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File Away

Upload, manage, and display files from your server directories or page attachments in stylized lists or sortable data tables.

  1. file-away screenshot 1

    With File Away's home-cooked FLightbox, you can read acclaimed books that you've written without having to leave the comfort of your WordPress installation.

  2. file-away screenshot 2

    With FLightbox you can watch award-winning films that you wrote and directed, in any of the four FLightbox themes, or with a theme of your own design!

  3. file-away screenshot 3

    With FLightbox, you can gaze nostalgically at a screengrab of that little skit you filmed with Edward James Olmos at the 46th-Annual WorldFest International Film Festival.

  4. file-away screenshot 4

    With File Up, you can upload depressing screenshots from your favorite Bergman films, and rename them before sending them to the black-and-white world of binary. You can have as many File Up forms on a page as you desire, all of them simultaneously uploading screenshots from Bela Tarr and Ingmar Bergman films, to make your site's visitors really happy.

  5. file-away screenshot 5

    With Manager Mode enabled, you can create new subdirectories right there in the table.

  6. file-away screenshot 6

    With Manager Mode or Directory Tree Navigation enabled, you can browse through subdirectories and manage your files completely.

  7. file-away screenshot 7

    With Manager Mode, you can bulk copy, move, delete, or download files. All with Ajax.

  8. file-away screenshot 8

    With Manager Mode, you can rename and delete individual files, all without page refreshes.

  9. file-away screenshot 9

    With Play-Away Audio Playback, you can choose the compact audio player (pictured), or the extended audio player, which gives the user full control over their listening experience.

  10. file-away screenshot 10

    You can monetize your File Away table or advertise upcoming events, with banners, just by uploading a super-simple CSV file, along with your banner images, into the designated Banners directory. Banners are chosen randomly on each page load, and will appear on your table at an interval you specify in your shortcode.

  11. file-away screenshot 11

    Who said File Away was all about files? You can add dynamically generated hyperlinks to any websites or web pages you desire, just by dropping a simple CSV file into the directory where your shortcode is pointed. Turn your File Away table or list into a hyperlink extravaganza!

  12. file-away screenshot 12

    A couple of Silk themed lists.

  13. file-away screenshot 13

    Here's a Silk themed list with the Date Modified included.

  14. file-away screenshot 14

    A Minimalist style table: sortable, searchable, paginated.

  15. file-away screenshot 15

    A Silver Bullet style table: sortable, searchable, paginated.

  16. file-away screenshot 16

    Enter a search term in the search field (here: "png") and everything else gets filtered out of the table.

  17. file-away screenshot 17

    Build your File Away, Attach Away, File Up, and File-a-Frame shortcodes with the stylin' and features-packed shortcode generator modal, found on the TinyMCE panel on your post/page editor.

  18. file-away screenshot 18

    Each shortcode option has its own information link. Click on, and voila! Information.

  19. file-away screenshot 19

    You can create custom columns to go in your File Away or Attach Away table, and insert metadata from each file into the custom columns.

  20. file-away screenshot 20

    Control who has access to Manager Mode tables. Those who don't can still see the table, if you want them to, just without all the managerial stuff.

  21. file-away screenshot 21

    Here's your Basic Configuration tab. Basically, configure it.

  22. file-away screenshot 22

    The Tutorials tab is crammed full of exhaustive tutorials. For instance, here's a tutorial showing you how to add banners to your File Away table.

  23. file-away screenshot 23

    Using the built-in CSS editor, or your own stylesheet which File Away with enqueue for you, you can create your own custom themes and colors for all your File Away shortcodes, including your own FLightbox themes.

  24. file-away screenshot 24

    There's info links all along the way to show you how. And don't forget the Custom CSS tutorials on the Tutorials tab!

  25. file-away screenshot 25

    Insert your File Away Manager table into a File Away iframe, using the File Away iframe template.

  26. file-away screenshot 26

    With File Away iframes, you can navigate through directories on your table without refreshing the page. You can also have multiple Manager Mode tables on the same page without conflict.

Requires: 3.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.8
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.9 out of 5 stars


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