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Flexi Pages Widget

A highly configurable WordPress sidebar widget to list pages and sub-pages. User friendly widget control comes with various options.

v1.7.3 (2016-08-22)

  • Fix

v1.7.2 (2016-04-13)

  • Code to add a default blank item to dropdown when in home page and 'show_home' is not set. This is to make sure all other page items are clickable.

v1.7.1 (2015-05-05)

  • Fix to the issue where the options won't upgrade for some users. Thanks to joffs and other users for the inputs.
  • Storing the version number in the options table. Could come in handy during future updates.

v1.7 (2015-04-23)

  • Fixes for errors and warnings
  • Better code structure, compatible with the latest WP version and the latest WP best practices
  • Added localization in Tamil

v1.6.13 (2013-06-04)

  • Fixes the bug introduced in previous update where an empty home page listing is introduced even when the home page link is disabled.

v1.6.12 (2013-06-04)

  • Added localization in Filipino and Danish languages.
  • Minor fixes.

v1.6.11.1 (2012-12-13)

  • Re-adding localization files that somehow missed the last update
  • Updating WP compatibility info in readme

v1.6.11 (2012-11-18)

  • Added localization in Serbian, Bulgarian, Belorussian, Chinese and Irish languages.
  • Minor fixes.

v1.6.10 (2011-08-30)

  • 'Go' button for the dropdown display is removed. Selecting a page automatically takes the user to the page.
  • Added localization in Bahasa Indonesia and Lithuanian language.
  • Minor fixes.

v1.6.6 (2011-06-17)

  • Hindi localization added.

v1.6.5 (2011-06-14)

  • Localization in Romanian language added.

v1.6.4 (2011-06-09)

  • Localization in Czech, Norwegian Bokmål and Polish languages added

v1.6.3 (2010-04-09)

  • Localization in Italian language added.

v1.6.2 (2010-03-02)

  • Localization in French language added.

v1.6.1 (2010-01-30)

  • Fixed the include/hierarchy issue
  • 'current_page_ancestor' and 'current_page_parent' class shown.

v1.6 (2010-01-09)

  • New feature to show the items in the widget as dropdown.
  • Core functions have been rewritten with a better logic.
  • Localization in Catalan and Dutch languages added.

v1.5.10 (2009-11-03)

  • Minor fix (closing quote for 'exinclude-values' in line 408)

v1.5.9 (2009-10-01)

  • Localization in Brazilian Portugese, Swedish and Turkish languages added.

v1.5.7 (2009-09-22)

  • Ukrainian localization added
  • Support for user defined widget arguments before_pagelist and after_pagelist

v1.5.6 (2009-09-14)

  • German localization added.

v1.5.5 (2009-09-10)

  • Support for localization added. Russian localization included.
  • Roll back to wp_list_pages() function. Because wp_page_menu() seems not to work properly in some themes.

v1.5.3 (2009-08-03)

  • Bug fix: Fixed the behaviour where the list won't appear in the posts page if it's chosen as a sub page (front page as static page)

v1.5.2 (2009-06-30)

  • Bug fix (thanks to John J. Camilleri). Must upgrade.

v1.5.1 (2009-04-18)

  • Bug fix. Title now doesn't show when there is no items in the list.
  • Frequently asked queries about private pages and password protected pages answered in FAQ.

v1.5 (2009-04-07)

  • Unlimited instances of the Flexi Pages Widget can be added to the sidebar.
  • New option to show date. This option, when selected displays creation or last modified date next to each page.
  • The widgets options gets an overhaul. The list of options in the widget control page as of version 1.5.
    • Title
    • Sort column and sort order
    • Exclude/Include a list of pages
    • Show subpages (or list only top level pages). Show all subpages or only related subpages.
    • List the pages in hierarchical or flat format. If hierarchical, choose depth.
    • Show link to the home page
    • Show date, and choose date format.
  • The plugin references wp_page_menu() function instead of wp_list_pages(). Consequently, version 1.5 will work only with WordPress versions 2.7 and above.

v1.4.1 (2008-05-21)

  • Bug fixes (issues regarding include/exclude sub-pages only with 'List sub-pages only in parent and related pages in hierarchy' option selected.)

v1.4 (2008-04-06)

  • Fixed the odd behaviour when the widget is placed below the recent posts widget.
  • Removed the redundant check box for home page link in widget controls
  • Tested with WordPress 2.5; widget control box styling compatible with WP 2.5

v1.3 (2008-02-19)

  • Multiple instances of the widget
  • Added 'Include pages' option
  • flexipages() template function
  • Other minor improvements

v1.2 (2007-08-31)

  • Added option to provide a custom text for the home page link
  • Custom depth of '-3' will display only parents, siblings and children along with top level pages. Parents' siblings wont be displayed.
  • Few other improvements and some optimization.
  • Tested with WordPress 2.3-beta1.

v1.1.2 (2007-08-22)

  • Fixed the missing </li> tag for home link
  • Added class name (page_item, current_page_item) for home link

v1.1.1 (2007-08-17)

  • bug fix
  • tested with WordPress 2.2.2

v1.1 (2007-08-12)

  • bug fix

v1.0 (2007-08-08)

  • Initial release

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.2
Last Updated: 5 months ago
Active Installs: 30,000+


4.2 out of 5 stars


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