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Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

All your visitors should know about your facebook page and tell their friends. With this plugin you can display a preconfigured Facebook Fan Page-Like

Q. I like the old design better, can I change it back?

No. The like box is loaded from Facebook.com. They have changed their API and the design of the plugin. It is impossible to change this layout back to the previous layout (they deprecated it ).

Q. The lightbox appears even tough I already like it. How do I fix this?

We designed the plugin to work on most sites. The reason why we did not include it is, that you'll need a Facebook API Key for it to work. Using a Facebook API key often creates conflict with other social applications. In order to deliver sustainable support , we included that feature in the premium version.

Q. The lightbox appears to be blank (white), how to fix this?

A. Make sure that you've inserted the correct Page ID, also make sure that you're website doesn't have any geographical or age restrictions on it. Facebook can only enforce such restrictions if you are logged in. Non-logged in users will therefore be presented with a white likebox (empty).

Q. The lightbox seems to be scrolling out of screen (extends infinitely)

A. Make sure that your website has a valid doctype. When in doubt it is recommended to use a HTML5 doctype. Open header.php via your theme editor and make sure that the very first line is .

Q. What are some good settings?

A. A delay of 5000-10000 seconds is recomended. This way, the user has read some of your content. Furtermore, once in 4 or 7 days is also a good option to not annoy repeat visitors.

Q. Do I need to check don't load fancybox?

A. Probably not! In most cases you only need to check this if instructed by support (e.g: when a conflict with another sort of lightbox exists).

Q. I get an error: invalid profile href?

A. Make sure that you have configured the plugin, inserted your fanpage ID and cleared the cache of any caching plugin you use.

Q. How do I avoid conflict with other facebook plugins?

A. Make sure that each plugin uses the same api key. If possible and other social plugins don't need to use xfbml functionality, make sure to load the iframe version. The premium version has a compatibility mode also.

Q. The lightbox shows, but it is white. It doesn't contain the likebox?

A. While using facebook as a page, you can't use any social plugins. To do this, please go to facebook.com and use facebook as a personal account.

Q. How to obtain my Facebook FanPage ID?

A. http://arevico.com/retrieving-the-facebook-fanpage-id/ has good instruction on how to get the fanpage id. An tool which uses the graph api to retrieve it automatically, is also included. Make sure it is a number. Also make sure that you're fanpage is published and viewable.

Q. Does this work with community or other types of facebook pages?

A. While it hasn't been tested as much as with fanpages, I've seen it work on community pages also. Make sure to try it out and ask for support if it doesn't work so we can debug the issue.

Q. It conflict with other social plugins? how can I fix it?

A. Make sure that other social plugins use the iframe version. If you need the xfbml make sure, that you aways specify the application/api Key and use only one per page!

Q. I'm getting error: Could not retrieve id for the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in.

A. This plugin only works with facebook Pages(either fan or community), make sure to put in the numeric id of your Facebook Fanpage.

Q. The close button doesn't appear?.

A. A lot of plugins and themes don't follow coding standards. For example your theme might have prototype or jquery hardcoded. This is a very serious problem. try to replace your theme's jquery.js or prototye.js file with the latest available version. This is most likely the problem!

Q. Which browsers are supported?.

A. All major browser except IE7/IE6. Tested in google chrome, internet explorer 8+ and firefox.

Q. Lightbox is displayed to far to the right?.

A. Make sure your theme's css hasn't set the 'position:relative;' attribute to the body element

Q. The Overlay doesn't dispay or is pushed to the bottom of the page?

A. This issue can be caused in internet explorer when your theme doesn't have a valid doctype. Set the doctype in your theme or ask the developer/designer to do it and it should work.

Q. Youtube videos show trough the lightbox?

A. To fix this issue, set the wmode=transparent parameter to the youtube embed url!

Q. How to get support?

A. First, read this F.A.Q. Generally, emails are answered faster than forum threads. Which ever support channel you choose, be sure to include enough details so that we can either see the problem live or reproduce the problem locally.

Q. I come up with a great feature , what should i do?

A. email us at feedback@arevico.com .

Q. Only the general settings appear, style and advanced don't?

A. That's right, those are part of the premium version. Make sure you remove this version first before installing the premium version.

Q. Can I not show the plugin for mobile users?

A. We believe that a responsive theme should be used for mobile users, or a different plugin which handles all that. However, we included this feature in the premium version because lots of people asked for it.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 2015-9-28
Active Installs: 30,000+


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