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File Away

Upload, manage, and display files from your server directories or page attachments in stylized lists or sortable data tables.

  • Fixed conflict with BlackStudio TinyMCE Widget Plugin
  • Fixed issue with dynamic directories with usernames containing single periods.
  • Fixed audio playback issue on recurring tables.


  • Fixed backslash issue with file uploads when uploading into directory with apostrophe in name.


  • If you haven't updated to 3.9.1 yet, PLEASE install this update for important patches.
  • Fixed issue with database customdata notshowing up on recurring tables.
  • Added new option in the File Away settings page, under the Options tab, for Alternative Pathinfo. Try enabling if you have certain UTF-8 filenames that aren't showing up in your File Away displays.


  • Please update.
  • Fixed issue with bulk downloads.
  • Additional important patches.


  • Massively important update. Must download.
  • Added several security upgrades and patches.
  • Fixed bugs with customdata.
  • Added "Overwrite Filename" feature to File Up.
  • Various other bug fixes.


  • Fixed: could not use periods ( . ) in database-stored customdata. Can now.


  • Fixed bug with rename function when no customdata columns present (bug created in 3.8)


  • Fixed conflict between stats and redirect functions.
  • Improved: if a user has manager access, manager mode will override encryption mode, rather than encryption mode overriding manager mode.


  • Improved: You can now use commas (,) in your descriptions when using the database option for your file metadata. You can also use forward slashes with this option. Reminder: if using the filename for your file metadata, commas will still signify a column break. Using the database option allows you to use commas in normal speech.
  • Improved: File location for metadata will also now be updated if the directory is renamed using Manager Mode.
  • Fixed: Finished deprettifying custom data (forgot one bit in the last release).


  • New Feature: Store file metadata in a custom database table instead of in the filename. Usage is the same as the older method (which is still the default option). To use the new database option, just add metadata="database" to your File Away table, then in Manager Mode, use the rename function as normal. It will store the custom column data in the database, and remove customdata from the file name if it already exists. If you use Manager Mode to bulk move files, and if a given file being moved has metadata stored in the database, its directory location will be updated in the database. Note: bulk copy will not copy existing metadata.
  • New Feature: You now have the option to disable the prettification of filenames. The default behavior is still prettification. To disable this, add prettify="off" to your [fileaway] shortcode.
  • Added Polish translation.
  • Swapped position of time and date for non-U.S. date formatting.


  • Big improvements for s2member integration, RSS Feeds, and more
  • s2member output is now compatible with recursive, directory tree, and manager modes.
  • s2member activation detection now supports network activation.
  • [fileup] and [fileaway_values] shortcodes now also have the automatic s2member-files base directory in the shortcode generator modal. Or just use base="s2member-files" in [fileaway], [fileup], or [fileaway_values].
  • RSS Feeds settings have new options: optionally disable file size, date modified, and/or direct file links in your feeds.
  • You can now map your Monitored RSS Directory links within feeds to specific URLs using a CSV file. See the tutorial, RSS Dir-to-URL Mapping, in the Tutorials tab.
  • If you are using the above-mentioned CSV map, and you disable direct file links in your RSS Feeds, you can have the links in the feeds point to the page on your site where your File Away table is displayed, thus making RSS Feeds and Statistics work together.
  • Fix (hopefully) for those who have files >2GB on a 32-bit server. We use is_readable() instead of is_file() to check file's existence, and if you add mod="no" and size="no" to your shortcode, we should be able to display >2GB files on 32-bit servers.
  • Added super admin caps to Roles/Caps dropdowns if multisite is enabled.
  • Misc. bug-fixes


  • Bug Fix: Stats were not being recorded for PDFs in Flightboxes. Fixed.


  • Important bug fixes in this release. Please update.
  • Fixed: Bulk Downloads and Statistics were not working together (because of a typo caused after I successfully tested them, Ppffft!).
  • Fixed: s2members plugin was not reading as activated in multisite setups.
  • Fixed: RSS Links weren't showing up on sub-directories on the dir-tree nav under certain conditions.
  • Fixed: Timezone issues for sites with other plugins that were overriding File Away's default timezone setting.
  • Improved: Reset default server timezone (not WP timezone) to UTC after File Away is done with time stuff.


