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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Feedburner Optin Form

Display a Feedburner email subscription form on your posts or pages.

How do I use the plugin?

  1. Use the shortcode to insert the form wherever you want:

You must set the userid on the plugin's Settings page.

  1. Allow the plugin to auto-insert the form at the end of your blog posts. Or,

  2. Call the plugin function from your PHP code:

if (function_exists('get_fb_optin_form')) {
  $atts = array(
    'uid' => 'my_feedburner_userid',
    'show' => true

You must pass your Feedburner userid to the plugin, either at runtime (in the shortcode) or on the plugin Settings page. The userid is the part at the end of the URL that identifies your feed. Ex: http://feeds2.feedburner.com/MyFeedburnerFeed

Then MyFeedburnerFeed is the userid you would use.

What are the plugin defaults?

The plugin arguments and default values may change over time. To get the latest list of arguments and defaults, look at the settings page after installing the plugin. That is where the latest list will always be located.

I want to use the plugin in a widget. How?

Add this line of code to your functions.php:

add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');

Or, install a plugin to do it for you: http://blogs.wcnickerson.ca/wordpress/plugins/widgetshortcodes/

Now, using the built-in text widget that comes with WordPress, insert the [fb-optin-form] shortcode into the text widget. See above for how to use the shortcode.

See http://digwp.com/2010/03/shortcodes-in-widgets/ for a detailed example.

Make sure you use the 'sidebar' option (not 'main').

I don't want the post editor toolbar button. How do I remove it?

Add this to your functions.php:

remove_action('admin_enqueue_scripts', 'fboif_ed_buttons');

I inserted the shortcode but don't see anything on the page.

Clear your browser cache and also clear your cache plugin (if any). If you still don't see anything, check your webpage source for the following:

<!-- Feedburner Optin Form: plugin is disabled. Check Settings page. -->

This means you didn't pass a necessary setting to the plugin, so it disabled itself. You need to pass at least the Feedburner userid, either by entering it on the settings page or passing it to the plugin in the shortcode or PHP function. You should also check that the "enabled" checkbox on the plugin settings page is checked. If that box is not checked, the plugin will do nothing even if you pass it a userid.

How can I style the output?

Look in the plugin 'css' subfolder. There are two CSS files, one for 'main' format and one for 'sidebar' format. Depending on which one you are using, open the appropriate file to see which styles are being used, then override them in your local stylesheet.

Please do a google search for how to override CSS.

I don't want the admin CSS. How do I remove it?

Add this to your functions.php:

remove_action('admin_head', 'insert_fboif_admin_css');

I don't see the plugin toolbar button(s).

This plugin adds one or more toolbar buttons to the HTML editor. You will not see them on the Visual editor.

The label on the toolbar button is "FB Form".

I want to display both the sidebar and full-width versions of the form on the same page.

There is a parameter called "style" which has two possible values: main and sidebar

Pass these values to the shortcode like this:

[fb-optin-form style="sidebar"]
[fb-optin-form style="main"]

'Main' is the default value but I always recommend specifying which one you want in case the default ever changes.

In this way, you can display the sidebar version in your sidebar as well as the main version (full width) at the bottom of your posts at the same time.

I am getting the error message "The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled" but I have enabled subscriptions by email.

See http://wordpress.org/support/topic/change-the-font-size-4

Make sure you are using the Feedburner ID, not the full URL, in the plugin settings page. Only the Feedburner ID should be used -- the plugin will construct the necessary HTML to allow visitors to subscribe to your feed.

I am using the shortcode but the parameters aren't working.

On the plugin settings page, go to the "Parameters" tab. There is a list of possible parameters there along with the default values. Make sure you are spelling the parameters correctly.

The Parameters tab also contains sample shortcode and PHP code.

The form does not display in my language.

Make sure you have set the WPLANG constant in your wp-config.php. See http://codex.wordpress.org/Editing_wp-config.php#Language_and_Language_Directory or http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-install-wordpress-in-other-languages/

The plugin defaults to en_US if the WPLANG constant is not set.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.17
Last Updated: 3 years ago
Active Installs: 900+


4.3 out of 5 stars


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