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EWWW Image Optimizer Cloud

Reduce image sizes for images within WordPress including NextGEN, GRAND FlAGallery, FooGallery and more via EWWW IO API.


  • changed: time elapsed test now runs every 10 attachments
  • fixed: time elapsed test during bulk scan was not running every X number of images
  • fixed: scan was not returning results directly after detecting a broken attachment
  • fixed: maximum number of rows for ewwwio_images was not high enough, bumped to 4 billion
  • fixed: db migration function was not linking records to attachments properly


  • fixed: converting PNG to JPG with GD did not properly convert resizes
  • fixed: broken attachment metadata could halt the bulk scanner
  • fixed: background optimization running when sleep is disabled


  • changed: when license has been exceeded, visiting the settings page flushes the license cache
  • fixed: warnings for illegal string offsets
  • fixed: regression with the dreaded duplicate key name
  • fixed: scheduled optimization could run during bulk optimization, causing unexpected results


  • added: image linker for media images optimized using scheduled optimizer or the old Scan and Optimize
  • added: low memory mode for bulk scanner with notice to user
  • added: ability to manually configure how much memory is available using EWWW_MEMORY_LIMIT constant
  • added: variable query counts depending on available memory
  • added: ability to view and remove debug.log from settings page
  • added: ability to manually disable background optimization using EWWW_DISABLE_ASYNC constant
  • changed: check every 100 images during scan to avoid timeouts and memory errors
  • changed: additional folder scanner can stop & resume mid-folder
  • fixed: bulk scanner updates timestamps when it should not
  • fixed: special characters are mangled during database insert on some systems
  • fixed: pending images that were already optimized were not cleared from queue
  • fixed: images with invalid updated dates in database corrected
  • fixed: images that should be excluded from optimization were still queued even though they would not be optimized
  • fixed: results column was too short, causing bulk optimization to get stuck on an image that was previously optimized
  • fixed: if two different attachments reference the same image, duplicate records could be inserted into database during media scan


  • added: estimated time remaining on bulk optimize
  • added: 'ewww_image_optimizer_image_resized' hook added right after resizing, before original is overwritten
  • changed: image resizing is performed before any thumbnails are generated for reduced resource usage
  • fixed: compatibility with Azure storage plugin
  • fixed: bulk optimization not playing nice with WP Offload S3
  • fixed: optimization results for resized original not displayed when using Imsanity
  • fixed: bulk optimization not working for utf-8 filenames - credit to devsporadic on github
  • fixed: retina paths not tested correctly in some odd cases
  • removed: generating full-size retina image automatically when resizing images and WP Retina 2x Pro detected


  • fixed: really old versions of PHP (less than 5.5) cannot cope with using empty() on a function return value
  • fixed: queue of images not reset when reloading bulk page


  • added: option to ignore folders when optimizing
  • added: ability to disable optimization or creation for any or all previews of PDF files in WordPress 4.7
  • added: optimization results detail for all resizes of an image in media library list view
  • added: automatic metadata rebuilding for broken image attachments in media library during bulk scan
  • changed: bulk optimizers for media library and everything else have been merged
  • changed: bulk optimization processes images in batches for fewer AJAX requests to your server
  • changed: optimization results no longer stored in attachment metadata
  • changed: populating list of optimized images during scan uses less memory
  • changed: obsolete options removed from database
  • changed: if scan is interrupted, it will automatically retry
  • changed: excessive re-optimization warning ignores theme and plugin images
  • changed: if full-size image is converted, all resizes, custom sizes, and retina images will be converted
  • changed: conversion will not inject extra numbers if possible
  • changed: image results message generated on demand to avoid stale results
  • removed: unoptimized images page, bulk scanner is now able to accomplish the job more accurately
  • fixed: parallel mode prevents successful conversion
  • fixed: image paths with special characters stored incorrectly in database
  • fixed: parallel optimization for retina and custom sizes was missing parameters
  • fixed: bulk optimizing a single image was broken, but who does that anyway?
  • fixed: notice when LIBXML_VERSION is undefined and alt webp is enabled
  • fixed: invalid default value for timestamp in db records
  • fixed: one-click optimization returns no error when running out of API credits
  • fixed: background mode was not checked properly in nextgen and flagallery functions
  • fixed: incorrect mimetype set after image conversion for PNG2JPG
  • fixed: using getimagesize on pdf files

Requires: 4.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 2 weeks ago
Active Installs: 5,000+


3.9 out of 5 stars


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