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Facebook CommentsTNG

Facebook CommentsTNG will pull your comments from imported Facebook Notes back into your blog


  • Disabled debug mode as it was causing uneccesary confusion and was left on by accident
  • Updated FAQ with Facebook account instructions for people finding the plugin gets "locked out"


  • Massive engine rewrite to accomadate total redux of mobile facebook site
  • Most features restored. It is possible that people with more than 10 comments may have issues
  • If you probe back to old comments you may encounter duplicates if people changed their facebook names.


  • Added code to collect the users proper notes url since they changed the way the mobile site works a month ago. This will not affect people who used the page id trick already but should help new users get started


  • Fixed duplication for future comments by using the facebook ID as the ip address
  • comments exists function will upgrade old comments with FB ID's during a scan or test run but it only upgrades as far back as your crawl limit is set
  • Added option to attempt to display only first names. People with multiple spaces or bizarre names may be broken. Make sure you run a test to upgrade old comments within your crawl before applying this or you may have duplicates
  • Mobile facebook removed notes from div tag preventing comment crawl, modified div search
  • When the Facebook profile URL option is disabled no URL's are applied to the comment


  • Support for Facebook Pages Notes added
  • Added Pages field on setup page. This field is where the Page ID would be entered if you wanted your Facebook Page crawled instead of a profile
  • Added 2 more debug catchers for the url and post count for troubleshooting
  • Added explanation of Page ID to Settings page
  • Added value check to Start page as it let non numbers be set to it
  • Added Value check to Page ID field to ensure numerical values
  • Added function facebook_connect_timer function which will disable debug mode when the script is being run by CRON as the debug messages were stopping it from running
  • Added timer debug message
  • Fixed yesterday, it was coming up as 1970 00:00 if a comment was crawled and it was dated yesterday which was messing up the order of comments on the blog
  • Added tooltip to Page ID field that explains how to get it


  • bandonrandon:
  • Only level 5 (admin) can view the configuration page
  • Options save on any button push in configuration page
  • Test output confined it's own sub frame
  • User error catch for the e-mail and password fields to ensure they are filled out
  • Changelog re ordered from newest to oldest
  • CrazySpence:
  • added html->clear() to spider_notes and find_comments functions to counter act some (hopefully most) issues with PHP running out of memory.
  • Autocrawl was unable to be turned off, fixed schedule clearing to correct this
  • Cleaned up code so it followed the same tabbing and logic formatting throughout
  • Parser can now find more than 15 comments per post


  • New contributer - bandonrandon
  • Some CSS fixes that make it look less like a terminal app and more like a web program - bandonrandon
  • Option to link directly to facebook profile instead of a generic http://www.facebook.com - bandonrandon


  • Made code more accepting of non standard databases
  • Some characters having issues have been corrected, not all


  • Fixed a bug with my time format that was causing the time to be wrong
  • added auto approving option but please make sure you verify test and manual work before using it!


  • Plugin activation hook was not firing for new people, if you have already setup the plugin this isnt crucial but this will make sure all new users will have the default facebook@philtopia.com gravatar and that start post is set to 1


  • Fixed a rogue variable that doesn't have any purpose and in some situations may have caused a syntax error
  • Set plugin to always read the facebook notes page in locale en_US to avoid breaking the parsing. This is done in a way that will NOT change your actual Facebook locale
  • Plugin can now pull the time from your comments and add them as the same times in WordPress
  • Fixed an ovesight with the timer settings that may have cause the timer to occur many times depending on how many times you saved options


  • Added e-mail address field so a custom e-mail address can be entered. Currently defaults to facebook@philtopia.com which has a Gravatar setup for a facebook icon
  • Added starting post field so the crawl can be started at a certain point
  • Moved Options Updated message to after the options are actually updated
  • Update e-mail addresses button will update the e-mail address field on all Facebook TNG comments. Meant to be used after changing the e-mail field


  • Prefixed all functions with tng_ to avoid conflicts with other funcions or plugins
  • Added limit function to limit how many notes are scanned, 0 to scan all notes. This will be helpful to people with many notes or small memory restrictions
  • Added timer functions for hourly and daily
  • Corrected comment adding function data as it was not adding a time or the facebook url to comments and this was causing it not to show properly in recent comments
  • Removed some commented out code from intial development that would not be needed
  • Renamed Settings page to Facebook CommentsTNG from Facebook NotesTNG


  • Re arranged the check for a note that sees if it is a WordPress blog to a point before downloading it to improve memory usage


  • Scans all notes for comments and adds them to database to await approval
  • Test mode which only shows comments not detected in database

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.1.4
Last Updated: 6 years ago
Active Installs: 200+


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