Facebook Events Importer


WordPress Facebook Events Importer:

Using Facebook Events feature is a great way to get the word out. Having to double or triple post your content can be a drag. Facebook Events Importer bridges the gap between your website and your Facebook events making event management easier.

WordPress Facebook Events Importer Features:

  • Facebook Event Custom Post Type
  • Unlimited Facebook Page Imports
  • Event slider and list Shortcodes
  • Automatic Facebook Event Updates
  • Free Code Examples – wpfbevents.com/code-examples
  • No Coding Required with add-ons
  • Frontend Events Widget with with add-ons
  • Frontend Event Templates Mobile Friendly Layouts with add-ons
  • Need Support? wpfbevents.com/support

Markup Example


Facebook App configuration.


  • Screen 1
  • Screen 2
  • Screen 3


  1. Upload facebook_events folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Upload facebook_events_pro folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Configure your settings using your Facebook App ID and App Secret
  5. You are ready to import!
  6. Upgrading to the pro features gives you access to the templates and widget


Is there shortcode support?

Yes! There are two usable shortcodes.
[wpfbevents_slider show=”10″]
[wpfbevents show=”10″]

404 on events page?

If you are getting a 404 page when you visit http://YOURSITE.com/facebook-events/ url
just go to your Settings → Permalinks page and visit the events page again. This is a bug with WordPress not updating it’s database permalink table.

Get Errors when importing?

If you get the following error: “There may not be any future events or the page is age restricted” you should check those first. If you have upcoming events and the page is not restricted check your app settings against the Example Facebook App Setup.jpg included with the plugin or here http://wpfbevents.com/images/facebook_app_config.jpg.


Do not purchase. No support, horrible docs

Do NOT purchase the ‘Pro’ version of this plugin. Unfortunately I did…and I’ve already asked for a refund via PayPal. After looking at their ‘support’ forum, they have not answered any support questions in months. The documentation is basically non-existent. There are supposed to be templates and sliders and all sorts of goodies with the ‘Pro’ version…but how do you use it?

No documentation and no support

The plugin works as advertised for the most part. The issue is that the developers simply do not support it. Additionally there is no documentation and there are several bugs. So if you want to play around with it, and hope that it works out for you, and none of the bugs come to bite you, then go for it. If you wind up needing support though, you’ll be out of luck.

Note – this is true even if you have the $25 pro version, so buyer beware.

Very nice plugin

I have used this plugin to get my facebook page events list in to my website. It’s works great. Good job.


Look for an alternative

Stay away from the pro version – it is problematic to install (I had to do it manually)
but now it just stopped working all together. No new events are being imported and it is throwing weird errors even though I have not changed anything.

Also has NO support at all. Contacting the developer directly has no response either.

I honestly wish I could have my 20 bux back.

Look for an alternative, perhaps with developer support

Dev has Abandonned Plugin, still taking money

BEWARE: Do not purchase this product. The dev has abandoned this plugin but is still selling a buggy non-working product. He has not responded to any support threads in a year and also does not answer his phone or return calls or emails.
I will be disputing the charges with my bank.

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Contributors & Developers

“Facebook Events Importer” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Fixed js console error (pro version).


New! WordPress Tags added
New! Events now auto load on scroll
New! Event Schema Tags added
New! Swipe Slider
Improved Performance

[wpfbevents_slider show=”10″]
[wpfbevents show=”10″]


  • Plugin update after WordPress 4.3.1


  • Removed is_date_only option due to Facebook API update to 2.4


  • applied filters to fix formatting issues PRO ONLY


  • Shortcode support for Pro Version
  • [wpfbevents show=”10″]


  • Event page remove button bug fixed. Fixes a JavaScript issue with not being able to remove events that contain a period in the username.
  • Featured events are automatically removed when event expires for Pro Version.


  • PHP short tags converted to long open tag to prevent conflict.


  • Fixes save bug with manually updated events not showing in Pro Version.


  • Fixes color picker script loading issue for Pro Version.


  • WP 4.2 tested and stable (New 4.2 Emoji script formatting issue discovered.)
  • Google Map for Pro users
  • Style Editor for Pro users
  • Venue Addition for Pro users
  • More Fields available view updated http://wpfbevents.com/code-examples/
  • Events pagination for Pro users
  • Increased request limit for API calls Pro & free versions
  • Expired events bug fixed for Pro users
  • Tags support soon.


  • Timezone Fixes, minor layout adjustments, Update from Facebook SDK creating tag for locations from v2.2 sdk. Google map coming soon.


  • CSS fixes Sidebar in templates with body class overrides.


  • CSS Layout fix for Pro Single Template. Fixes Sidebar.


  • Fixed missing locations due to 2.3 Facebook SDK update. Resolved Timezone issues for Dates and output in PRO version.


  • Facebook Upgraded v2.3 1.8 now supports places


  • Improved error response messages


  • Improved error checking and field validation.


  • Added Automatic event updates. Not able to remove imported pages from list bug fixed.


  • Requires PHP 5.4 or greater before activation


  • Bug fix with missing icon on some installs


  • Localized ajax scripts for non-root installation.


  • bug fixed with get_fbe_date($meta,$format)


  • beta release