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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Featurific For WordPress

An effortless but powerful interface to Featurific Free, the featured story slideshow. (Similar to the 'featured' widget on time.com, msn.c

1.6.2 (10/21/11) Added support for checking loop.php file before index.php and home.php (in determining where to insert Featurific) (to support Twenty Ten theme and derivatives/relatives).

1.6.1 (Re-release) (1/27/10) Bugfix in get_home_template_of_theme() for changed $theme['Template Dir'] behavior. Not releasing as a new version since anyone who is currently using the plugin mananged to get it working without this fix.

1.6.1 (12/31/09) Removed FeaturificFree.swf from the download and added a download helper to facilitate obtaining/installing FeaturificFree. Also improved the 'code-reuse' of the plugin, rewriting some functions to be less repetitive.

1.6.0 (6/22/09) Added the 'Random' post selection type (sponsored by TheChive.com).

1.5.7 (6/15/09) Fixed a bug that prevented data.xml files from being generated in high-volume and image-heavy blogs. Only one image per post is processed now (the first image, available via the '%image_1%' tag). Before, all images were parsed which caused high server load during data.xml generation, causing blogs on shared hosts or blogs with large amounts of posts to timeout/run out of memory.

1.5.6 (6/12/09) Fixed some bugs in the templates included in the archive.

1.5.5 (6/12/09) Upgrading to reflect (successful) testing with WP 2.8. Also including an updated version of FeaturificFree.swf.

1.5.4 (4/6/09) Added a call to ini_get('allow_url_fopen') in featurific_get_template_library() to check if file_get_contents() will fail. If so, null is returned. This is only a temporary workaround - The better, long-term solution, is to use the WP_Http class in http.php instead of file_get_contents() at all (falling back on file_get_contents() if the WP_Http class isn't available (e.g. on older WP installations)).

1.5.3 (3/30/09) Updated default template to be Time.com (Transparent).

1.5.2 (3/30/09) Fixed some svn template issues.

1.5.1 (3/26/09) Modified ordering of featurific.php's WP metadata comment and the GNU license header comment. This restores the auto-update plugin functionality. Also, fixed a bug that prevented the data.xml file from being generated if the template file/dir is inadvertently deleted (manually or via the auto-upgrade process).

1.5.0 (3/26/09) Releasing changes to public. Tested with WP 2.7.1.

1.4.8 (3/24/09) Added improved template installation experience through 'auto installer', greatly reducing initial download size.

1.4.7 (2/9/09) Fixed a minor bug that prevented loading of images with spaces in their filenames. Added some RTL-enabled themes, as well as implemented the related WordPress to Featurific interface for specifying the RTL option.

1.4.6 (1/29/09) Added RTL (Right To Left text) support.

1.4.5 (1/21/09) Fixed a bug in which '<' and '>' were not escaped correctly during the translation from post data to screen XML.

1.4.4 (12/30/08) Documentation update.

1.4.4 (12/30/08) Releasing changes since 1.3.5 to public. Tested (with no issues) in WP 2.7.

1.4.2 (9/3/08) Fixed a minor bug with the category restriction's in_array() call ('Warning: in_array() [function.in-array]: Wrong datatype for second argument in...')

1.4.1 (9/3/08) Added a user-configurable option for choosing whether to serve up the cached image files dynamically (via PHP) or statically (via the web server). Also modified the related administration page slightly.

1.4.0 (8/28/08) Fixed a bug that caused Featurific to behave somewhat erratically when used in conjunction with [gallery] shortcodes. Featurific should now work fine with the built-in WordPress gallery shortcode, as well as third-party galery plugins such as NextGen Gallery. Also added a user-configurable option for choosing whether to serve up the data.xml dynamically (via PHP) or statically (via the web server).

1.3.6 (8/08) Internal version.

1.3.5 (7/28/08) Fixed a bug that caused the plugin to use incorrect URLs in slideshow generation when the blog had been moved from one location (e.g. myblog.com/wordpress) to another location (e.g. myblog.com). (A method leveraging the_permalink() is now used rather than using $post['guid']). Also fixed a bug that caused images referenced via a relative URL to not be processed/included correctly in the slideshow.

1.3.4 (7/24/08) Fixed a bug introduced in 1.3.1 that caused the Recent Post selection type to return fewer posts than requested, even if more posts were available. Also fixed a bug introduced by WordPress 2.6-ish (get_theme(..)["Template Dir"] no longer contains the string 'wp-content') that caused the automatic insertion algorithm to fail when changing templates. Finally, modified the HTML used to embed FeaturificFree.swf so that it is valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

1.3.3 (7/22/08) Fixed a bug introduced in 1.3.1 that caused funky post selection when using category filtering, as well as a bug in Popular Post selection.

1.3.2 (7/22/08) Fixed a bug introduced in 1.3.1 that prevented images contained within the post from being parsed and included in Featurific.

1.3.1 (7/22/08) Added a call to do_shortcode() to convert shortcodes (e.g. [caption id="" caption="whatever"]) into their resulting HTML (which is then converted to text and displayed in Featurific)

1.3.0 (7/21/08) Added support for category filtering. Also made some minor improvements in error reporting.

1.2.9 (7/7/08) Added a bunch of text in various places to enhance usability. Should not effect program execution.

1.2.8 (7/3/08) Added an auto-upgrade warning to prevent users from overwriting changes/additions made to their templates upon auto-upgrading.

1.2.7 (6/24/08) Fixed a bug that generated invalid input XML when HTML was used in a manual excerpt.

1.2.6 (6/13/08) Moved the image cache table name from a global variable to a function because some systems seemed unable to access the global variable. (Weird...)

1.2.5 (6/12/08) Fixed some path issues that prevented Featurific for WordPress from working on Windows machines.

1.2.4 (6/11/08) Fixed an issue in which custom fields were not properly overriding original values. Also fixed an issue in which the characters '“ ” ‘ ’' were not displaying correctly.

1.2.3 (6/10/08) Fixed one instance of "<?" in featurific.php that should have been "<?php". In systems on which PHP was compiled with short_open_tag set to Off, this would cause the PHP block in question to not be executed. (More information: http://www.daaq.net/old/php/index.php?page=embedding+php&parent=php+basics)

1.2.2 (6/9/08) featurific_show_admin_message_once($message) implemented (and one call to it added). This function is to be called when a minor error occurs that we wish to show to the admin user one time only.

1.2.1 (6/5/08) Added plugin version printout to HTML embedding code for debugging.

1.2 (6/4/08) Changelog added. Unicode Support (UTF-8 encoding) added to FeaturificFree.swf.

Requires: 2.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.2.1
Last Updated: 5 years ago
Active Installs: 100+


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