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Every Calendar +1 for WordPress

A WordPress plugin that integrates calendars, repeating events, custom post types, maps, offsite linking and has widget support.

Widget Support

As of version 2.0.0 Every Calendar +1 has built in support for widgets. Initially there is a simple widget for listing event titles and dates, more will be addded in time. If you would like to contribute a widget please see widgets/title-list.php for an example of what needs to be done.

Repeating Events

As of version 1.0 Every Calendar +1 supports repeating events for local post events.

The repeating model works similar to the crontab model but only on days, months and days of week. You can choose from several predefined repeating patterns when creating your event post; or (if the setting is enabled) specify your own repeating expression for the event. Note that writing your own expression could do weird things with your event repeat dates so make sure you check it carefully.

What format do I use for repeat expressions

These are the example expressions that were planned for built-in support.

  • DoM - Day of the Month: 1 means 1st of month
  • MoY - Month of the Year: 1 means January
  • DoW - Day of the Week: 1 means Sunday
  • WsE - Weeks since Epoch (the event start date)

Simple examples:

 DoM  MoY  DoW  WsE
  *    *    1    *    Every Sunday
  1   */2   *    *    First day every 2nd month
  1   3/2   *    *    First day every 2nd month when month is March
 -1    *    *    *    Last day of the month
  *    *    6   1,-1  First after epoch and last Friday before 1 year repeat
  *    *    1   1/3   Every 3rd Sunday (1st in group)
  *    *    4   2/4   Every 4th Wednesday (2nd in group)
  *    *   1/3   *    The 3rd Sunday of every month
  *    *   2/-1  *    Last Monday every month
  *   */3  1/-2  *    2nd last Sunday every 3rd month
 -2   */6  4,5/5 *    2nd last day of every 6 month where it is the 5th Wed|Thur of the month

Some more complicated expression examples:

 DoM    MoY            DoW      WoY
 *      *              2/1,-1   *         First and last Monday of every month
 10-20  *              2        *         Mondays between 10th and 20th
 *      2,3,4,5,12     2/-1     *         Last Monday of Feb|Mar|Apr|May|Dec
 5-25   3,4,5,9,10,11  6/1,4    *         1st|4th Friday of the month where day is 5th-25th in Autumn/Spring
 *      */3            1/-1--3  *         Last, 2nd and 3rd Last Sundays of every 3rd month
 2-8    2,5,9,10/2,5   3,4/1,2  *         1st/2nd Tue|Wed where is 2nd-8th in Feb|May|Sep|Oct and is 2nd or 5th Month cycle since start
 *      1,2,12         2,3      1,2/5,7   Mon|Tue of 1st|2nd weeks in a 5|7 week rolling cycle since epoch in Summer month

Does Every Calendar +1 Support Gravity Forms Custom Post Type Plugin?

Yes. But the start / end date functionality requires PHP 5.3.0.

Use the Gravity Forms plugin to create the following custom fields for your event post:

  • gravity_summary - The event summary
  • gravity_description - The event description
  • gravity_url - The event external URL (leave blank if using event post page)
  • gravity_all_day - Does the event run all day? Y or N.
  • gravity_calendar - Every Calendar +1 Calendar Post ID (leave blank if you want to manually assign)
  • gravity_location - The address or location description: you will still need to do geocoding from the admin manually.
  • gravity_start_date - The DATE the event starts
  • gravity_start_date_format - Format string for the event start date see link below
  • gravity_start_time - The TIME the event starts
  • gravity_start_time_format - Format string for the event start time see link below
  • gravity_end_date, gravity_end_date_format, gravity_end_time, gravity_end_time_format

Once you have set ANY of these custom fields the Event admin screen will prompt you to import the values.

You can set as many or as few as you like only the fields with values will be imported.

Once again start / end date importing requires PHP 5.3.0.

Note: Importing the values sets the plugin meta value: ecp1_ignore_gravity = Y. This means you will not be prompted again. If you want to be prompted to import again use the custom-fields at the bottom of the Event post edit screen to remove or set this meta value to N.

See http://au.php.net/manual/en/datetime.createfromformat.php for valid format strings.

How do I allow contributors/authors to add events to a (someone elses) calendar?

Use a capability manager to assign user as a contributor role to the post and set the calendar contributor role to allow editing of published posts.

In Role Scoper: 1. Go to the calendar and assign the group or user to Contributors for this post 2. Go to Role Scoper -> Options -> RS Role Definitions 3. Assign Calendar Contributor the "Edit Published..." capability.

Why this plugin?

I wanted a WordPress calendar that did everything and I couldn't find one that did so I wrote my own.

What external calendars are supported?

For the initial release only Google Calendar will be supported. This is more because of limitations in Full Calendar than anything else. The external calendar interface is pluggable so you can extend as you wish.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.18
Last Updated: 3 years ago
Active Installs: 500+


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