Graphiq Search


Add relevant, interactive content to any WordPress post. Our plugin turns plain
text into visually engaging articles, with images, slideshows, side-by-side
comparisons, and deep details on people, organizations, products, and services.

To begin, click the “Add Visualizations” button above the post editor. If your post
contains any content, we’ll begin searching for visuals that match what you’re
writing about. From this interface you can also search for something specific,
see trending visuals, or browse by category. You can start a search from our
search box in the WordPress sidebar.

Once you’ve found the visual you want to use and customized it to your liking,
click “Add” button to insert this visual into your post. The content will
appear as a gray placeholder within your article. To see the content in action,
simply preview or publish your post.

The plugin includes over 1,500 topics (ex: Presidents), 500 million entities
(ex: Barack Obama), and billions of points of information (ex: Obama’s
historical approval ratings compared to other presidents).


  • Engage readers with relevant, visual content.
  • Add credibility to your posts. We’ve already done the research for you.
  • Post content that looks great and matches your site. Customize the look, feel,
    and style of each visual.


  • Begin by clicking "Add Visuals" or searching from the sidebar
  • We'll recommend visuals based on your article, but you can also search
  • Once you've found the right visual, add it to your post


Flashy, Spammy Ads Kill Promising Product's Value


I never write reviews but Im writing this because this was once the most promising plugin on WP but recently shot itself in the foot with over-the-top, animated ads which kill any credibility this plugin provides by making your site look spammy, slowing it down, and steal the visual appeal of the graphic. I get it, its a huge cost to provide the data they provide and although I'm sure their partners, AP, AOL, HuffPost, etc. can afford having no ads but, for small publishers, this plugin is now useless though I was completely okay with their previous version with their watermark and link to site. There are other options out there and I hope the author realizes that. No other plugin does this to the extent where its visual benefit is now destroyed. I can find/create graphs, they just made it a little easier- but not at this cost. I hope the author will resolve what I believe to be a completely self-defeating feature to an otherwise great product that deserved a 5 star review- I gave it 2 for at least offering a great plugin the past. Maybe Im ungrateful but I was happy to give them and their affiliates credit/traffic for graphics, not make my site look its 1999. If the author would like to make changes such as advertisements that dont distract from their visuals, I would be happy to fix my rating. I think thats reasonable considering they make money in conjunction with large publishers who split revenue off ads and exchange information/traffic. The visual cost now outweighs its benefit, its simple as that. Its a stupid business decision considering their business is literally based on visual appeal. THE GOOD: -fresh, unique insights into trending topics -up-to-date data -visually-aesthetic visuals and graphs (minus, you know, animated multi-colored banners I havent seen since 1999) -search graphs THE UGLY: -author doesnt include their use of obnoxious ads in screenshots, literally clips the screenshot where ads would be -track users, sell information to content providers/advertisers -ADS, ADS ADS! I get it, ads are necessary given how much time and money goes into such a great plugin but colorful, animated 3rd party banners on a plugin meant to enhance aesthetic value and boost reader engagement is, in my opinion, stupid given Graqphiq's watermark is ALREADY ON THE PRODUCT (as well as links to the sites the information comes from). Watermarks are absolutely okay but flashy banners in addition to your own 3X WITHIN THE CONTENT arent when cheapen any "credibility" these graphics add by making your site look like a spam site Sad end to one great, promising product. EDIT:--------------------- An example of all the links and ads on visuals (circled = link to graphiq). Banner was animated, wouldnt stop moving (page opened for 30 min), and doesnt match colors in graph What the product used to look like

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  • Ensure that widgets.js is enqueued in footer, since it must be executed after visualizations are added to the page


  • Removed requirement for title attribute to be present in shortcode


  • Fix AMP violation, ensure all AMP styles appear in head element


  • Fix AMP compatibility, remove require_once (Cheers to Stanko Metodiev for reporting!)


  • Add support for AMP embed code (when using WP-AMP plugin)
  • Default to wordpress shortcodes when embedding a story asset


  • Add support for inserting stories–a new asset type!
  • Switch to using javascript embed code, to support dynamic resizing of visaulizations
  • Pass plugin version when making requests to Graphiqs search API


  • Internal code restructuring for VIP


  • Fix Graphiq URL references, minify standalone cms integration library


  • More flexible data type handling for shortcodes


  • Minor wording change for launch button


  • Update plugin branding


  • Better validation and syntax for WordPress VIP coding standards


  • Removed use of extract for WordPress VIP


  • Add support for “Page” post type


  • Significant overhaul, rebranding as the “Visual Search” plugin
  • Begin indexing full breadth of content and visuals
  • More descriptive widget placeholders when editing post
  • Add optional API Key support for premium partners


  • Fix iframe API interface with graphiq application


  • Add HTTPS/SSL support
  • Add support for dealing with rate limited requests


  • Remove use of namespaces to support PHP 5.3
  • Optional support for custom post types
  • Fix image resource paths


  • Full revamp from initial version 1.0

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