  • Please read changelog for 3.6 first.
  • Fixed typo in [stataway] table type shortcode, when attempting to hide email column. Tout va bien.
  • Added CSS rule for datepicker fields on [stataway] tables, to make sure they're inline in themes that set input fields as block by default.
  • Added option to show either fullpath+filename in [stataway] tables, or just the filename, in the file column. Use filecolumn="path" or filecolumn="file". Default is path so you can omit it in that case, actually.
  • Time format for [fileaway] lists and tables, and for [stataway] and [stataway_user] lists and tables, now pull time format from WordPress global settings. (Date format is still pulled from File Away global settings for tables, but is pulled from WordPress global settings for lists.)
  • Fixed: if s2skipconfirm was enabled, the skip confirmation query string was being saved as part of the filename in the statistics database. None of that no more.
  • Updated Croatian translation.


  • File Away now has a brand new, comprehensive, download statistics system, with a slew of options, including:
  • Instant and/or periodic notifications of downloads via email
  • Download statistics data table and downloadable spreadsheet reports: [stataway type="table" + other atts]
  • If statistics is enabled in your File Away global settings, it will automatically be enabled on all File Away lists and tables. You can disable statistics gathering on a per-shortcode basis using stats="false" in your shortcode. This only applies if Statistics is enabled in your global settings.
  • Top Download/Most Recent Downloads displays: [stataway type="list" + other atts]
  • Show users what they've downloaded in a given period, and/or their total number of downloads in a given period. [stataway_user + atts]
  • Use the shortcode generator to get familiar with the new shortcodes.
  • Download statistics include: precise timestamp for each download, file downloaded (with file path), user id, user name, user email, ip address, and user agent string.
  • File download statistics gathering is compatible with s2member downloads, encrypted downloads, bulk downloads, regular downloads, flightbox downloads.
  • You can specify user roles or specific users to ignore (will not collect download stats on those specified).
  • If a file is renamed or moved using File Away Manager Mode, or one of its parent folders is renamed using File Away Manager Mode, the new filename/filepath will replace all existing instances of the old one in the database, which means that a file can be renamed and moved and the statistics will be preserved.
  • Many more options within the statistics system.
  • Note: download stats will not be collected if the user downloads the file from an RSS feed. Download stats will only be collected when the user downloads the file using a File Away plugin shortcode on a WordPress page.
  • Now for the Rest:
  • Added two new table themes: whitestripes and greymatter
  • Added option for recursive feeds within feeds (if enabled, a parent folder's RSS feed can contain links to the RSS feeds of its subdirectories)
  • On the File Away Settings page, if certain specific settings are changed, it will now trigger a page refresh, so you can see the immediate results of your changes without having to refresh the page yourself.
  • Disabled right-click on Flightbox modal
  • Added support for s2member links to flightbox modal
  • Adjusted Flightbox window sizing for PDFs if the current window size is below a certain threshhold, the minimum margins will be smaller. (For users who are zoomed in and/or have small desktop resolutions.
  • Fixed minor directory nav bug
  • Experimental solution for sites with forced https on the front-end: added https alternatives to the Base URL setting on Basic Config tab. (If you choose the HTTPS option, then any File Away plugin shortcodes will need to be on an HTTPS page.)
  • Added "class" shortcode attribute to [fileaway], [attachaway], and [fileup]. Allows you to specify one or more css classes that will be applied to the containing div.


  • File Away 3.5. It's like File Away 3.1 but four points higher.
  • BIG NEW: Added RSS Feed generation system. If enabled, your users can subscribe to RSS feeds for directories you specify, to keep updated on new file additions. There is a fairly exhaustive video tutorial on setting up RSS feeds. Just add [fileaway_tutorials] to a page in order to watch it. The RSS feeds are also compatible with s2Members, thus the feeds will generate links to secure s2Members downloads if s2Members is installed.
  • BIG NEW: New set of shortcodes for Formidable Pro users to generate dynamic File-Away styled sortable, searchable, paginated data-tables in Formidable Pro Views. There's a video tutorial for that too.
  • BIG NEW: Optional guest redirection feature added. Specify a redirect URL in your File Away Basic Configuration page, then add redirect="true" to any [fileaway] shortcode. If the user is not logged in, the file download links will actually be links to your redirect URL.
  • um, changes I made to management.js in the last release were not effective, since somehow that file ended up in the wrong folder. Hence, NOW Flightbox will work with [fileaframe].
  • Pressing play on audio playback no longer selects the row when bulkdownload is enabled.
  • Wrote new function to detect timezone string if you are using UTC offset in your WordPress settings, hence, removed tutorial telling you not to use UTC offset in your WordPress settings.
  • Fixed issue with forced https pages giving false positive on install directory check, wreaking havoc on everything! No more of that.
  • Directory Icons and Names in DirTree/Manager tables were not having chosen color styles applied to them. Are now. Yuh-huh.
  • Added Romanian translation, thanks to Mike.


