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EWWW Image Optimizer Cloud

Reduce image sizes for images within WordPress including NextGEN, GRAND FlAGallery, FooGallery and more via paid cloud service.


  • fixed: sorry, missed a session locking operation (manual optimize)


  • changed: priority level of Alt WebP Rewriting so that pages do not get un-minified after Autoptimize runs
  • fixed: async requests for parallel optimization had an empty user agent
  • fixed: uploads broken because start_session() locks all async processes


  • changed: full paths are not POSTed to avoid Local File Inclusion blocks put in place by various security plugins (Wordfence & Shield)
  • fixed: reduced number of database queries during parallel optimization
  • fixed: undefined methods for BFI thumb editor class
  • added: detect Shield's Lock to Location feature and disable background/parallel operations


  • added: parallel optimization for Media uploads (original and resizes are done concurrently), turn off under Advanced if it affects site performance
  • added: allow resize dimensions to be filtered: https://ewww.io/2016/07/05/changing-the-dimensions-for-resizing-images/
  • changed: deferred (background) optimization is now the normal mode of operation as it runs instantly, and no longer relies on wp_cron
  • changed: scheduled optimization uses new background processing to allow it to run longer, and resume quicker
  • changed: webp .htaccess rules removed when plugin is deleted
  • changed: JPG quality setting applies to conversion AND image editing (but not regular optimization), so that you can override the WP default of 82
  • changed: API license status check is faster, as results are cached while checking for updates in the background
  • fixed: .htaccess rules for webp inserted properly for sub-directory installs
  • fixed: .jpe files properly detected as image/jpeg when fetching from CDN or during folder-scanning operations
  • fixed: images generated by NextGEN are properly optimized with latest version
  • fixed: deprecated class constructors for NextGEN, Nextcellent, and FlaGallery classes (potential white screen with PHP 7)
  • fixed: basic uploader for FlaGallery broken due to missing class
  • fixed: images uploaded with WPML Media active are now resized, with better detection for newly uploaded images


  • fixed: notice when checking nonce lifetime during scheduled optimization
  • fixed: multi-site not saving cloud optimization levels
  • fixed: settings page requiring a refresh to display properly after inserting/removing an API key


  • added: kudos to Cache Enabler plugin from KeyCDN for adding WebP rewrite support to work with images generated by EWWW I.O.
  • fixed: untranslatable string for resize setting description
  • fixed: Resize Media Images was not applying to the Media->Add New menu item
  • fixed: Bulk Optimize counted webp images as valid resizes


  • added: resizing for uploaded images, set max width and height and optionally resize all existing images
  • added: retina derivative for resized original is generated if original was at least twice the size of the max dimensions (WP Retina 2x Pro only)
  • fixed: warnings for file_exists in Alt WebP function when open_basedir restriction is in effect
  • removed: disable automatic optimization, use deferred optimization instead
  • changed: consolidated various settings into optimization levels for each file format, and removed Cloud tab

Requires: 4.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.3
Last Updated: 3 weeks ago
Active Installs: 4,000+


4.1 out of 5 stars


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