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eWAY Payment Gateway

Integrate some popular WordPress plugins with the eWAY credit card payment gateway

What is eWAY?

eWAY is a leading provider of online payments solutions for Australia, New Zealand and the UK. This plugin integrates with the Australian Direct Payments and Stored Payments gateways, so that your website can safely accept credit card payments.

Is recurring billing supported?

Not yet. I know it can be done but I haven't had a website that needs it yet, so have not written the code for it.

If you just need a simple way to record recurring payments such as donations, you might want to try Gravity Forms and Gravity Forms eWAY which does support recurring payments.

Can I use other eWAY gateways, outside of Australia?

Not yet. There are plans to integrate eWAY's Rapid Payments API sometime in 2013, so check back in a while.

Can I use the eWAY hosted payment form with this plugin?

No, this plugin only supports the Direct Payments API.

What is Stored Payments?

Like Direct Payments, the purchase information is sent to eWAY for processing, but with Stored Payments it isn't processed right away. The merchant needs to login to their eWAY Business Centre to complete each transaction. It's useful for shops that do drop-shipping and want to delay billing. Most websites should have this option set to No.

What is Beagle?

Beagle is a service from eWAY that provides a level of fraud protection for your transactions. It uses information about the IP address of the purchaser to suggest whether there is a risk of fraud. You must configure Beagle rules in your MYeWAY console before enabling Beagle in this plugin.

NB: You will also need to add a Country field to your checkout form. Beagle works by comparing the country of the address with the country where the purchaser is using the Internet; Beagle won't be used when checking out without a country selected.

NB: Beagle isn't available for Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin due to the way that plugin collects billing information.

Where do I find the eWAY transaction number?

  • WP e-Commerce: the eWAY transaction number and the bank authcode are shown under Billing Details when you view the sales log for a purchase in the WordPress admin.
  • WooCommerce: the eWAY transaction number and the bank authcode are shown in the Custom Fields block when you view the order in the WordPress admin.
  • Events Manager: from the Payment Gateways menu item or the Bookings menu item, you can view a list of transactions; the eWAY transaction ID is shown in the Transaction ID column, and the authcode in the Notes column.
  • Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin: not available in v2.x of the plugin.

Can I use this plugin with the WP e-Commerce Gold Cart?

Yes, if you deactivate the Gold Cart's eWAY payment gateway and activate this one. The settings from the Gold Cart payment gateway will be picked up by this gateway automatically (they are stored in the same places).

I get an SSL error when my checkout attempts to connect with eWAY

This is a common problem in local testing environments. Please read this post for more information.

Can I use this plugin on any shared-hosting environment?

The plugin will run in shared hosting environments, but requires PHP 5 with the following modules enabled (talk to your host). Both are typically available because they are enabled by default in PHP 5, but may be disabled on some shared hosts.

  • libxml
  • XMLWriter
  • SimpleXML

Requires: 3.6.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.2
Last Updated: 2015-6-21
Active Installs: 1,000+


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