  • 3.3 was fun while it lasted.
  • BIG NEW: Added small, medium, and large size options for thumbnails. The default if the thumbsize attribute is omitted is small (what you've been used to with File Away thumbs heretofore). Small is 60x40. Medium is 120x80. Large is 180x120. For medium or large thumbs, just add thumbsize="medium" or thumbsize="large" to your shortcode.
  • Improved thumbs for YouTube and Vimeo. By default, if thumbnails are enabled the thumbnail for YouTube and Vimeo videos will be grabbed from YouTube's and Vimeo's servers, so you don't have to do anything. Or you can add your own thumb for YouTube and Vimeo videos like you would any other video file (see version 3.3 changelog, or tutorials). If you add your own to the directory, then the shortcode will not grab a thumb from YouTube or Vimeo's servers for that video.
  • Tweaked CSS for video thumbs.


  • You can now display thumbnails for video files if you provide the thumbnail images yourself. They will be visible for any video file type for which playback is supported in the FLightbox, including YouTube and Vimeo videos. Thumbnail images for videos can be either .jpg or .png (extensions need to be lowercase). The naming format is strict. If your video file is named: My_Movie_Trailer.mp4, your thumnail should be named _thumb_vid_My_Movie_Trailer.jpg or _thumb_vid_My_Movie_Trailer.png. If both jpg and png thumbs are found, png will take priority. They must be stored in the same directory as the video file (or parser CSV file, for YouTube and Vimeo videos). The thumbnail images should be at least 60px wide by 40px in height, but above that, they can be any size. They will be scaled and cropped by CSS3.
  • Final patch re: encryption. Wrote a new encryption method for the fallback encryption (for those without the mcrypt library on their server). Takes care of all the issues the original fallback method couldn't handle.


  • Added new dynamic path code: fa-usermeta(metakeyname) where "metakeyname" is the name of any user meta key. You can use multiple in the same path like this: fa-usermeta(metakey1)fa-usermeta(metakey2). You can separate them with other words or forwardslashes, just so long as the format is followed for each individual instance: fa-usermeta(metakeyname), with the user meta key in parentheses directly after fa-usermeta, with no spaces. Works with File Away and File Up Base and Sub, and with Fileaway Values Base, Sub, and Filename attributes.
  • Added FLV video support in FLightbox.
  • Added ssfa-mobile css class to container div of File Away, Attach Away, and Fileaway Values, for mobile devices and tablets. The class will enable overflow:auto, so users can scroll to the right when tables do not fit on their vertical mobile screens.
  • Added fallback encryption method for those who do not have the mcrypt library installed on their server.
  • Fixed CSS issues some themes had with upload progress bar and positioning of FLightbox nav controls.
  • Fixed: FLightbox did not look pretty when File Away table was in iframe.
  • Updated Croatian translation.


