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Flexi Pages Widget

A highly configurable WordPress sidebar widget to list pages and sub-pages. User friendly widget control comes with various options.

After selecting a few pages for exclusion, isn't it possible to deselect all pages? There is always one page selected for exclusion.

It is possible to deselect all pages. Hold the 'Ctrl' key in your keyboard and click on the name of the page that's not getting deselected.

What does 'Show only related subpages' and 'Show only strictly related subpages' mean?

When the option 'Show only related subpages' is selected, a subpage is listed only when the user visits the parent and sibling pages of the subpage. Thus, choosing this option will display the top level pages, children and siblings of the current page, and siblings of the parent page.

'Show only strictly related subpages' is same as the above except that siblings of parent page won't be displayed when on a subpage

Is there an option to list only subpages and hide the parent pages?

Although such an option does not exist, the 'Include' option can be used to achieve this. Select 'Include' instead of 'Exclude' and select all the pages you want to be listed. Pages left out won't be displayed.

Is it possible to display only the child-pages of a particular page?

Yes. In order to achieve this, select the 'Include' option, select just the child-pages to be listed (leave out all other pages), enable the 'Show subpages' option and select 'Show all sub-pages'.

How to customize the styling of items in the flexipages list? For example, how to indent the sub-pages?

The flexipages widget inherits the styling of the sidebar elements as defined in the style.css of your theme. But you can customize the widget. The items in the flexipages list go within the class 'flexipages_widget'. So if you want to display the links in green color, try putting the code .flexipages_widget a { color: #0f0; } in the style.css of your theme. To indent the sub-pages, try .flexipages_widget ul ul { margin-left:10px; }.

The widget treats a password protected page as any other page. Is there were a way to restrict the widget from showing password protected items until the password has been entered?

The built-in WP function get_pages() treat password protected pages as any other page, and don't have an option to hide password protected pages until the password is entered. Flexi Pages Widget plugin depends on this function, and until the functions provide an option to hide password protected pages, we can't have it.

The widget doesn't list private pages at all. Is there a way to show private pages when the admin is logged in?

The built-in WP function get_pages() doesn't list private pages and doesn't have an option to show private pages. Flexi Pages Widget plugin depends on this functions, and until thes functions provide an option to show private pages when the admin is logged in, it's not possible for us to show private pages.

Where do I ask a question about the plugin?

Plese use the WordPress support forums to ask a question. You can also contact the plugin author directly. Questions frequently asked will be incorporated into the FAQ section in future versions of the plugin.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.5
Last Updated: 7 months ago
Active Installs: 30,000+


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