS Area (minor) to location searching


  • API db improvments
  • Maintain last search criteria in search widget
  • Schedule a Showing
  • Allow address and subdivision location searching


  • Fixed error when searching without a location input box


  • Fixed error where site url confusion on www/non-www


  • Fixed error when commas and dollar signs are entered and get 0 results


  • Fixed trim error on listing detail


  • Fields moved around api return, presentation fix


  • Fix for boolean "main" custom fields as details
  • Fix for bath fields
  • Add the ability to force the display of the listing agent on the WordPress plugin detail page
  • Fix title override from bleeding out
  • Fix links and widgets from being broken when wordpress is referenced from different folder


  • Fix for some broken image paths for IE users
  • Fix for photo film strip for IE users
  • Added some cache garbage collection to help keep the transient cache clean


  • Changes so list prices with decimals display correctly without rounding
  • Fix for listing price searches when using the IDX frame results
  • Fix for the lead generation widget to properly send data and identify notification preference
  • Changed assumed default for listing sorts in listing summary, slideshow and results widgets (assumes "price, high to low" if none given)
  • Small fix to the Settings screen to help eliminate PHP notices in certain environments


  • Improvements to speed up the plugin and API requests
  • Fix to IDX search results widget to allow PostalCode and other location search fields as criteria
  • Fix to photos when using multiple listing detail shortcodes


  • Fix to IDX Search widget so submit button honors selected color in IE
  • Small changes to IDX Slideshow widget to help longer lines fit without wrapping
  • Fix to IDX search results widget to allow ListingId to be used as criteria


  • Fix for issue with PHP error reporting levels and the new IDX Search widget features
  • Flagged third party plugin as having conflicts due to Javascript errors


  • Newly architected PHP API client for better speed, efficiency and features
  • New option in IDX Slideshow to limit shown listings by agent if the site uses an office API key
  • Lots of changes to IDX Search widget to support skins and new options
  • New widget to integrate a summary list of listings (or search results) directly into a WP page
  • New widget to integrate a detailed property report directly into a WP page
  • New shortcodes for the 2 new integrated widgets
  • Expanded and better organized settings screen under Settings > flexmls IDX
  • Ability to turn on display of Listing Office for more control over IDX compliance
  • Added the ability to rename property type labels shown to users (from Settings > flexmls IDX > Behavior)
  • Fixed some issues with the recent change to IDX link pagination


  • Fix for slideshow's missing/broken pagination


  • Changes needed to support the IDX Links service's pagination update


  • More minor updates to the IDX slideshow widget to better integrate with Facebook pages
  • Fix to slideshow for broader IE compatibility
  • Improved internal API session management to speed up requests and reduce session collisions (and associated errors)
  • Plugin now correctly handles browser pre-fetching for those that support it
  • Improved JSON parsing code. Now automatically uses native PHP functions if available for much faster JSON parsing


  • Minor update to the IDX slideshow widget to better support Facebook page integration


  • Small Colorbox changes for the photo viewer for better viewing on Facebook pages
  • Fixed a bug with Property Type conditions on My/Office/Company slideshow widgets


  • Added notification option for site owners when a new lead is created
  • Fixed some issues with magic_quotes and how quoted data is submitted to the plugin and API
  • Removed the ability for site owners to disable API caching. Cache can still be cleared manually from the Settings page


  • Added Area and Subdivision to location search where enabled
  • Upgraded Flot and Excanvas for better IE9 compatibility


  • Added protection to block directory viewing on misconfigured servers
  • Added a backup parsing method for URLs when $_GET isn't available
  • CSS enhancements to better cope with theme conflicts
  • Fixed market statistics graph compatibility issue with IE9
  • Fixed an issue with the default handling of idx_frame settings


  • Restricted portions of the address are now ignored
  • Add new Neighborhood Page feature
  • Changes to photo loading on the IDX Slideshow widget
  • Enhanced IDX Slideshow to include additional, optional fields to show
  • Enhanced IDX Slideshow to make additional calls to API for more slides
  • Enhanced IDX Slideshow to allow sorting
  • IDX Slideshow widget now uses the selected Saved Search link as part of the criteria for pulling listings
  • New "My Office" and "My Company" filters for IDX Slideshow
  • Calls to the flexmls API now include the version of the plugin being used
  • CSS and Javascript changes to better integrate with themes and other plugins
  • Fixed issue with IDX logo being too large in some cases


  • Fixes an issue with the lead generation widget throwing an error in certain environments


  • Contains fixes for some CSS styling conflicts with certain themes
  • Fixes an issue where the location search selection isn't saved correctly under certain circumstances
  • Fixes for element and widget positioning


  • Contains fix for broken links to Javascript and styles


  • Small fix to correct the displayed IDX logo


  • This is a beta version.

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


3.4 out of 5 stars


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