  • FILE AWAY 3.1. It's like Windows 3.1. But with wings.
  • File Away now comes with eternal salvation included. I wrote a function for that. You're welcome.
  • BIG NEW: File Away's FLightbox now supports YouTube and Vimeo videos. Just add the URLs and titles to your fileaway-url-parser.csv, and enable multi or videos flightbox in your shortcode. There's a video tutorial if you can't figure it out, and an old-fashioned written one.
  • BIG NEW: Brand new [fileaway_values] shortcode. Create, edit, and display CSV files. Manage your Dynamic Links csv and your Banners csv from the front-end. Create dynamically-named CSV files on the fly for your users, if you want or need to do so. Insert, rename, delete columns. Insert, delete rows. Change cell values to whatever. Save timestamped backups. Video tutorial included, as well as the standard text tutorials.
  • BIG NEW: File Away video tutorials in a FLightbox table on the front-end. There's only three at the moment, but they're substantial. Just put [fileaway_tutorials] on a page somewhere. Only those with permission to use File Away can see it.
  • MUCH REQUESTED: Table pagination: used to be if a table had, say, 75 pages, all 75 links would show up in the footer. Now it only shows five at a time. Yay. That was a long-time coming.
  • BIG IMPROVE: You can now have as many Directory Tree and/or Manager Mode tables as you desire, all on the same page. No iframes, and no inteference. Just add drawerid="1" to your first table, drawerid="2" to your second table, and so on.
  • BIG NEW: Added matchdrawer attribute to File Up shortcode. If your File Away Directory Tree or Manager Mode table has drawerid="1", and your File Up shortcode has matchdrawer="1", then that File Up form's destination directory will be determined by the current drawer on the File Away table. You can have unlimited upload forms and directory/manager tables on your page, in pairs—each File Up form bound to its File Away companion for as long as the internet lasts. There's a video tutorial for this if you're fuzzy. And a written one.
  • This was already the case in File Away 3.0, but just wanted to make sure you were aware that Dynamic Hyperlinks in your fileaway-url-parser.csv files can also take customdata in the FILENAME column, for use in custom columns in File Away tables. See the tutorial for Dynamic Hyperlinks if you don't already know what that means, or wacth the video tutorial on adding YouTube and Video vimeos.
  • BIG NEW: Added new attributes to File Away lists and tables, limit and limitby. You can limit the number of results output to the page from the directory scan (for instance, 45 files), and you can limit them by oldest, most recent, random, alpha, and alpha descending.
  • BIGGISH NEW: Added optional fadein and fadetime attributes to File Away, Attach Away, and File Up, to allow time for the CSS styles to load before the elements are displayed on the screen.
  • MUCH REQUESTED: Added Search Label attribute for tables. You can add a label of your choosing next to the search icon. (best to keep the label short). searchlabel="Search Me, Man"
  • Added support for WPML url issues.
  • Added label option for file name and date modified columns. Now that we have dynamic hyperlinks, you might want to change "File Name" to something else.
  • For File Up forms, added second option to the uploader attribute. You can now choose to append either the user's display_name, or their user ID, to files they upload. Or of course choose not to append nothing to nothing.
  • Added showto and hidefrom attributes to the [fileaframe] shortcode.
  • Improved query-string generation on directory tree tables so they do not delete other existing query strings or hashes from the url.
  • Improved s2member support. Formerly, if s2member was enabled in a shortcode, it ignored the "sub" attribute. Now you can point to subfolders within your s2member-files directory.
  • Added Croatian translation with thanks to Antonio Kovacevic.
  • FIXED: FlightBox navigation was not working in Manager Mode. (No one noticed except me I think.)
  • FIXED: Dynamic hyperlinks from csv files were url-escaping '?' and '&' characters, messing up links with query strings in them. Someone did notice this, but I noticed first, so there.
  • CHANGED: Column sorting with Directory Tree/Manager Mode tables, at a user's request. Formerly, if you had a Directory Tree table enabled, the initial sort was hardcoded to Filename-Ascending, so that the Directories and "New Directory" row would always be at the top of the table, at least on initial pageload. I removed this restriction at a user's request, and your "sortfirst" specifications will now be effective in Directory Tree/Manager Mode tables. I updated the Directory data-values so each now has a data-value of "# # # # # Dirname" for sorting purposes, to try to keep them at the very top or very bottom, but be aware that if you have custom columns, and some custom column fields are empty, they will appear on top of the Directory rows. Whatevs. I put these limitations on you people for your own good, but you resist and resist my divine rules. So when I do relent and let you have your way, don't come crying to me when your tables look awful on pageload. Free Will comes at a cost.
  • Improved css position for headers, directory tree breadcrumbs, and table search inputs, added clearfixes. (Improved, I hope. There's always some theme that likes to throw its weight around needlessly.)
  • Swapped position of header and directory tree breadcrumbs, with header now on top.
  • Wrapped tables and lists in clearfixes if they are not floated with less than 100% width.
  • Although float:left is the default for File Away and Attach Away tables and lists, I made it so that if the width is 100% (also the default), then the list/table will be switched to float:none;
  • Changed default PDF viewer dimensions from tall to wide. User can switch back and forth at will, but now it starts with wide, which a user requested on the forums.
  • Added new Tutorials in the Tutorials tab, and updated several.
  • Restyled the rename input fields in Manager Mode tables.
  • Fixed a few issues with people whose PHP version is less than 5.4. Technically, File Away requires PHP 5.4, but I do my best to accommodate.
  • Fixed issues with apostrophes in uploaded filenames.
  • The Silk theme for lists was temporarily out of service. It's back and silkier than suede.


  • Welcome to File Away 3.0. We hope you enjoy your eternal resting place.
  • Do check out the new screenshots. They groovy.
  • BIG NEW: FLightbox, File Away's definitive answer to the Lightbox. For viewing images, watching videos, and reading PDFs. Choose one category, or Multi-Media for the whole lot. Works with File Away and Attach Away lists and tables. (So... everything.) There are four FLightbox themes provided out of the box, but you can create your own too.
  • BIG NEW: The Bannerization of File Away was bound to come, and now it has. No, I'm not forcing you to look at my ad banners. I'm giving you the option to force your users to look at YOUR ad banners. Banners. In File Away tables. Easy. Read about it on the Tutorials tab.
  • BIG NEW: Now you can add dynamically-generated hyperlinks to your File Away list or table. You can add one, or a thousand-and-one. Link to web pages, websites, files on other servers. Whatever. All you have to do is drop a super-simple CSV file into the directory where your shortcode is pointed. Read about it on the Tutorials tab.
  • BIG NEW: For all four shortcodes, you can now choose to show it only to Desktops/Notebooks, or to Mobiles/Tablets. Style your tables/lists differently to suit different kinds of devices.
  • BIG IMPROVE: You can now have more than one (unlimited, really) File Up forms on the same page, with no conflict. If your heart desires it, you can be uploading files in like five different upload forms, to different locations, with different settings, simultaneously. If you're into that sort of thing.
  • QUASI-BIG NEW: Enabling thumbnails will now also generate thumbs for PDF files (permanent thumbs only, not for transient).
  • NEW Base URL setting on the Basic Configuration tab. Formerly File Away calculated your Base URL for you, but this proved inadequate for many multi-site environments. Now you choose. (99% of you shouldn't have to change a thing. But if your links stop working, go directly to this setting.)
  • Added additional option to the "Initial Sort" dropdown on File Away and Attach Away tables in the modal generator. You can now disable column sorting on tables, if you desire. For you manual folk, it's sortfirst="disabled".
  • Improved encryption method. Original method had trouble with certain characters. New method ain't got no problems with nothing, and is meaner to boot.
  • Improved url problem-character escape method: made it uniform throughout all classes. Runs the gamut.
  • Pumped up the Volume on Compact audio player from 80 to 11. Well, to 100.
  • CHANGED: the style attribute (e.g., style="minimalist") is now called "theme" (e.g., theme="minimalist"), BUT DON'T FREAK OUT. "style" still works; it's backwards compatible. Made the change though because WordPress tends to see the "style=" attribute in the shortcodes and interpret it as an HTML style tag, which it then promptly removes from the shortcode. So now it's "theme=", and no more troubles.
  • UPDATED: Primary Color Style tutorial and the clipboard example CSS it provides, to account for the new FLightbox feature. Grab the new example and do a search for "flightbox" to find all the relevant bits for your own Color styles. Also added an example to build your own FLightbox theme.
  • CHANGED: Because MSIE and Safari STILL (STILL!) do not recognize the HTML5 "download" attribute, I finally broke down and made it so that if you're in MSIE or Safari, all file downloads open in a new window (unless you're using s2Member-files or File Away's own encryption, in which case, all files are pushed to download from the server). Anyway... MSIE, Safari... new window.
  • DROPPED: Remember the new unicode feature? Scrapped it. It was a bust. PHP sucks at UTF-8. My attempts to provide UTF-8 support for the sake of non-English users actually caused non-English users to start coming at me in droves saying File Away was broken now. So, don't use UTF-8 characters. Just use your language's keyboard. Works fine (except for Hebrew on most servers, but that's not my fault, nor can I do anythng about your own personal server).
  • FIXED: Issue with non-English characters no longer working since 2.5. How did I fix it, you ask? By repenting of my attempt to support non-English characters. (See above.)
  • REINTRODUCED: icons="none" back into File Away and Attach Away tables. Someone complained the feature was gone. I got sad. I put it back.
  • FIXED: Apostrophes or most non-English characters in Blog Title's caused the bulk download zip files (which were prefixed by your blog title) not to be pushed to the browser because WordPress does certain things strangely. So instead I added a new field to your Basic Configuration tab, where you can specify your own Bulk Download zip file prefix, and even include apostrophes! If you leave it blank, the current date will be the prefix.
  • FIXED: Recently created bug with Dynamic paths. (Actually, I fixed that in the last release, but I just thought it beared mentioning again.)
  • FIXED: Bug I created with Attach Away as a result of having fixed a bug with File Away. (Attach Away is always second fiddle.)
  • FIXED: Thumbnail files (not the displayed thumbnail images, but the files themselves) were showing up in recursive lists/tables. They weren't supposed to. Only supposed to show up in Manager mode. So... fixed.
  • FIXEDISH: Safari wouldn't display image-type icon (not any of 12 I tried), so I landed on a paintbrush for Safari. Icon unchanged for all other browsers.
  • French and Dutch translations are in the works, but not here yet.
  • Thanks to Robbie for beta-testing, and Gavin for instigating yet another new feature.


  • Added: extra nonce security check for encrypted downloads, to give encrypted urls a temporary lifespan.
  • Added: when using makedir="true" to create directories, or when creating directories on the manager table, File Away now adds a blank index.php file in each created sub-directory, recursively, but only if an index.php, index.html, or index.htm file does not already exist in a given directory.
  • Fixed: breadcrumb nav UI was variously anti-social or attention-seeking. Now plays for the team.
  • Fixed: encrypted downloads didn't like parentheses in filenames. Now they adore them.
  • Fixed: encrypted downloads and unicode support were not playing nice with permanent thumbnails. I scolded them.
  • Fixed: loophole whereby fileaway shortcodes would work if no Base Directory was saved in the DB. Now you get a nice error notice.
  • Fixed: if a sub-directory had same name as a parent-directory, renaming the sub renamed the parent as well. No more of that.
  • Fixed: pretty much all "foreach() expects $variable to be an array" warnings.
  • Improved: onlydirs and excludedirs filtering mechanism.


  • A corrupted file was producing false positive "headers already sent" errors. Fixed.


  • Three major improvements and one powerful new feature in this release.
  • Big New Feature: Simply add makedir="true" to your [fileaway] or [fileup] shortcodes and if the directory you're pointing to does not yet exist, it will be created for you on the first page load, recursively. Works with static and dynamic paths. If using dynamic paths, that means your site users will create their own personal directories just by visiting the page where your [fileaway] or [fileup] shortcode is embedded. If using dynamic paths, no directory will be created if the user is not logged in. In addition to the creation of the new directories, a blank index.php file will be created in the child-most directory, to prevent direct browser access. This means you no longer have to manually create directories before you can point your shortcodes to them. Just point to them, and they'll be there waiting for you when you hit the page.
  • Added option to choose whether fa-username renders the username as forced lowercase (the default), or as strict, case-sensitive.
  • In addition to user roles, added capabilities to showto, hidefrom, and manager mode access options.
  • Also tweaked the showto/hidefrom relationship so that hidefrom can now be used to qualify the showto attribute. For instance, if user A has three capabilities, edit_posts, manage_options, and delete_users, but user B has two capabilities: edit_posts and manage_options, you can show the shortcode output to user B but hide it from user A by doing showto="edit_posts" hidefrom="delete_users". Even though user A has the edit_posts cap from the showto attribute, the delete_users cap from the hidefrom attribute will override and will not output the content to user A.
  • Got rid of a couple bugs; got rid of array_filter warning somebody was getting.


  • Oops. Sorry for the inundation of updates.
  • Forgot to add encrypted links to Audio downloads when playback mode and encryption mode are both enabled. Now added.


  • Added feature to [fileup] shortcode: using uploader="true" in your File Up shortcode will append the user's display_name to their uploaded files, in File Away custom data format, which can then be displayed in a custom column, using [fileaway type="table" customdata="Uploaded By"].
  • Fixed bug with permanent exclusions and permanent directory exclusions if those settings were empty.


  • Patch for those who don't have openssl configured on their server, to prevent fatal error when calling openssl function.


  • Added feature: encrypted download links with url masking, for [fileaway] lists and tables.
  • Fixed: filename link was spanning whole width of table cell when Playback mode is activated.
  • Improved: Bulk Download/Bulk Action Manager Mode, clicking on links no longer marks a table row as selected. Clicking anywhere else in the row still does.
  • Updated help info for unicode feature to clarify an issue and point out its limitations.
  • Please read update log for v. 2.4 if you haven't yet.


  • Added optional unicode character support for File Away lists and tables.
  • Please also read changelog for v. 2.4 if you haven't already done so.


  • In celebration of passing the 10,000 downloads mark, we have a major release here. Please read these notes carefully.
  • With version 2.4, File Away has been completely rewritten from scratch, now in object-oriented PHP.
  • If you have been using sssc_fileaway() or sssc_attachaway() in your custom plugin, functions.php, or theme template or something, you'll need to switch to the object format with 2.4. Go to file-away/lib/inc/inc.deprecated.php to see how the class methods for each shortcode are now called.
  • If you have custom styles for File Away lists or tables, you may need to do a quick search and replace after updating to version 2.4. In your CSS, replace #ssfa-table with [id^="ssfa-table"]. Replace #ssfa-list-wrap with [id^="ssfa-list-wrap"]. Replace #ssfa-table-wrap with [id^=#ssfa-table-wrap].
  • File Away is now translation ready, and comes in version 2.4 replete with Spanish and Italian translations, with thanks to Erica Calderon, Sebastián Nieto, and Luigi Lotito.
  • Updated the tutorials as well as the Custom Styles examples.
  • Eliminated over sixty constants from the global space, and got rid of 99% of the global variables as well.
  • Fixed dozens and dozens of little bugs, got rid of dozens of notices and warnings.
  • Completely revamped the shortcode generator modal.
  • Made loading dropdowns of site users disabled by default, for those who have tens of thousands of users and a server that can't handle loading them all up.
  • Did I mention I rewrote the entire plugin from scratch? Well, I did. It's a bunch smarter and more streamlined now.
  • A lot and a lot of other stuff I can't remember because I was too busy improving File Away to take notes on what I was improving. Just check it out is all. Man, I wish I had taken notes. This would have been a super-long changelog.
  • Fixed "extended" audio player not playing files with square brackets in the filenames.
  • Fixed "nolinks" attribute did not formerly apply to audio files in playback mode. Now does.
  • Fixed bug with counting table columns sometimes causing manager mode issues.
  • Fixed hashtags in filename was causing broken download links.
  • Added File Away twitter link to About tab


  • Important bug fix for directory tree and manager mode tables. In my last release I had removed a single period (.) from the code, and I just realized this caused the breadcrumb navigation atop the tables to stop working. So, my bad. It's fixed now. I'm working on a major overhaul of the plugin, but had to get this fix pushed so you can start navigating backwards again. Because what is life if it isn't going forwards and backwards, forwards and backwards.


  • Added second audio player option for audio playback. The new alternative will go in the filename column, and has a full control panel. To utilize, just use playback="extended". For backwards compatibility, playback="anything_else" will be rendered as a the original compact version in the filetype column.
  • Added option to restrict the ability to create/delete/rename sub-directories to specified user roles. In other words, you can give a user access to manage/rename/delete files in their own directory, but not to create/rename/delete their own directories. By default, anyone with manager mode access will have directory management access.
  • Fixed bug with bulk action mode security check giving false positive when using dynamic paths.
  • Got rid of a few more notices.
  • Probably did some other stuff.


  • Added alternate option for thumbnails. Previously, the thumbnails generated were temporary, and were generated on every pageload. You now have the option to generate permanent thumbnail images on initial page load, which means that if a given image already has a thumbnail generated, it will only have to happen once. Every page load after that, the thumbnails will already be there, and won't have to be regenerated. You can choose either option, transient or permanent.


  • Added option in File Away tables to replace filetype icons with image thumbnails generated on the fly for jpg/jpeg, gif and png images. See "Image Thumbnails" in the third column of the Sortable Data Table section on the shortcode generator modal.
  • Got rid of a few more notices.


  • Fixed white screen of death some people were getting on update. SORRY!
  • Got rid of every warning and notice I could find in the admin.


  • Added ability to rename and delete directories (recursively), as well as to create new subdirectories, to Manager Mode. All happens inline inside the table.
  • Added option to set a fixed upload location, whereas the default allows users to navigate to subdirectories from a dropdown.
  • Added option to change the text label on the File Up upload button.
  • Added progress bar to File-Up form, replacing the spinner.
  • Updated max upload size function to account for php.ini upload_max_filesize setting.
  • Added display of php.ini upload size settings on the info link for the maxsize attribute in the shortcode generator.
  • Fixed some layout issues with the File Up form (hopefully).
  • Fixed some issues with the alert script for those who are hosting their directory tree tables in an iframe.
  • Removed all white space between HTML elements to cater to silly themes that interpret whitespace as line/paragraph breaks.
  • Fixed minor bug in shortcode generator.


  • Now with File Up for secure, front-end, ajax-powered file uploads to your server directories.
  • Added if(is_array()) check before sorting files.

  • Fixed Playback Mode was not compatible with dynamic paths.

  • Fixed Playback Mode skipping non-audio files with same filename as audio files.

  • Important: Fixed bug with "select all/clear all" checkbox on Manager Mode tables.
  • Various other minor fixes.


  • Added optional Bulk Downloads feature for [fileaway type="table"] shortcodes. Bulk Downloads are also automatically now built into Manager Mode tables.
  • Some additional security features.

  • Added 'Skip Confirmation' option for s2member secure file downloads.
  • Re-added missing Playback Loop option on shortcode generator.
  • Fixed several minor issues with shortcode generator.


  • Added compat with the s2Member Framework plugin. With s2Member installed and activated, you will automatically have an 's2member-files' option in your Base Directory dropdown options on your shortcode generator modal.
  • When pointing to your s2Member directory, recursiveness, directory tree navigation, and manager mode will be disabled, as will any specified sub directories. Audio playback mode, however, will work fine when pointing to your s2member-files directory.


  • Fixed warnings for empty foreach statements.
  • Added option for low-key, non-animated admin settings page.


  • Added looping option to audio playback.
  • Added ability to sort attachaway lists by several different parameters, ascending or descending.
  • Fixed table disappearing in Directory Tree Mode if no files in a given subdirectory.
  • Made shortcode generator options boring, for clarity, and boringness.

  • Fixed typo that was preventing the exclude attribute from working. I had revamped the exclusions system, and didn't catch the typo.


  • Oh my God, oh my God, oh MY GOD
  • Now with in-table Audio Playback for your audio files. See shortcode generator info links and/or Tutorials tab for details. To activate Audio Playback in your tables, find "The Hymnal" at the bottom of the second column of the Directory Files/Sortable Data Table shortcode generator.
  • Optionally, you can store your playback/sample audio files in a different directory from your audio download files, and they will all show up in the same table row if they have the same filename (not including file extension).
  • You can now exclude directories on a per-shortcode basis, for Directory Tree tables or Recursive tables/lists.
  • You can now exclude all directories except for specified directories, on a per-shortcode basis, for Directory Tree tables or Recursive tables/lists.
  • You can now change the directory icon by selecting different options from a dropdown, on a per-shortcode basis.
  • You can now change the column heading for Directory Tree tables. Default is "File/Drawer".
  • You can change the column heading for the "Type" column when Audio Playback is enabled.
  • Added optional color scheming and color randomization to tables.
  • Revamped shortcode generator modal to make more room for new features. Also fixed a few options that weren't working.
  • Several bug fixes.


  • Important security updates and bug fixes:
  • Added security patch for Manager Mode and Directory Tree Mode when using dynamic paths (e.g., fa-firstlast) in your shortcode.
  • Fixed fatal error when more than one fileaway shortcode on the same page has debug enabled.
  • Fixed problem with Attach Away shortcode's file names and download links that was caused by a change made earlier to the File Away shortcode.
  • Fixed dumb mistake on shortcode generator modal for the [fileaframe] shortcode. The generator was outputting an attribute "src" which should have been "source"
  • Finally think I got rid of the issue of the shortcode button disappearing when updating the plugin

Requires: 3.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.7
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.9 out of 5 stars


2 of 35 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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